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Bob'S Cafe In Ethridge Tennessee.
The Hamburger And Blt At Bob's Cafe In Ethridge Tn.

Bob's Café

Open Wednesday through Saturday from 11 am to 4 pm in peak season, but hours may change in the off-season. Call them at (931) 829-4079 or email them at bobscafeethridge@gmail.com for group rates or more information.

This restaurant in Ethridge is named after the owner's wife, Barbara, but he calls her "Bob" as a nickname. Bob's Café is a classic burger joint with a range of classic burgers and hotdogs! You can also get specialty burgers with various additional ingredients added to your sandwiches! They also have slaw dogs and other creations on their famous hotdog. You can even build your sandwich or hotdog from what they have in the kitchen. You may get lucky and go in on a day when they are making a burger of the day and get something extraordinary! They have regular hand-cut fries and sweet potato fries as sides.

The Dining Area At Bob's Cafe In Ethridge Tn.

The Plates

 The burgers are the star of the show at Bob's Café. There are regular hamburgers with the usual patty, lettuce, onion, and tomato, but the mushroom Swiss and slaw burgers are a great way to try another kind of sandwich. You may get lucky with their experimental burger of the day, which may lead to a place on the regular menu. Since the crew at Bob's Café make up so many burgers and hotdogs, you can build your own if they have the ingredients in the back for your suggestions! They also have hotdogs and hamburger steaks, so make sure to get you a plate at Bob's Café!

The Drinks

 There aren't many desserts at Bob's, but they have a wide assortment of drinks. You can get tea in a hot or cold variety and southern favorites like fruit punch and lemonade. For anyone who still needs an afternoon coffee, the crew at Bob's Café can help you out with a fresh cup. Bob's Café also has a good selection of beer in the bottle for you to pair with your sandwich or hotdog. They ask for your identification card or driver’s license to prove you are 21 years or older, so make sure to have this with you if you want beer! They also have the usual soda you find elsewhere if you would like a typical drink.

The Sandwiches At Bob's Cafe In Ethridge Tn.
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Bob's Café Menu.

Enter your address and find your way to Bob's Café. The closest restaurant to the Amish wagon rides, so if you want to eat before or after your wagon ride tour, you can go to Bob's Café! Below are our links to social media pages for Bob's Café so you can follow them and see what menu items they have for you during your visit to Amish country!

See the carousel of foods below! Use the arrows to scan each item! 

Click the buttons below and go to the Bob's Café website and their Facebook page for more information and to stay up to date with them online! Open Wednesday through Saturday from 11 am to 4 pm. Call them at (931) 829-4079 or email them at bobscafeethridge@gmail.com for group rates or more information.

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