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Tennessee Border Welcome Sign.

The Amish in Tennessee - 14 Communities

The Amish communities in Tennessee were started by those who left the larger Amish communities in the northern states to start a new community in the southern states. Tennessee is an agricultural state with rivers and streams that carry the rainwater off the many acres of farmland. Today we have around 14 Amish communities in Tennessee. These communities vary by type among those living according to their Ordnung. Many of our communities are Swartzentruber, while other old order, new order, and Swiss colonies are located throughout Tennessee. Along the way are various Mennonite communities that coexist with the Amish people, who look the same to an outsider who is new to seeing Amish and Mennonite people.

Tn Map With Amish And Hotels.

The Tennessee Amish Trail Awaits You!

Amish communities are found all over Tennessee, with Ethridge being the largest. We have estimated the size of each Amish community with the help of a PDF file we were given. Using the PDF file and talking to the Amish bishops, we have estimated the size of each community. We have traveled to each significant Amish community and have tried to find others. Below is a list of those we know about and found on the PDF file!

  1. 1
    Buchanan, TN: Started around 2017 and is home to about 50 Amish people. We could not find this Amish community, but we will keep you updated.
  2. 2
    Springville, TN: Started around 2019 and is home to around 60 Amish people. Cooper Spring Rd, Winsett Rd, and Hagler Ridge Rd are the main roads we hear to find Amish here.
  3. 3
    McKenzie, TN: Started around 1998 and is home to around 200 Amish people. They are found on TN-124 and Blaylock Store Rd.
  4. 4
    Bradford, TN: Started in 2009 and is said to be around 30 Amish people. Bradford does not appear to have any Amish near their town. They may have moved or relocated.
  5. 5
    Huntington, TN: Started in the 1970s and is now home to around 200 Amish people who live on Hwy 219, Bethlehem Church Rd, and Red William Rd.
  6. 6
    Stantonville, TN: (Swartzentruber) Started in 2009 and now is home to around 250 Amish people. They are found on Russell Gray Store Rd, Bud Cleary Rd, and Michie Pebble Hill Rd.
  7. 7
    Summertown, TN: Started in 2000 with New Order Amish and now has around 30 Amish living in the area. They are combined with the Mennonites along Highway 20.
  8. 8
    Ethridge, TN: (Swartzentruber) Started in the 1940s and is now home to around 2,500 Amish people. The Amish here are found along Hwy 43 and cover a wide area and many roads. We have a map detailing the Amish roads they are found on within Lawrence and Giles counties.
  9. 9
    Morrison, TN: (Swartzentruber) Started in 2014 and is now home to around 250 Amish people. The Amish are on TN-287, Jacksboro Rd, Cooper Rd, Serrell Rd, Smoot Rd, Freeze Rd, and Teeters Rd.
  10. 10
    Dunlap, TN: Started in 2014 with around 25 Amish people. We have not found any Amish but we hear they live near Coca-Cola Rd off Fredonia Rd. We believe they have moved on.
  11. 11
     Delano, TN: We visited here and found that there may be a few Amish but these are definitely a Mennonite community on 550 acres on Needle Eye Ln off Delano Rd. The Community Farm Market is their store, and the road circles around the Mennonite community.
  12. 12
     Deer Lodge, TN: (Old Order but not Swartzentruber) Started in 2013 and now has around 250 Amish people. Glades Grocery was close to the roads like Meister Hills Rd, Glades Rd, and Hwy 329 towards Sunbright.
  13. 13
    Allardt, TN: Started in 2017 and is said to have 20 Amish people. We couldn't find them but had an Amish man say there were 2 homes here, and that was all.
  14. 14
    Hartsville, TN: Started In 2018 and now has 14 Amish families. We can only find was a few who live on Duncan Road, Storytown Road, and Pleasant Valley Road in Macon County, where you see the Duncan Produce sign.

See our dedicated pages to the Amish communities in Tennessee!

We have pages dedicated to the Amish communities with over 200+ persons on their own page, so you can find out where they live and our recommendations to those wanting to stay nearby. Plus! We have many points of interest in the area around the Amish communities that you will definitely want to see! The links are listed below, so make sure to look through each page about these larger Amish communities. Ethridge is by far the oldest and the largest community and needs a whole website devoted to the area, but these other Amish communities can be fun to visit on your way to Ethridge!

