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Northern Tennessee Amish Map.
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The Northern Tennessee Amish Map

Tennessee is most known for Nashville being Music City. The Northern Tennessee Amish Map only covers a few small Tennessee Amish communities but a whole lot of points of interest! Northern Tennessee for our interest will also take you into Kentucky to see a few Amish communities that are different. The people coming from Crossville will see the Muddy Pond community and Hartsville Amish community on your way to Clarksville. 

Hartsville Tennessee Amish Working.
Muddy Pond General Store.

Since there isn't as many Amish communities along this route, we will focus on the points of interest along the way. We divide the route between driving styles on this page. Some visitors will want to go along the interstate to Nashville and see the sights and the lights while others want to backroads and scenic route. This will be the same for those going from Clarksville to Crossville as well as Crossville to Clarksville. The route is the same and it is ok to modify your destinations along the way! 

Nashville Tennessee Panorama.

Nashville Tennessee panorama.

Nashville all the way! - You who follow the interstate will be fine since interstate 40 and 24 is the only ones you will need to get to your destination. There is so much to do in Nashville that we're making a special section below just for Nashville visitors! 

Backroad Cruzers! - You who want to take the slow lane from Clarksville can take highway 79 to Guthrie, to hwy 41, then hwy 49 to hwy 76 in Springfield toward White House where you will take Raymond Hirsch parkway to 258 towards Shackle Island. In Shackle Island you will take hwy 174 becomes hwy 25 in Gallatin. Now you've been traveling 1.5 hours and 60 miles so Gallatin is a good place to stop. Leaving Gallatin on hwy 25 to Hartsville, you can see the Hartsville Amish Community before getting on hwy 70 that takes you into Monterey where you can take hwy 164 to Cliff Springs Road to see the Muddy Pond Community or stay on hwy 70 all the way into Crossville where you have traveled 3.5 hours and over 160 miles if all goes well and no traffic has delayed your trip.

Clarksville Tennessee and surrounding area

Clarksville Tennessee Downtown River Bridge.

Clarksville Tennessee downtown river bridge.

We decided to use Clarksville Tennessee as our place to stay over. The city is located just 50 miles from downtown Nashville but has the advantage of being a river city without the crowds and traffic of Nashville. We will also take you outside the state of Tennessee to see the Amish community outside Hopkinsville and Guthrie Kentucky that are only 25 minutes away. Plus you get to see many other points of interest in the area while you are on your Amish Adventure! 

A Tennessee Amish Map going into Kentucky?

Yes! Since you are so close to these great Amish communities, we feel that you should stay over in Clarksville and see them! The Amish community in Guthrie is a swiss community that are different than the old order Amish. They have more liberties in some areas of Amish life. They can drive tractors and have electricity in their homes. Guthrie is also home to old order Mennonite in northern Todd County so you will get a real treat here! Hopkinsville is the major city to nearby Amish communities located in Fairview and Pembroke but we just refer to it as "Hopkinsville" Amish. We cover these Amish Communities below!

Swiss Amish Tractor.

Guthrie Swiss Amish

Kentucky's oldest Amish community and the first Swiss communities in Kentucky. The Swiss Amish are new order Amish that can have tractors and electricity in their homes. Many Swiss Amish are not as open to the English visiting them but here in Todd County they are open to us. Plus there are old order Mennonite in the northern section of Todd County that have businesses that sell to us English. The trail of tears also runs through Todd County for you who like to learn about Native American history.

Amish Of Ethridge Tn Amish Red Home

Hopkinsville Amish

The second largest Amish community in Kentucky started in 1989 in Christian County. Today there is around 2,200 old order Amish living in 15 church districts. Towns like Fairview, Pembroke to Elkton should be on your Amish map if you want to see them! You can also see the birthplace of Jefferson Davis with a tall monument where you can go up to the top and see for miles around for only $3 a person! Hopkinsville has things to do and see while you are out so be sure to see them!

We have a Tennessee Amish Map webpage where we show the state of Tennessee with Amish communities and the hotel areas on one page! There are 4 sections we use to explain each Amish Trail and how they flow into one another. You can add points of interest along the way to complete your perfect itinerary! Click the button below and make plans to go on an Amish Adventure this year!

Clarksville Area Lodging

There are 12 hotels surrounding exit 4 in Clarksville. We feel this is our ideal place to send visitors to stay. At the time of writing this page, we do not have any place in particular for you. We did like the Hilton Garden Inn Clarksville because it was next to the business center and a lake you can walk around and relax after a long drive. This area on exit 4 is new and has the newest restaurants and nightlife in town! Interstate 24 is close but not too close to the hotels and the area had plenty of police presence to assure us it was safe. 

Being right off of interstate 24 will get you on the road to the Kentucky Amish communities or onto highway 79 when leaving for Paris and West Tennessee or towards Crossville Tennessee! We believe exit 4 should give you a good place to stay while you are on the Tennessee Amish Trail Map. Plus, You have places listed below that are very close to your room for an easy visit to points of interest, food, and entertainment! 

Clarksville area points of interest

We believe you should see the Tennessee Amish Map in the link above to see the places we selected for Clarksville because they are already listed and have writeups about the places we mentioned. In this list, we will link other places in the area that can add to the enjoyment of your trip. Places with no digital presence cannot be linked so there may be places of interest you would like but we cannot link to what isn't there so please check out the list below of what we could find. 

Clarksville Area: Visit Clarksville TN

Points of interest outside of Clarksville area

Once you see the Amish communities in Guthrie and Pembroke Kentucky you will want to see other points of interest in the area. Here are our top picks for adding places to your itinerary so you can make plans to see them during your trip between locations!

Music City Nashville Tennessee

Nashville Tennessee Skyline.

Nashville Tennessee skyline.

Get your boots and a cowboy hat for some all night dancing if you want to go downtown! This is what Nashville is known for! Country music was born in Bristol but perfected in Nashville and we want to take you on our Nashville trip. The sights and sounds will be there on Broadway and the avenue streets that turn off but there is more to Nashville than honky tonk joints and boot scootin dances. Below is a list like the ones above that show a few places you might not have known about!  *If you google "Amish" and "Nashville" together but many of these places can't prove they use Amish builders so we only link the places that say which Amish builders they use*

These were just the places we could find online and when we went in person to these areas. Some places had odd closing times and days off so make sure they fit into your schedule before making your itinerary. None of these places paid us or are represented by us. We just want everyone to have a great Amish Adventure and these places should make great additions to the points of interest along the way. 

Where to go next? See other sections of Tennessee!

See other sections of the Amish Map of Tennessee and see if you can make an Amish Trail around Tennessee. There is no better time to see the Amish than the summer vacation when kids are out of school, although spring and Fall are also good. See the buttons below for more pages like this one so you can find an Amish community and the points of interest you can visit along the way! 

Eastern Tennessee Amish Map.

The East Tennessee Amish Map has you stay in Crossville Tn and see Morrison and Deer Lodge Amish Communities!

Southern Tennessee Amish Map.

The Southern Tennessee Amish Map has you stay in Lawrenceburg TN where you see the Ethridge and Summertown community. 

Western Tennessee Amish Map.

The West Tennessee Amish Map has you stay in Jackson TN where you see the Huntingdon and McKenzie community.

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