How The Amish Have A Barn Raising

How The Amish Have A Barn Raising

By Josh Brown

June 22, 2022

Amish construction, Amish Way of Life, Livestock

In this day and time when you think construction usually the first thing that comes to mind is power tools, hardhats, and blueprints. But, did you know when the Amish raise a barn or a build a house they usually do all of the work by hand!!! One of the first things travelers notice when they go to Amish country for the first time is the enormous size of the barns, houses, and shops the Amish construct. If you have ever been in a building trade then you know the Amish usually use hardwood lumber that is much heavier and harder than your normal pine boards, which makes the whole building process more labor intensive. So, if your like me and have a mind that finds curiosity in the Amish way of life and how the Amish do things in the old fashion way, then this post will be right down your alley. The Crockett Cooner is here again at The Amish Of Ethridge doing a little writing on how the Amish have a barn raising party. So sit right back for a good read on Amish Barn raising, that is guaranteed to square up your ideas on Amish barn raising...

So What Is An Amish Barn Raising

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