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Woods And Water At Upacreek Canoe Rentals.

Woods and Water

The southern Tennessee area has many places to get away into our wild frontier! You can explore like David Crockett in our wooded area or along the water! We separate the outdoor activities from the woods and water because there are so many places to send our visitors. Below are the places we recommend you visit when you need a bit of woods and water in your life!  

Crockett Shoals Tubing Company

Our most child-friendly float is Crockett Shoals. Just outside of Crockett Park are the shallow waters of Shoal Creek. This is the perfect way to try 2 hours of floating down the creek in a sturdy tube! Kids love these, so be sure to put them in a tube during summer from May to October. You need to know some things before you go, so click the button below to book your trip and learn the rules.

Enter the address into your GPS of choice, find your way to Crockett Shoals Tubing Company, and get in a tube for a slow relaxing float down the creek. They are open May through October, Friday through Monday from 9 am to 3 pm, and only open to reservations Tuesday through Thursday. Call (931) 279-8811  for questions not on their website. They have an excellent booking form online that we recommend you use. 

UpaCreek Canoe and Kayak Rentals

Our most varied water-related business is UpaCreek Kayak. You can get in a tube or kayak here, and they offer several lengths of hourly float times. You get out of your car and into the van, and UpaCreek takes care of everything. Next door to their parking lot is the Taco Shack Restaurant, where you can find plenty of things to eat or drink! They have seafood items at dinner that rival any local restaurant and burgers that can handle enormous appetites.  The creek is wider here, and you must know how to swim if your kayak or canoe tips over. We rate UpaCreek with our highest marks as the place with the most variety and features. There is more to learn and see on their website, linked below!

Enter the address into your GPS of choice and find your way to UpaCreek Kayak Rentals; get in a tube or kayak and float down the creek. They are open Tuesday through Sunday from 8 am to 2 pm. Call (931) 845-4807 for anything you want to ask or book your trip. During the season, the weekdays are easy to get in, but the weekends fill up fast, so book your trip as early as possible on their website form!

Double G Canoe Rental

You come to Double G Canoe Rental when you have been on the water a few times. They can certainly help a new floater with their first float, but their floats are some of the longest we have in Lawrence County. You may see bald eagles and other wildlife along the way. It is the most scenic float of all of them, but you need some time in a canoe or kayak to handle the more expansive water; the more experienced kayakers like Double G for their long floats. You can float for 8 hours or so if you get there early in the morning, but most floats are around 5 hours. 

From April to October, when the water is ready for swimming, they are only open on Saturday and Sunday from 7 am to 7 pm, with the last put in at 1 pm. They ONLY TAKE CASH, so have the amounts with you. It is $40 per canoe with 2 riders and $5 for a 3rd small child, or exceptions can be made for those with small kids in a 17-foot canoe. Kayaks are $30. They charge a $10 shuttle fee and $5 for parking if you have a kayak you own and want to put it in at their site and get picked up by their van. Double G has everything you need to get on the water, including life vests, paddles, and transportation, so you show up in the parking lot and get in the van for pickup at the end. For more information, call (931) 279-9288 to talk directly to them and book your trip or message them on Facebook!  

David Crockett State Park

You can have all the woods and water you want at David Crockett State Park. We have a page devoted to it, so you can see all it offers! Lake Lindsey sits in the back of the park, with the cabins offering only lake-side views in Lawrence county. They have paddle boats and boards, canoes and kayaks, and boats for rent to accommodate a day on the water. There are also 2 major waterfalls in the park with miles of scenic trails to hike, with few paved trails. However, the Trail of Tears section is a certified trail marking the original route of the trail of tears that is still dirt. Our button below will take you to our page for more information about David Crockett State Park!

The boat and rentals are beside Lake Lindsey at the back of the park while the creeks run throughout the park system and across the road. 

Laurel Hill Lake

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency has this 325-acre lake inside its vast hunting lands. Many people come from around to hunt game and fish the lake and creeks. Visitors to the Amish can rent a boat with supplies and fish with a day license or fish from the bank. Everyone must stop at the check-in house and sign the day book to keep up with who is on the lake. You can get snacks and food here while you are out fishing. You can even get steak dinners if you want! The managers of the lake house are the same people behind the Hitching Rail Diner that offers excellent food to the Summertown area. You cannot use paddle boats or paddle boards here, but those who want to explore the lake and have a picnic will have many places to do so!

Laurel Hill is more of a fishing and relaxing lake and not really geared for those who want to pleasure ride around all day or jet ski. there is also a road that goes to the dam end of the lake where it is deep so this may be an option. 

Man Fly Fishing In Stream.

