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We want you to have the best experience possible when visiting Lawrence and Giles counties. To get the best information and times to visit each point of interest may be close to impossible if you are not local to these counties or know the general knowledge about each place. We have done the field work for you and have put together a list of places to participate in their given category! You simply must pick out a few things to do and places to eat along the way. The best places to sleep are also in these recommended list so you can find the best lodging according to your needs! Below is our list of categories to get you to our pages where we list every possibility and choice so you can pick out your top places and add them to your list.

Recommended Amish Resources

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Itinerary Ideas 

There is just so many things to do in Lawrence county! We are the birthplace of southern gospel and a whole note of fun! Find a few more things to do while you are here! We put together our places and times to maximize your stay!

Texas Style Bbq From Shaffers Meat Market In Ethridge Tennessee.

Find Your Favorite Foods

We have some of the top restaurants in the area! Some of the restaurants have been on tv! Just about every category of foods can be found here in Lawrence and Giles counties! We have a page to show you our top recommendations! 

Amish Old Wagon Camping Area In Ethridge Tennessee.

Best Places to Stay

Our hotel guide can help you find your perfect place to stay in Lawrence and Giles counties. Many of the hotels are brand new and clean! Our bed and breakfast and air b&b's are very good. Find your perfect place with our guide!

Lawrence county is the birthplace of southern gospel music and a whole note of fun! Please see our other websites in the links below! These buttons take you to our other larger websites of Visit Lawrenceburg Tennessee and Visit Pulaski Tennessee. On the websites you will find a much larger selection of what these two counties have to offer our traveling guest!

James D. Vaughan Microphone And Radio Board.

We don't have any amusement parks with rollercoasters or a waterpark with huge slide but what we do have is very entertaining and fun! Lawrence and Giles counties have plenty of museums and outdoor adventure! Since the area is rich in musical history, we have many concerts and shows throughout the year you can attend! If country living is your way to be then you will love our events that showcase the tractor pulls and rodeos that come to town! There are monster truck rally's, dirt track racing, and a drag strip where alcohol pro mods dominate the track! If slow is more your speed then enjoy an afternoon of floating down river on a tube or a kayak. We have just what you need in your immersive vacation!

Plan your trip during one of our events!

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We have many events that you wont want to miss! Make sure to see our webpages where we showcase a collection of regularly scheduled events that are currently in our yearly lineup. We will offer our advice on each event as what the event is about and what you need to do in order to attend the event. Planning your vacation around an event is a great way of extending your vacationing fun! 

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