Tennessee Area Mennonite Stores

The Mennonites are like the Amish in some ways and usually have larger stores that involve their whole community. We enjoyed the Mennonite stores we visited along the way, as many of these stores are near the Amish communities. Many of these stores had Amish-sounding names, but don't be fooled into thinking they are Amish. Here is a list of those we could find listed below the photo!

General Store In Muddy Pond.

These are the Mennonite Stores we could find along our routes. Most took debit cards and had sandwich shops and other foods. These stores were a great place for a bathroom break and usually had maps of the Amish farms or knew where the Amish were located. We advise travelers to go in and get items from these Mennonite stores listed below!

Amish and Mennonite around points of interest!

You may want to look around on Google Maps where the Amish and Mennonite are located when going to see a place you are interested in! Sometimes a community is located just down the road!

Jack Daniel's Distillery Front Visitors Center Tour View.

Jack Daniel's Distillery front visitors center tour view.

Moore County Mennonites.

Moore County Mennonites.

Not far from the Jack Daniel Distillery is the Moore County Mennonite. A short 9 minute drive from downtown Lynchburg is the Mennonite Dry Goods Store and a few more stores and things to see. It really does reward the visitor to look around a bit for more things to see while on their road trip! We will have another website devoted to the Amish and Mennonite of Tennessee just for this reason!

Old Order Mennonite

Tellico Plains Community Men In Buggy.

Tellico Plains Community men in buggy.

There is a group of three Mennonite communities in east Tennessee that are more conservative than any other community in the state! These interrelated are even more limited in technology than any Amish community in the state. Many people wrongly believe these people are Amish people. They are a horse and buggy, no phones, no electricity, and no gas motor generators kind of Mennonite. We didn't even see battery powered things like flashlights. They had outhouses and a common road that went by the homes but the business was all done out of a common store. Each community had one store to allow the English to buy from them. All of these stores were cash only and warned others of being dressed appropriately. These are very strict Mennonite so don't show much skin and watch your language around them. We will show each community with its store in the photos below. 

The Delano Tennessee Mennonite Community

Delano Farm Market open Monday through Saturday 9am to 5pm

Just outside of Etowah Tennessee is the small town of Delano. Needle Eye Lane comes off of Delano Road where you will find their Delano Community Farm Market. This is the main store that is cash only, wants modest dress standards, and prefers children be well behaved. They also have an animal market sale once a month (usually on the last weekend) and a greenhouse! There is a road beside the store that goes around their homes. There wasn't any signs up as these Mennonite do not want visitors to their homes like the Swartzentruber Amish do. If you plan to visit one day then just drive around and see their store. 

The Englewood Tennessee Mennonite Community

Englewood Farm Market open Monday through Saturday 9am to 5pm

The Englewood Mennonite community is a bit closer to Athens Tennessee and a bit far from the Delano and Tellico Plains communities, but a pleasant drive. Their store was nice and had a lot of plants and vegetables inside when we arrived. The greenhouse was full and the community was very scenic. The same rules apply that you bring cash, dress modestly and control your children. There is a porta potty outside the store in each community. Bob Reynolds Road comes off of highway 422 North Niota Road that takes you right to their store. On each side of the store are roads that take you around their homes. There were no signs as these Mennonite do not want visitors to their homes like the Amish so please do not disturb them unless they have a sign up.

Tellico Community Farm Market open Monday through Saturday 9am till 5pm

The Tellico Plains area scenery is so pretty that it doesn't take much to get people to visit! Just keep your eyes open for the signs to their store as the road is easy to miss. The Google maps has the address on Fairview Road but the actual address is on Farm Market Road and their Mennonite Community is on Narsford Road. This store had furniture and jars that the others didn't have during our visit. The community is a bit spread out and there are farms all around the store you can see from the parking lot if you don't want to drive around. 

Other Tennessee Trails Along the Way

Tn Bbq And Brew Map.

Tennessee is famous for music, BBQ, whiskey, and good times. The state is long and goes from flat to mountains, from Mississippi Blues on Beale Street in Memphis to Bluegrass and Country in the birthplace of Country music in Bristol. You will also find tours you can visit to enhance your vacation! There are so many of these tours that we will only link the best tour pages below. However, since Tennessee is known for BBQ, whiskey, wineries, breweries, guitars, and more...We decided to include these places for you to add to your itinerary!

Jack Daniel's Whiskey Samples.

Tennessee Whiskey Trail

Tennessee is known for its whiskey, and many distilleries have tours you can take! These tours show how they make whiskey and the chemistry involved.

Rca Record Studio Tour Nashville Tn.

