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We want to be your guide to the Amish community of Ethridge Tennessee!

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Southern Tennessee Amish Map.

The Southern Tennessee Amish Map

Ethridge, Tennessee, is where you will find the oldest and largest old-order Swartzentruber Amish Community in Tennessee! We have been all over the state of Tennessee to each Amish community, and every Amish visitor should have the Ethridge community on their list of Amish communities to see! Not only is Ethridge the oldest and largest community, they are the only community with a fully developed tourism support system to help visitors go into Amish country on a horse and buggy! Many ask if this is merely a tourist trap, and we say no! The Amish community is right off Highway 43, where you can stop and get a map to go out with your vehicle and visit the Amish yourselves! See the photos below of the Amish homes and signs of what they sell that you can see from your vehicle!

The Amish community is also surrounded by other shops featuring vendors who go out and find items to put in their stores. Visitors who love the Amish for their religious conservative downhome country living will love these antique stores for their museum-quality items. Ethridge is the town just north of Lawrenceburg. Lawrenceburg is known as the birthplace of Southern Gospel music! Still, to this day, you can see the James D. Vaughan Museum on the Lawrenceburg Square; here, you can see the equipment he used to cut records and make songbooks. The old piano and mic station are a testimony of the first radio station in Tennessee called WOAN, where Mr. Vaughan would play records from his published quartets. Lawrence County has a lot of places you can visit while you see the Amish community shown below!

Since you are on the Amish of Ethridge website, we already have pages devoted to points of interest and other activities that can enhance your vacation! You need a few days here to enjoy the Amish community and the other activities fully! Below are links to these pages where we feature our points of interest!

Ethridge Tennessee Points of Interest

Amish Wagon Tour Rides

You simply must take a wagon ride before leaving Lawrence County! They take you out into Amish country on a guided trip on a horse drawn wagon!

Heart and Soul Antiques

Heart and Soul Antiques has many Amish-made goods inside. They also have antiques, collectible items, and memorabilia of your time in Ethridge!

Ike's Amish Depot

Welcome to 1940 when the greyhound bus would take people wherever they were going. Ike's is the kind of place that takes you back in time to when the Amish were first coming to Lawrence County!

Plowboy Produce Auction

Find the Amish in one place with all their produce on one floor! The Plowboy Produce Auction is where you want to be! Auctioneers start their jabber, and buyers get a good deal, so get your number and bid! 

Keeto's Antiques and Collectables 

See things from your childhood and earlier inside this "never know what store" There are so many neat items you will want to stay and check out!  

Mike's Antiques and Moore

Vendor dealers delight! This store has all kinds of antiques and old-time-themed items. Not everything is old, but it looks that way, even the man cave items!

Amish Country Flea Market

Get up early and prepare to shop! Vendors rent small buildings and bays to keep their niche products in. You park and look around until you find something!

The Vintage Shoppe

The local Amish get their clocks and watches repaired here, and you can buy Amish clocks and other things in their store. Fabulous jewelry and antiques too!

Yoder's Homestead Market

In Summertown, another Amish community is a new order group that can have electricity and cars. They collectively own and run this store. 

Local foods and restaurants 

For those who love to visit a local restaurant or sample food or drink made in the place, you are visiting! We have such places in the Ethridge area. Below are a few places you will want to take advantage of!

Bob's Cafe

Bob's Cafe is across the road from the Amish Wagon Tour Rides. You can build your own burger or hotdog or order off the menu. Bob's has everything!

Amish Market

Get your sweets, meats, and cheeses at the Amish Market. You can get authentic Amish foods made by the communities in the northern states and locally made foods, too!

Meat Market & Texas BBQ

Texas BBQ from a true Texan! Every step of their process is authentic and high quality. They also have a great meat market with beef, seafood, and exotic meats!

Marshall's Grocery

This is more than a gas station to fuel up. Marshall's is a store with all kinds of Amish produce and a kitchen in the back. They are the only place that serves breakfast locally.

Hinie's BBQ

The owners of TopGun Arms decided to get into BBQ and now have a large Hinie Wagon and Hinie's BBQ restaurant. Just minutes from Amish Country!

Butter Bean Cafe

Where do the locals eat? Right here at the Butter Bean Cafe! They have steaks, chicken, pork, and seafood with all the southern favorites! Plus, a kid's menu! 

Local Ethridge Points of Interest 

Once you have had your Amish Adventure, you can get out and see more places to enhance your vacation! We have many places you will want to visit and participate in! Below are our recommended places for fun with kids or by yourself in the area!

Holiday Acres Farm

Kids love this place for its playground area and corn pit. They also have a kid maze, petting zoo, and animal feeding area with a learning center for kids to play!

Flowers Creamery

Welcome to a real working dairy farm where you can tour and see how they milk the cows and turn milk into cheese! They also have a petting zoo with baby calves!

Top Gun Arms

Rent full auto machine guns in the 12-lane indoor range as you try these rare firearms. They have everything shooting-related and a female-only store called She Bangz!

ThunderHill Raceway Park

Actual dirt track racing can be seen here at ThunderHill raceway. These cars run fast and slide through the turns. Kids love to see them stroll in front of the grandstands!