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Old Greyhound Bus Station In Ethridge Tennessee.

Ike's Amish Depot and General Store

Ike's Amish Depot and General Store is open for visitors on Saturdays from 11 am to 5 pm. Call (931) 829-2029 or email - ethridgetn9503@msn.com for more information.

Some places make you believe you stepped back in time, and Ike's Amish Depot and General Store will make you feel you are back in 1940! Amish people can still get on a greyhound bus and go to another place by bus. Ike's has Amish clothes and other garments you can see up close. The Amish element of Ike's is limited compared to the other Amish stores around it. You go to Ike's for the antiques and memorabilia! Very little is for sale here because you come for the experience of seeing the 1940-1960s come alive. If you come on Saturdays, you can get a burger or hot dogs cooked on a griddle top like the old days with a milkshake maker from the 1930s! You get an authentic nostalgic experience around the old stove at Ike's Amish Depot and General Store!

The Hamburger And Milkshake Stand  At Ike's Amish Depot.

The Story behind Ike's Amish Depot and General Store

Stories about the migration of people always find a way to be memorable. The story of Ike is another story of a man who moves to the south and sets up a general store upon retiring from the busy life in the north. Ira Ike Irving started the General Store in 1942 and just before the first Amish people came to Lawrence County. Soon after the Amish people moved in, the road was popular with cars, so he put up a front section and porch area on his store and became a well-traveled stop for people going to Nashville and beyond on his new Greyhound Bus stop! Today Ike's Amish Depot and General Store looks the same as it did in 1942, and you can experience the simpler times seeing the general store and all the stories it has! The buses next door make for a great photo opportunity while you are at the store!

The Time Machines 

 In the 1940s, people had their own problems, and many Lawrence county residents had to make hard choices. The General Store is how they got their groceries and news many times. The headline newspapers and magazines would tell of the war effort and the threat of certain doomsday predictions. This period also had to make products go to shelves like those at Ike's shop. The mechanization of the food system was putting advertisements on all kinds of products; many of these advertisement items can be seen today at Ike's Amish Depot and General Store! 

Oldies but Goodies

 Ike's Amish Depot memorabilia is genuine and never a reprint or novelty. This is why very little is for sale in the store. Ike's Amish Depot is more like a museum with history lessons than a market in today's terms. The store looks like a movie set with everything in the right place. The owner sometimes dresses in overalls and looks like he came out of the 1940s along with the store! Kids love Ike's Amish Depot because there are many things to see that are old and interesting. There's an old TV and soda pop machine, a jukebox, and an old payphone! Kids love these things!

Old Tv And Drink Machine.

Everyone loves the old TV and drink machines! Kids are interested in the old TV to see how far TVs have changed since the golden age of television. The drink machines are still in use today, and you can buy an assortment of known drinks and a few specialty sodas or milk while in the store.

The Old Wood Stove At Ike's Amish Depot.

The original old wood stove is still used in the winter months and is a very interesting stove to see at any time of year! When it is not in use, you can open it and look inside and see how it works. Some bands have used the store and old stove on their album covers. 

If you are a person who likes to take photos, then Ike's Amish Depot is the place for you! The outside of the store is full of photo opportunities. The old truck and things near the road are covered in kids in the summer as their parents get photos of them. Plenty of family photos are taken with the old buses next to the Dilly Dally store just past the parking area! The back lot is reserved for the Amish buggies to be parked while their owners are away on the greyhound bus. The Amish families come by and care for the horses until their family member returns. These areas let you experience an actual bus stop at Ike's Amish Depot and General Store!

The Side Entrance To Ike's Amish Depot.
Old Buses At Ike's Amish Depot.

There is so much to see here at Ike's Amish Depot and General Store! See the Social Media Links below, along with the additional photos. We hope you put this place on your list of places to see while in Ethridge, Tennessee, and visiting the Amish community!


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