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Western Tennessee Amish Map.

The West Tennessee Amish Map

The western side of Tennessee is also nationally famous for a few reasons. Memphis-style BBQ is one good reason. The Memphis blues is another. Gibson Guitars makes their semi and hollow-body guitars in downtown Memphis because of the heritage of the blues guitar players' role in the music scene. The Mississippi River flows down the edge of Tennessee, making a beautiful landscape leading to the swampy marshland that attracts large amounts of waterfowl each year.  Our stayover place is in Jackson, Tennessee, where we base our western map from. We have many Amish communities in West Tennessee that we want you to see! 

Meet the Amish of West Tennessee

These Amish communities differ in many ways. The Stantonville Amish are Swartzentruber, so they use the most primitive technology and have better crops for those looking for vegetable stands in the summer. The Huntingdon Amish were woodworkers and builders who are also Old Order. The McKenzie Amish were also Old Order but had a mix of plants and parts. They had a lot of things for sale and had many workers that offered things at their homes. We have a page devoted to each Western Tennessee Amish community, linked in the buttons below! 

Huntingdon Amish

The Huntingdon Amish community started in 1975 and now has around 200 Amish persons living in one church district. Click the button below to see our page devoted to this community!

McKenzie Amish

The McKenzie Amish community started in 1998 and now has around 225 Amish persons living in two church districts. Click the button below to see our dedicated page to this community!

Stantonville Amish

The Stantonville Amish community started in 2009 and now has around 250 Amish persons in two church districts. Click the button below for our dedicated page to see this community!

We have a Tennessee Amish Map webpage where we show the state of Tennessee with Amish communities and the hotel areas on one page! There are 4 sections we use to explain each Amish Trail and how they flow into one another. You can add points of interest along the way to complete your perfect itinerary! Click the button below and make plans to go on an Amish Adventure this year!

Welcome to Jackson, Tennessee

Our place to stay is in Jackson, Tennessee, as the Amish communities are just north of Jackson. The railway and the birthplace of rockabilly music also make Jackson the better choice for us to recommend. Much of the blues and rock music that Memphis is famous for was written and performed first in Jackson. All other places of interest come out of Jackson like a wagon wheel, with Jackson being the hub city between Memphis and Nashville!

Where to stay in Jackson Tennessee

We found the area around the Casey Jones Museum to be a better place to stay. The museum area is just far enough off the interstate to be quiet, and there are many hotels in the area. The better places to eat are nearby, and the downtown nightlife is close. Our team mostly stays at the Comfort Inn in Jackson, where they have a large breakfast every morning and an indoor pool and hot tub. Jackson is like other cities with interstate travel in that if you want trouble, you will find it, but we here at the Amish of Ethridge took our young daughter and never had any trouble in this area.

Comfort Inn In Jackson Tn Next To The Casey Jones Museum.

Comfort Inn in Jackson TN.

You can find out where to stay, eat, play, and meet at A Jackson Tennessee Weekend by clicking the button below! There is a lot to do here, and the Jackson, TN, website has the top recommendations and a list of monthly events to combine with your visit!

Points of interest in West Tennessee

Combining these points of interest can give you a place to get out and stretch your legs and see something neat. So check out the list below to see if these places interest you enough to include them in your itinerary! 

Entrance To The Casey Jones Museum.

Casey Jones Museum

The train car on stilts indicates the entrance to the Casey Jones Museum in honor of one of the most famous conductors of all time. This 8,000-square-foot museum tells you all about him and the area's railroad history. Kids love this place

Casey Jones Providence House In Jackson Tn.

Casey Jones Farm Village

The area behind the Old Country Store is a unique home and farm area with an amphitheater, farm gardens, a chapel, mini golf, and log homes. The Providence House is in front of the farm area.   

Providence House In Jackson Tn.

Providence House

The Providence House is in front of the farm area, behind the Old Country Store. This antebellum home has period-accurate d├ęcor that shows the history of the pre-Civil War era.  

The Carnegie Featuring The Tennessee Legends Of Music Museum.

