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Legal Directory 

Finding the legal page you need is necessary to get you the information you desire! We do not hide behind hard to find legal menu items. Our legal directory will help you navigate the sections you are looking for to keep you from searching our long legal pages written by lawyers. Our description of each page is not intended to be the law itself, but to get you in the right category. Feel free to use our Contact Us page if there is something you can't find.  Ultimately all of the companies under The Progeny Adventure Group LLC are Michael pilkinton and Josh Brown's opinions talking to each other on camera and typing their feelings and opinions on their websites.

Privacy Policy 

A privacy policy is required and must be valid to keep a subscribers information safe and what policies we have in place to keep outsiders away from sensitive information. We limit the security demands by not collecting any more information that we need. In order to become a subscriber, a visitor must fill out a form with basic information. We also use 2 factor authentication on login request to keep hackers out. Our forms are also GDPR and CCPA compliant for those in the European Union. We also talk about the cookies usage on our page and detail what it is used for. Photography and Videography and personal identification is also covered in our privacy policy.   

Terms and Conditions

A terms and conditions page is another requirement to a website. On our terms and condition webpage, we go in to the agreement to be bound, copyright information, ownership, indemnification, and who has rights. We go through our disputes and arbitration, submissions, forum selection, choice of law, intellectual property, and our rights. It's not all lawyer talk though. We also say things about third party services, social media accounts, terminations, FTC, obligations, and what we collect from the users of our website.

Public Disclaimer 

Our public disclaimer discusses any conflict of interest, hold harmless clauses, zero liability, our earnings statement, affiliate disclosures, and other legal issues. We also don't give medical advice or do life lessons to improve health. Basically anyone seeing our content and coming to the Amish is doing so on their own volition. 

Terms of Sale

If you buy something from us then we will have a link to our terms of sale page. This is where we lay out our policies concerning payments and returns. We go into the designation of refunds and how you can get in touch with us if there is something you don't like. We want you to be happy and satisfied with your purchase or recurring payment so please see our terms of sale page before making a purchase with us! 

ADA Accessibility  

We do want people living with disabilities to come to our website and visit our Amish community! We try to make sure our colors and contrast are going to work for those with green weak or red weak colorblind, and that bad eyes can see to make out how to read the print. Having Abigail's Plan here in Lawrenceburg has us trying our best to serve those with disabilities who are traveling to the area. Section 508, WCAG 2.1 and accessibility plugins are all talked about on this webpage!

Intended Goals

This page is not required and may be a bit to personal but we believe showing our visitors how we add legitimacy to our work. We understand how money influences decisions so we show how everyone who has a page on our website is done free of charge. Yes, we only charge for advertising the companies who pay us for ad's. This way the visitor get a very realistic view of the places they are interested in. We hate misinformation and edited photos depicting scenes that are not true. Some lie by showing an experience the normal public wont see when visiting the place. We outline our intentions and goals because we want everyone to come and have a good time, knowing exactly what they are coming to achieve. 

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