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Plowboys Auction And Produce In Ethridge Tennessee.
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Plowboy Produce Auction

Open March through October on Monday-Wednesday-Friday starting at 11am with bidding at 1pm sharp. Call 1-(931)-829-1114 or email plowboyproduce@yahoo.com

For everyone who wants to see a lot of Amish produce in one place then Plowboy Produce Auction is your place to be! There is also locally grown non Amish produce here as well so you get the best of both farmers. The Amish have their signs on the road telling you what they have but sometimes they have things that are not on the sign. At Plowboy Produce Auction they bring what they have for you to the same place. No need of tracking down the Amish people to see if they have what you are looking for. The Produce Auction is still an auction so you have to go to their office and get your number in order to bid. This number identifies you as the winner of the produce when the auctioneer says the produce is sold to you the buyer. Bidding is easy and the auctioneer is not difficult to follow. Upon winning your produce, you can pay for it at the same office window you got your number. The auctioneer helpers will turn in the winning numbers to the office that indicate your win! Kids also love to hear the auctioneers talk, so bring them with you!

Plowboy Market Report.

The auction report sets the value of the produce statewide and estimates the cost of each vegetable and fruit that you can buy from a commercial produce stand. The auction amounts start with the bottom allowable price from the market report and rise as people bid the price up. If you are lucky enough to bid on individual produce that has a lot of quantity, you might get a real bargain over the same produce from a standard grocery store that ships it's produce in from other countries. There is also a table of "first come first serve" baskets of various vegetables and fruits you can buy right then at the Produce Auction. The amount of produce is often confusing to a non auction bidder who is used to grocery store offerings. We will try to demystify the terms and amounts in the table below.

  • The Master - A 12 pint or 6 quart master container or "flat" is common for berries.
  • The Bushel - Is 32 quarts or 4 peck equal to 2,150 square inches of volume. 
  • The Peck - Is used in dry goods and equal to 8 dry quarts or 538 square inches. 
  • The Piece - An individual single piece of vegetable or fruit like a watermelon.   
  • The Bag - A grocery style bag or about half a bushel. Large corn bags hold about 50lbs. 
  • The Box - Is a cardboard box of various sizes but the bushel box is most common.   
  • The Bunch -The bunch is an amount of produce you tie together with a rubber band.  
  • The Crate -Is when you want the most produce. This is the amount you can put on a wooden crate and usually involves a truck and dock in order to be moved. Call ahead before you go to the auction so they can arrange for you to accept and load your crate onto your transport vehicle of choice or delivery method.  

The types of Amish gardening and seed propagation 

Amish Lady Doing Work In Her Garden.

The Amish in Ethridge usually have two gardens. One for themselves and the bigger garden to sell to produce to customers. The yard around the Amish homes is considered land that can grow vegetables so you may see gardens grown right up to the front and back door. The Amish have no use for play areas when work can be done. The home usually has many children who have chores everyday to water and tend to the garden. When the harvesting begins, they will help pick and clean the vegetables for canning for winter. This is why they have so much additional produce at their stands by their homes. The money they get will go to buy more rings and jars for canning season and other items. Some of the Amish vegetables will be used for seed saving for future use. Many of the Amish families own greenhouses so they start seedlings faster and get transplants in the ground quicker than the seed would grow on their own. Having the Amish come to Plowboy Produce Auction is a great way to see the best that the Amish have to offer under one roof. 

The seasons of Amish fruits and vegetables in Tennessee

Amish Pumpkins Sold At Amish Farm.

The Amish people's produce is not offered year around like a grocery store that imports items from other countries. Their produce is grown within their season of growing. We will give you a good estimation on when you can expect the produce you are looking for to be ready for harvest. Just remember that the greenhouses can produce vegetables and fruits ahead of the growing season and you can find produce at Plowboys Produce Auction ahead of schedule so call ahead, email or message them to see what is coming to the auction.







Asparagus, broccoli 

Apples, Beets, Broccoli

Fall Apples, Beets, Beans

Cauliflower, Carrots

Blackberries, Blueberries

Blackberries, Broccoli

Cabbage, Greens, kale

Cabbage, Cauliflower

Cantaloupes, Carrots

Lettuce, Mushrooms

Cantaloupes, Carrots 

Cabbage, Collard Green

mustard greens, onions

Collard Greens, Cherries 

Corn, Cucumbers, Grapes

Raspberries, Spinach

Corn, Cucumbers 

Eggplant, Herbs, Kale

Strawberries, Turnips 

Eggplant, Peas, Grapes

Honeydew, Kale, Lettuce

Various Herbs

Herbs, Honeydew, Kale

Mushrooms, Okra, Peas


Lettuce, Beans, Mushrooms

Mustard Greens, Pears

Ornamental Ivey

Mustard Greens, Okra

Peaches, Peppers, Plums


Nectarines, Onions

Popcorn, Potatoes 


Peaches, Peppers, Plums

Pumpkins, Squash


Potatoes, Raspberries

Sweet Potato, Raspberries


Squash, Sweet Potato 

Tomatoes, Winter Squash


Tomato, Watermelon

Turnips, Watermelon

Trucks Pulled Up At Plowboy Produce Auction.
Amish Man On Side Of Road Selling Furniture.

The Amish furniture sale is also held at Plowboys Produce Auction every spring, around March and draws a large crowd because this sale only happens once a year. Keep up to date with us and like Plowboy Produce Auction on facebook to see if they will offer two shows or when the next sale date is to happen!

So what is the difference between the auction and going to the Amish farms?

The main difference in buying directly from the Amish people is that you must know where to go and what the farm has to offer. You never know if the people before you bought all the produce or if they still have any at all. Plus, we have asked the Amish for produce and they simply went out and got it from their garden and put it in a bag without being cleaned or prepped. At the Plowboys Produce Auction the produce must be cleaned and packaged in a manner consistent with commercial sales. This means no bad or rotten produce makes the cut while on their farm you may get a bad apple every so often. Now you won't find peanut brittle, chow chow, jellies, molasses  and other Amish made goods at the produce auction so we recommend both bidding at the auction and buying directly from the Amish. There has been plenty of times the team here at Amish of Ethridge has mentioned we were looking for something and the Amish farm we were at went and got us their own supply. You will find the Amish can meet your demands or tell you where another Amish family has what you are looking for.  

Amish Signs Telling You What They Have.

The Amish signs by the road tell you only a small sample of what the Amish people have to offer or what they specialize in. We have bought eggs and even dog collars from Amish who didn't have it on their sign. Just don't cause a traffic accident by stopping in the road to read the sign. Bring plenty of cash and coin and don't go on Sunday and you will be ok to shop directly from the Amish people here in Ethridge Tennessee!

Enter your address into your gps and come on over to Plowboy Produce Auction and hear the auctioneers banter to get people to bid on the best Amish produce you can buy! Below is a small photo gallery of photos we have taken as an example of what you can find at the produce auction!

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