The Jackson Carnegie

Jackson was the first location for local Isaac Tigrett to put his Hard Rock Cafe in America. See the legends of musicians that created the Blues and Rock music that Memphis is known for! 

Entrance Sign To Pinson Mounds.

Pinson Mounds

This National Landmark has over 1,200 acres and over 15 tribes buried in these mounds that were used to bury their dead and have ceremonies. The underground education area is full of Native American artifacts and educational material!  

Rusty's Tv &Amp; Movie Car Museum.

Rusty's Car Museum

Gen X parents will see all the cars of their childhood here at Rusty's. They're usually open on the weekends and have iconic cars from the movie industry. 

Cypress Grove Park Entrance.

Cypress Grove Park

This park is wonderful and has boardwalks that take you across the swamp and a lake, so you can see wildlife and plants you can't see otherwise. In addition, there are a few birds of prey and exhibits to show the importance of swamp ecology and the environment. 

Chickasaw State Park Sign.

Chickasaw State Park

This 1,400-acre park has an excellent 18-hole golf course from Jack Nicklaus and cabins beside Lake Placid. There is a lot to do for kids, and there is little cell phone service during our trip. We saw a place for horses!

Downtown Jackson Tennessee.

Downtown Jackson, TN

The downtown area has plenty of bars and restaurants within walking distance of the courthouse. These places are great for those who want to get out and see other adults for live music and drinks! 

Reelfoot Lake Cypress Trees Park.

Reelfoot Lake

An earthquake created Reelfoot lake in 1811 when the Mississippi River ran backward into this 15,000-acre lake! You can kayak amongst the sinking forest or watch for the wildlife and plants in the lake! 

Eiffel Tower In Paris Tn.

Eiffel Tower in Paris, TN

Paris, Tennessee, is unlike Paris, France, but you will see a tiny Eiffel Tower! Instead of snails, they have catfish! Paris is home to the world's largest fish fry! 

Downtown Mckenzie Tennessee.

Downtown McKenzie, TN

This quiet college town is on the way to the McKenzie Amish community and has all kinds of restaurants and neat antique stores on their town square to visit on your way.  

Hatchie National Wildlife Refuge

Hatchie National Wildlife Refuge

Just outside of Jackson is the swamps of the Hatchie Refuge. The single road can take you through the forest and into glades with cypress trees and many animals to view. 

Tennessee River Museum In Savannah Tn.

Tennessee River Museum in Savannah TN.

Tennessee River Museum

Learn about Paleontology, Steamboats, Civil War Battleships, the Trail of Tears, and more! The Tennessee River is essential, and the museum tells the history of human involvement on and in the river!

Reelfoot Lake Cypress Trees Park.

Shiloh Battlefield Park Museum.

Shiloh Battlefield Park

The Middle and Western Tennessee areas have many Civil War battlefields, but Shiloh was one of the biggest battles. Movies were made about this battle, and now you can learn all about this battle at the National Park Museum.

Neat Car On The Road.

Neat car on the road.

Things Along the Way

A good road trip will always uncover neat things along the way. Someone always has something they want people to see while they drive down the road. Also, you can talk to your friends and family during a road trip and have an adventure!  

Other Great TN Points of Interest

The Amish are the main focus of our Amish in Tennessee, but we also want to send you to see the Mennonite stores along the way! Mennonites run these stores and can be close to the Amish people in their old-world ways. Many of these stores are indistinguishable from their Amish counterparts and offer the same things. Below are some of the Mennonite stores we visited along the way!  

Ada's Country Store.

Ada's Country Store

We believe this is a Mennonite-run store with many bulk ingredients and natural foods. There is a great deli and ice cream area with an onsite bakery. The bathrooms were clean, and you could eat inside or walk around to see the Amish buggy outside!

Yoder's Country Store Wide

Yoder's Country Store

Yoder's Country Store - McKenzie

This store is owned and operated by the Amish in the area. They have a call box to their home but no other means to reach them. They were off on Sundays and Thursdays when we visited their store.

