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Texas Style Bbq From Shaffers Meat Market In Ethridge Tennessee.

Shaffer Farms Custom Meat Market and Texas Bar-B-Q

Call (931) 964-8732 to ask them any questions you may have!

Texas BBQ from a real Texan! That is what you get at Shaffer Farms! The owner started missing his Texas BBQ, so he made this place to his specifications and plan. Nothing but the best comes to these pits! Shaffer Farms raises the best cows for their large marbled steaks so that you will get the best local meats from the Shaffer family farm! One part of the building is the restaurant with specialty smokers that you can smell from the parking lot. The sides are just as Texan as the meats! Get their potato salad, 3 types of slaws, 4 types of beans, queso, cob corn, and ranch potatoes from a Texas recipe! The meats include the famous brisket, turkey breast, chicken, pulled pork, St. Louis ribs, smoked wings, bologna, sausages, and more! 

Shaffers Meat Market And Texas Bbq In Ethridge Tn Inside.

Shaffers meat market and Texas bbq in Ethridge TN inside.

You go in and wait at the buffet counter to order your meal. You can move through the line fast but be aware that Fridays and Saturdays are extremely busy. You can pick between all the menu items on the buffet and go to a seat of your choice. The front porch also has tables if the lunch room is full. The owner is happy with how his restaurant is, so there isn't any website, email, social media page, or any way of advertising, so you will only have word-of-mouth mentions, so the telephone is all the contact you have. This way, the quality stays high no matter how many people come to eat here! 

Shaffers Meat Market And Texas Bbq In Ethridge Tn Side.

Shaffers meat market and Texas bbq in Ethridge TN side.

We recommend you eat here if you really enjoy authentic Texas BBQ while visiting the Amish community! There are several places to eat near the wagon rides, but it sometimes gets jam-packed with traffic. Leaving to eat at Shaffer Farms Meat Market and Texas BBQ might be just what you need to unwind and relax. The pecan pie, gourmet cheesecake, fruit cobblers and pies, and banana pudding will help satisfy your sweet treat cravings!   

Enter 4 Vaughn Staggs Rd, Summertown, TN 38483, and find your way to Shaffer Farms Custom Meat Market and Texas Bar-B-Q. On the other side of the building is a meat market with fresh steaks, chicken, pork, and seafood! There is also alligator, shrimp, scallops, and exotic meats like ostrich and deer! This meat market is our top recommendation for those in an RV or who want to cook out on their own grill and smoker! Give Shaffer Farms Custom Meat Market and Texas Bar-B-Q a try when visiting the Amish of Ethridge! 

Call (931) 964-8732 to ask them any questions you may have!

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