Music Studio Tour

From Music Row in Nashville to Lawrenceburg to Muscle Shoals, Alabama! A line of tours can take you inside and show you the places that made music history!

Twisted Copper Brewery In Mt. Pleasant Tn.

Tennessee Brewery Tour

The South is known for growing crops, and many local farms grow the finest ingredients for making beer! There is a beer trail of the best breweries around.

Tennessee Bbq Nachos.

Tennessee BBQ Tour

Tennessee BBQ is nationally known, and Memphis is one of the four BBQ types in the country! Since Tennessee touches Missouri and North Carolina, you will find an array of BBQ flavors combined at each place on the tour!

Tennessee Winery Tours Photo Example.

Tennessee Winery Tour

Wine differs by state and area in the country. The hills and mountains of Tennessee are perfect for growing the best grapes and fruits that make wine. See our page for those wineries on our trail.

Places to Stay and Points of Interest.

Many of our recommendations for places to stay and points of interest are found on the pages of the Amish communities over 200 listed above. On those pages, we go into great detail about the possibilities of each place to see. We mention and link these places below to give you a comprehensive list to go by and the methodology behind our choosing each location for travel to see if you like the place or want to move on down the road!

Comfort Inn In Jackson Tn Next To The Casey Jones Museum.
Shiloh Battlefield And Park.

We designed our Tennessee Amish Trail in a circle with many points of interest along the way that can break up the road trip with stops at other places you may want to see! We believe historical and outdoor-related places to some people are like amusement parks to others. These places along the way are great for those with children who would like to get out of the car and see something new. Sports and parks make up many of these stops, while stores and indoor-related places also make the list. We understand that there isn't a beginning to the trail, so get on the trail where ever you come into Tennessee!

Tn Hotel Map In 4 Districts.

TN Hotel map in 4 districts.

We have four cities designated as the places to stay to see the Amish in Tennessee. Since most of the Amish communities are smaller than 300 persons, we feel you can visit these communities on the way to other places. The Amish community in Ethridge is so big it needs a few days to stay, so having the largest Amish community as a destination is not uncommon. How people get on the map will determine where they stay, so this will be subjective. Jackson, Tennessee, covers the west of Tennessee, while Crossville covers the east side of Tennessee. Clarksville covers the north side of Tennessee, while Lawrenceburg covers the south side of Tennessee. However, if you want to see other cities, go ahead. We want you to have a great time during your Amish community travels, so modify the map if you need to.

East Tennessee Amish Trail

Eastern Tennessee Amish Map.

The East Tennessee route will take you to or from Crossville, Tennessee. We picked Crossville as our destination because it is the golf resort capital of Tennessee and has several hotel choices to accommodate travelers. Crossville also greatly favors an older demographic and is excellent for those with children. In addition, the Amish communities of Morrison and Deer Lodge straddle Crossville, making it ideal for lodging. Below is a list of things to do and other places to see along the way! Exit 322 is the lodging area we recommend for those on our trails!

Crossville Area Lodging

These four hotels are a good value for each night's stay. They are all on the side of I-40 on exit 322 and offer good restaurants and points of interest nearby.

Comfort Inn And Suites Crossville Tn To Stay In A Hotel.
Holiday Inn Express And Suites Crossville Tn For A Hotel.
Hampton Inn Crossville Tn.
Super Eight Hotel In Crossville Tn.

Eastern Tennessee Points of Interest

Of course, the Smoky Mountains are the most significant draw to east Tennessee. Therefore, we focus a significant section of our trail on these points of interest. If the mountains are calling your name, then listen and see them. Then get back on the trail. The Delano Amish and Mennonite communities are right in the mountain range if you go mountaineering! For this list, we will give our best illustration of the places we found along the way from Ethridge to Crossville and then from Crossville to Hartsville for this list!

River Run Golf Course Fairway And Green Example 4.

East Tennessee Golf  

Crossville is the golf capital of Tennessee and there are many stay and play opportunities to play these top courses. Skeet, trap, and clay target ranges are also available! 

Jack Daniels Distillery Museum.

East Tennessee Whiskey  

There are several distilleries in the area. While whiskey is not Amish-related, we feel there is a remarkable similarity between the farming of ingredients, history, and generational cultivation that is interesting to the visitor.

Road Crossing At Historic Rugby.

East TN Points of Interest

Historic Rugby was a failed colony of individuals following the British author Thomas Hughes. Today the community is home to shops and lodging opportunities with a tour!