Yoder's Country Store In Paris Tn

Yoder's Country Store in Paris TN

Yoder's Country Store - Paris

This Mennonite-run store with many bulk ingredients and natural foods. There is a great deli and ice cream area with an onsite bakery. There are many more nuts and other whole-food snacks on the way to your next stop!

The agricultural history of the great state of Tennessee has produced some of the world's most recognized brands. Our visitors love to see the Amish communities in their fields bringing in these precious resources as raw materials for future products. Below are pages devoted to some of the best usages of our agricultural commodities. Along our Amish Map are these stops if the visitor chooses to pull over and visit these places along the other trails. If there is a tasting at these places, please drink responsibly before returning to the road. 

Jack Daniel's Distillery Front Visitors Center Tour View.

Tennessee Whiskey is nationally known in Eastern Tennessee as the best for a stiff drink, and distilleries on the Tennessee Whiskey Tour will help lift your spirits! Most of them have tours and tasting rooms to sample their whiskey! 

Twisted Copper Brewery In Mt. Pleasant Tn.

Tennessee Breweries need the excellent clean water of Eastern Tennessee. So these breweries can hop you up on their local ingredients. The Brewer Tour is sure to please any person who loves a good beer that the best breweries in Tennessee make!  

Grapes On The Vines At Mnm Winery.

Tennessee wineries are some of the best in the nation. The atmosphere and geography make for a diverse growing environment for the grapes across Tennessee. Here are the best wineries to offer visitors who know their noses for great wine.  

Hinie's Bbq Quesadilla

Hinie's BBQ quesadilla

Tennessee BBQ Tour

The state of Tennessee spans the flavors of Memphis to the Carolinas as our BBQ incorporates our whiskeys and guitar strings into a whisk to mix country charm into our bold personality. 

What? No mention of Memphis?

We have yet to visit Memphis, and we will go one day and see the whole city. There are many things to see in Memphis, and we want to experience the place and create content for our visitors. We will add the content here on this page so keep coming back to see if we have updated it. 

Where to go next? See other sections of Tennessee!

Please look at other sections of the Amish Map of Tennessee and see if you can make an Amish Trail around Tennessee. There is no better time to see the Amish than the summer vacation when kids are out of school, although spring and fall are also good. See the buttons below for more pages like this one to find an Amish community and the points of interest you can visit along the way! 

Eastern Tennessee Amish Map.

The East Tennessee Amish Map has you stay in Crossville, TN, and see Morrison and Deer Lodge Amish Communities!

Southern Tennessee Amish Map.

The Southern Tennessee Amish Map has you stay in Lawrenceburg, TN, where you see the Ethridge and Summertown communities. 

Northern Tennessee Amish Map.

The Northern Tennessee Amish Map has you stay in Clarksville, TN, where you see the Guthrie and Pembroke communities.

We have a Tennessee Amish Map webpage where we show the state of Tennessee with Amish communities and the hotel areas on one page! There are 4 sections we use to explain each Amish Trail and how they flow into one another. You can add points of interest along the way to complete your perfect itinerary! Click the button below and make plans to go on an Amish Adventure this year!

Nashville Studio Tour 

Rca Record Studio Tour Nashville Tn.

RCA Record Studio Tour Nashville TN.

Nashville Tennessee is known as music city and it is the only one of its kind in the country. Why would so many publishing houses and entertainment companies move their headquarters to music row or the newer Berry Hill community if there were other places to go? It is because Nashville Tennessee is the capital when it come to music production. Country is still king here but there are rap, hip hop, heavy metal and other genre studios that are just as well known as their country counterparts. Many of these studios do not have a tour and will not let you in their building so we don't suggest making a scene so we feature the studios that have a tour or other way to see the inside of the studio. We will show other studios just so you can see the building from the outside. Just like when tour bus groups take a bus tour to see the home of the rich and famous! 

See the button link below where you can go straight to our Nashville Studio Tour webpage to get more information before you go on your trip! 

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