Fishing Streams and Creeks

We have a few stocked trout streams where they bring trout from hatcheries to be put in at various places along the Shoal Creek and the Little Buffalo River inside the Laurel Hill Wildlife Management Area. You need a trout stamp and a Tennessee fishing license, but those can be purchased online or at the check-in house at Laurel Hill Lake. There are limits and size requirements that you can learn about in the link in the button below!

Stillhouse Hollow Falls

Just north of Summertown is a place you might know of; Stillhouse Hollow Falls is just off the road and has very little parking. The falls area is a good walk downhill to a trail that takes you to the look-off point. Getting to the bottom is a long walk to be tried only by those in good enough shape to scale the trail back up. Once at the bottom of the trail, the land and creek are wide enough for splashing and playing. The waterfalls are not dangerous; their mist keeps you cool in the hot summer months. This park gets busy, so the signs say to come back later, and this is also our recommended action. Do not just park on the highway and walk in, as the falls have a limited area at the bottom, and there is no need to make it crowded. If you can come and see them, you will find it an enjoyable experience!

Still House Falls is also very busy during the summer months and the small parking lot can be filled up when you arrive. Parking along the highway is allowed but just take caution to make sure you don't park to close to the road to have your car hit by oncoming traffic. 

VFW Lake

Off Napier is a little road off to the side called VFW road that takes you to VFW lake. This 22-acre lake has boat ramps but does not allow for gas engines. There are plenty of bank fishing and picnic opportunities. This lake is less visited than Laurel Hill Lake, so you have more scenic chances to see wildlife here. There is a road that fully circles the lake, but you can only have a clearing on the boat ramp side. We take our daughter here to eat a picnic lunch and throw rocks in the water. She enjoys the chert banks and wooded areas to catch bugs and throw them to the fish. We assume just about any kid would like this. You need a fishing license to fish here, and the game and fish officers drive around every so often to ensure everything is okay. You will like this lake as it is the closest to the Amish communities and a great place to take it easy.

VFW is a great lake for stroll for those who have a canoe or kayak but want to take and use it at a lake. There is no gas motors allowed here so trolling motors and personal powered craft only. 

Natchez Trace Wilderness Preserve 

At the crossing of Napier Road and the Natchez Trace is the Natchez Trace Wilderness Preserve at Thousand Trails. You must be a member of the Thousand Trails to get a cabin here. We are sharing their information because we hear so many who stay there have a good time, and you can get a pass that lets you stay in your RV inside the preserve. See the link in the button below for more information on how you can become a member or rent an RV location and see their lakes and wilderness up close for yourself!

Laurel Hill and VFW Lakes are close to the Natchez Trace Wilderness Preserve. Travel between these places should be scenic and a nice drive. Ed's Pizza and More is close, and you can take Natchez Trace to their restaurant.

Outdoor Activities 

We have more outdoor sports than we do inside sports. Let's divide team sports up with parallel sports. A parallel sport is one that is played the same, no matter how many players there are. So if you like golf, tennis, motorcycle and atv, or bicycle sports then we have the place you will love!  We have both ball golf and disc golf courses and plenty of places to ride your ATV on wooded trails and jumping hills!  We also have archery and gun ranges where you can take your best shot and be on target!

Motorcycle Riders In Mid Jump.
A Group Of Ladies Playing Disc Golf.
Man Playing Golf.
Summertown Airsoft Battlefield Players.

Our outdoor activities webpage is where you can find all of our listings of outdoor activity in Lawrence county! This directory explains our top places for outdoor recreation! The button below takes you to the outdoor page so click the button and get started on planning your trip itinerary with these outdoor activities in mind!  

Indoor Activities

Indoor activities are essential for inclimate weather and nightlife recreation! We have bowling, pool, axe throwing. Yes! axe throwing at Axe Kicking in Loretto is a very popular destination for those wanting to throw axes and try to get out of an escape house where they lock you up as a group inside a group of rooms where you must use clues in order to find the key to get out!  We also have Crockett Theater where you can see shows and live concerts performances! If movies are your interest then Crockett Cinemas are here to give you the best viewing experience with all the snacks and foods you would expect from a working movie theater! 

Lit Up Front Of The Crockett Theatre.
King Pin Lanes And Strikers Restaurant..
Axe Kicking Loretto Tn Throwing Line.

Click the link button below to see our indoor activities webpage! We have collected all the best indoor places in Lawrence county to help you add these places to your plans or itinerary for your stay! The Amish don't offer any kind of nightlife so we want to bring you options to make sure you can enhance your vacation with a few indoor activities!  

Amish Tours Pulled By Horses.

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