Cumberland Cavern Sign.

Cumberland Caverns

Go underground to see one of the most incredible cave systems in North America! Kids love the tours, and the guides are very educational. There are many places on this tour to see spacious caverns that open into huge spaces.

Rock Island Waterfall From The Right Side.

Rock Island 

See the waterfalls at Rock Island! There are plenty of things to do here with many restaurants and antique stores to shop in! Hiking trails and historical information are everywhere, so put Rock Island on your list!

Falcon Rest Mansion From Outside.

Falcon Rest Mansion

This mansion is called Tennessee's Biltmore for a good reason. Every year people come to see the tour of this 10,000-square-foot home that was built in 1897!

See more from the East Tennessee Amish Map, where you can find more information about the places to visit while staying in Crossville, Tennessee!

West Tennessee Amish Trail

Western Tennessee Amish Map.

West Tennessee is unique with its flat plains and swamp lands. There are parts of this area where you would swear you were in a Louisiana swamp. Memphis is where to fly in and see Graceland, Gibson Guitars hollow body plant, The Pyramid Bass Pro Shops, and Beale Street. Memphis is also home to world-class BBQ, and there are lots of places to choose from who are trying to get their name out! Outside Memphis are a few wineries and Jackson, Tennessee, where we have people to stay. Just north of Jackson is the larger Huntingdon and McKenzie Amish communities and smaller Springville and Buchanan communities. The city of Paris is just north of these communities and is a great place to see their version of the Eiffel Tower. Below is a list of places to see on the way!

Jackson TN Area Lodging

Jackson, Tennessee, has several lodging opportunities in its metro, but we found the hotels near the Casey Jones Museum to be very good and easy to travel in and out of. We suggest you select one of these hotels during your Amish Adventure!

Comfort Inn In Jackson Tn Next To The Casey Jones Museum.
Entrance To The Casey Jones Museum.

Casey Jones Museum

The elevated train marks the entrance to the Casey Jones Museum. He was responsible for getting passengers from Chicago to New Orleans. Learn all about the conductor of the engine 382 in Jackson, Tennessee!

The Carnegie Featuring The Tennessee Legends Of Music Museum.

The Jackson Carnegie

The Carnegie Featuring, The Tennessee Legends of Music Museum, is a top attraction for music lovers. Jackson is the birthplace of rockabilly, and several of Tennessee's best musicians are featured in this museum!

Rusty's Tv &Amp; Movie Car Museum.

Rusty's TV & Movie Car Museum

See over 50 cars and vehicles used in your favorite movies in this museum. Several movie props are also featured here; you can take photos in many of them!

Cypress Grove Park Entrance.

Cypress Grove Park

Just minutes from downtown Jackson is Cypress Grove Park, where you can walk across the lake on a boardwalk and see birds of prey! Kids love this place for the adventure and swampy things you can see on the trails!

Entrance Sign To Pinson Mounds.

Pinson Mounds

This park offers an underground museum of the area's Native American burial grounds. In addition, there are Indian mounds you can see and look at Native American artifacts!

See more from the West Tennessee Amish Map, where you can find more information about the places to visit while staying in Jackson, Tennessee!

Northern Tennessee Amish Trail

Northern Tennessee Amish Map.

Our northern section of the trail takes you to Clarksville, Tennessee. The Amish communities of Allardt and Hartsville are along the way, plus Clarksville is close to the large Amish community near Hopkinsville, Kentucky, and the Swiss Amish community of Guthrie. These communities will give you a variety of Amish to observe and points of interest to see along the way. Like the Bell Witch Cave in Adams, TN, and the US Customs House in Clarksville! You will find several exciting things in northern Tennessee! Our top selection of lodging is found at exit 4 off I-24 in Clarksville.

Customs House Museum And Cultural Center

Customs House Museum Cultural Center

See the US Postmaster’s office and several other permanent exhibits, and watch for the traveling exhibits during your stay so you can see something neat!

L&Amp;N Train Station Museum.

L&N Train Station

The red engine and caboose are easy to see from the road where you can see this real decommissioned train! Kids really love climbing on and off this train. There is a park next to the station house as well.

Historic Collinsville Pioneer Settlement.

Historic Collinsville Pioneer Settlement

Step back in time with the pioneers in historic Collinsville. Kids really love seeing the old blacksmith and schoolhouses! The summers can get busy, so call ahead for your tour so you can take your time in each place!

E.t. Wickham's Folk Art.

