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Amish Country Store And Cheese Shop.
A Small Amish Cheese Store In Ethridge Tn.

The Amish Market

The Amish Market is open Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm. Call (931) 829-4044 or rstoll78@lorettotel.net for more information or to ask about the inventory of snacks and treats!

You will see the Amish Market just behind the Amish Welcome Centers and Bob's Cafe. Bruce Stoll is the owner, who is almost Amish himself. He speaks various languages and knows some Pennsylvania Dutch. He is very knowledgeable about the Amish and their way of life. Bruce is from Ohio and is familiar with other Amish communities, and can tell you how the Ethridge community is different. Ask him about the local Amish-made products in his store and how they compare to the Amish-made products he brings in. Other locally made products are available! The Johnny Fleeman's jerky and several local honey shops are right up front. The Amish of Ethridge team are regulars who prefer to get a variety of cheeses, pepperoni, and other salami-type meats and eat them while filming our videos. You can find something to make you happy at the Amish Market!

The Sweets

 The Amish are known for their sorghum molasses, fudge, apple butter, jams and jellies, peanut brittle, and jars of honey. The Amish Market has selections of these essential Amish foods and more! Chocolates and other dipped snacks are available as well! There are other non-Amish snacks here also. The aisles are full of foods and drinks that can help you fix your desire for sweets before or after a wagon ride!

The Salts

The peanut brittle and popcorn are good alternatives to a heavy lunch. The cheeses and deli meats are the best reason to stop and see the store as hot cheese and summer sausage are so commonly used together. Jerky is always a popular salty snack, and you can get several kinds of jerky from local jerky-like Johnny Fleeman's Brisketville jerky and other exotic jerkies from other manufacturers. Look around, and you'll find a salty snack!

Owner Of Amish Market With Cheese.

Bruce is the owner of the Amish market, and he can guide your palate to your most perfect cheese and chocolate experience! He sells the honey and beef jerky from the local area directly, so you will never get old stock or stale expired products. Tell him your favorite snack, and Bruce will have something for you! If you want to live dangerously, ask him to give you something exotic or less known, and you will be surprised what he brings out!

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Enter the address for your GPS at 1006 Brewer Rd, Ethridge, TN 38456, and call 931-829-4044 for the best sorghum molasses, fudge, apple butter, popcorn, chocolate, cheese, butter, jams and jellies, honey, spices, cookbooks. The Amish Market is open Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm.

The Amish of Ethridge team comes by the Amish Market and gets the ghost pepper cheese, summer sausage, salami, pepperoni, and jerky. Our kids love the sweet chocolates, hearing Bruce rap about "cutting the cheese," and telling stories. You must see Bruce at the Amish Market.

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