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Top Gun Arms View Of Zombie Truck.

Top Gun Arms 

There are only a few indoor 5 star NSSF firing ranges in this category in all of Tennessee! Top Gun Arms is the best place to go when weather is not cooperating with you or when you just want to shoot indoors. They have a great selection and firearms for rent so you don't have to bring your own or shoot something you always wanted to shoot like their fully automatic tommy gun! Yes! they have several full auto machine guns you can rent to shoot in their 12 lane indoor range. Kids 6 years old and over can shoot a single shot .22 caliber rifle at various targets. They really like their zombie targets and shooting games! Top Gun Arms also has a dedicated store to women called She Bangzz where ladies can find products made just for them! If you need training, then sign up for their classes so you can become better at shooting or more prepared to protect yourself!

Top Gun Arms has several events throughout the year. These events usually include product demonstrations, 2nd Amendment Rallies, and Helicopter EVAC Team fly in that every kid wants to see! The indoor range is great for those who want to buy a style of firearm and would like to test it out by shooting a similar used or rental firearm in its place before you buy one. There are also ladies shooting groups and shooting teams who come here if you want the group environment. Every accessory can be found here from suppressors, and lights to holsters and carry purses  used to carry your firearm in the way you want to carry it, and if you need your carry permit, then Top Gun can help you there too! 

We love Top Gun Arms and their BBQ place called Hinie's BBQ. Named after Tripp Weigel's Dad who went by the nickname "Hinie" who's name he's keeping around as they take the family BBQ sauce to their Texas BBQ restaurant!  Here is an older video that we did on Top Gun Arms years ago. Watch in the player below!

Getting to Top Gun is easy, Just turn beside Ike's Amish Depot on Campbellsville Road. Holiday Acres Farms will be on the way while Flowers Creamery is just a few minutes down the road from Top Gun Arms. There are also Amish green houses on the same road so you will get to see a lot of things you will want to put on your itinerary along the way. 

Top Gun Arms Wide Shot Including Helicopter.

Enter your address into your gps and find your way to Top Gun Arms when you come to visit the Amish here in Ethridge Tennessee! This area has so many outdoor activities to explore and many things you can see and learn inside our museums! 

Seen enough? Click the button listed below to go directly to the Top Gun Arms, Hinie's BBQ, and Venue North websites! Once on their website you can go to their social media links. Feel free to message them on Facebook any question you need answered so you can make plans to see them in person! Hinie's is their BBQ restaurant and Venue North is their large venue rental building for conventions and seminars!

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