E.T. Wickham's Folk Art

See the remains of art by Enoch Tanner Wickham (1882-1970) made between 1950 and 1960. Unfortunately, the misfits destroyed some of these sculptures along Highway Oak Ridge Rd and Buck Smith Rd in Palmyra, TN.

Watersports And Creek Caves.

Bell Witch Cave

Just east of Clarksville in Adams, Tennessee, is the farm famous for the Bell Witch! The spirit of Kate Batts is said to be the witch who terrorized John Bell and his family on their farm. Learn about this story of the bell witch!

See more from the Northern Tennessee Amish Map, where you can find more information about the places to visit while staying in Clarksville, Tennessee!

Southern Tennessee Amish Trail

Southern Tennessee Amish Map.

Southern Tennessee is the place where Nashville and Muscle Shoals shake hands. Lawrenceburg is Southern Gospel Music's birthplace and our Amish trail's lodging location. Ethridge is the home of the largest Amish community in the south and the center of outdoor fun! Southern Tennessee is also home to and famous for its microbreweries, wineries, and distillers like Jack Daniels, George Dickel, and others. BBQ is also found along the Memphis to Chattanooga trail of BBQ restaurants. Below are a few things you can do here while seeing the Amish!

Visit Pulaski Tn Trail Of Tears Interpretive Center.

Trail of Tears Interpretive Center.

Learn all about the Bell and Benge Route of the Trail of Tears Interpretive Center. Inside the museum are artifacts and examples of early Native American life in the area.

Antoinette Hall In Pulaski Tennessee..

Jack Daniels Distillery 

Lynchburg is where you'll find the most famous whiskey in the country! They have tours of the original distillery where you can see how whiskey is made.

Old Stone Fort Museum.

Old Stone Fort State Archaeological Park

Native Americans abandoned this area, and settlers thought it was a fort. Today it is home to a great museum and scenic hiking trails along the ceremonial grounds.

Tennessee River Museum.

Tennessee River Museum

Learn about everything from paleontology to the golden age of steamboats in this museum. Kids get in free where they will see interesting river history.

Shiloh Battlefield Park.

Shiloh Battlefield Park

See one of the country's most famous Civil War battlefields at Shiloh. The museums are great, and every kid loves to see the cannons located all over the park!

See more from the Southern Tennessee Amish Map, where you can find more information about the places to visit while staying in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee!

Airline Travel and Rental Cars on the Trail

Most people will be driving in from other states to a location along the Amish state trail. Those flying in on business or other activities can get on the trail from the airport! A frequent flyer will rent a car because Tennessee has no high-speed rail or subway system, so a car is their only option when driving beyond where a taxi can deliver. Nashville, Tennessee, and Huntsville, Alabama have the closest airports to Ethridge. Memphis is closer to Jackson, and Knoxville is closer to Crossville. Each of these cities has things to do and great places to stay. You may have a great time in one of these cities before or after your Amish Adventure, but having Nashville in the center is excellent for those who wish to get in some live music and dancing before leaving the area in their rental car!

Nashville Tennessee Skyline.

There is only one "Music City," and Nashville is at the center of our trail. Millions of visitors come every year to visit, so at any time during your trail, you can always pull in to see the live music! Nashville Hot Chicken, The Lane Motor Museum, The Parthenon, Country Music Hall of Fame, Belle Meade Plantation, Cheekwood Gardens, and Music Row are just a few places to see in Nashville. The BBQ, Whiskey, and Music Studio Tours take you south of Nashville right into the Ethridge area, where you can see the largest Amish community in the south, before getting to Muscle Shoals, Alabama, for more musical fun or the Huntsville Space and Rocket Center! You may have a great time in one of these cities before or after your Amish Adventure!

Tennessee Interstates and Major Roads

Tennessee is a state that touches 8 other states and has several major interstates and highways running through it. We decided to take our visitors off the interstates and onto the roads that run through Tennessee. You can always take the interstate if you choose or if you have limited time, but we prefer the slow lane of life to see the towns and countryside.

Mountain Tunnel On Road.

mountain tunnel on road.

Several major cities are within driving distance of one of the places along the trail. We recommend that you get on the trail where you can and go in the direction you want to travel. For example, Atlanta is on I-75, and the same interstate runs north to Chattanooga. The visitor can decide to take I-24 to begin at Morrison or take I-75 to I-40 to Crossville to begin their trip. We want everyone to make their travels the best they can be and have fun along the way!

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