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Yoders Homestead Market Front Porch.

Yoder's Homestead Market

After we published this page the owners decided to sell the market and so far there isn't a buyer so consider this store closed as of September 2023. We still talk about this store below this sentence as if it were still going.

At Yoder's Homestead Market in Summertown, you will see a few local, New Order Amish people who run the store. Around 2000, The New Order Amish are said to have come to this area. They have a few businesses they operate and have day laborers that take odd jobs or quick work. The New Order Amish have phones, cars, and electricity, unlike the Old Order Amish in Ethridge. They focus more on the gospel teachings of Jesus over the strict adherence to the plain living mandates of the Swartzentruber. You will often see signs that say "Prepare to meet thy God" and other wrath-filled statements on their signs. These Amish take converts more often than the older orders do. It is almost impossible to join a Swartzentruber line if you were not raised to be Amish, where the New Order wants converts to join their churches. They are still Amish in the separation, though, as they have rights of passage and vows you must keep in their version of the Ordnung. Below is a gallery of the places they live and how their living places differ from the other Amish communities. Do not bother them at their homes. They do not want outsiders to interrupt their activities.

The Yoder's Homestead Market is the store where many of the local New Order Amish work. Here you can find homemade items and bulk foods. The New Order Amish are usually more suited to building over planting, so many bulk items are the same as those at other Amish and Mennonite stores. They have an excellent deli section that brings tourists from everywhere wanting a large sandwich. They keep a supply of things around to get your kitchen in order and a few cookbooks from Amish writers. Candy and sweets are great at these shops as they have some of the best. Bulk items include cheeses and deli meats from the Troyer Amish that you can buy if you find meat and cheese you like. Below is a gallery of inside the store.

This place is perfect for lunch when you are nearby at Summertown MetalsYoder's Bent and Dent Salvage Grocery, or Summertown Airsoft! The sandwiches and sweet treats are excellent and with handmade detail and charm. You can get a lot out of this store and the trip to see the New Order Amish and Mennonite in the area. 

Enter the address into your choice GPS and find your way to Yoder's Homestead Market. They are open Monday through Saturday, 9 am to 5 pm, and are closed Sunday. Call (931) 796-1646 to ask them questions about their store before you drive over. *THIS IS A CASH-ONLY STORE!* To our knowledge, their Facebook account is only a dynamic pull site that allows people to check in and share photos but is not controlled by Yoder's Homestead Market Staff in any way. 

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