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Davis Crockett Statue On The Lawrenceburg Square.

Intended Goals.

This page is for the visitor who wants to know why we decided to make this website, social media accounts, and YouTube channel. The Ethridge, Tennessee area, didn't need our help or ask us to make anything for them. The Amish community in Ethridge began in 1944 and is from the Swartzentruber line, so many of them would not approve of any of this. We hope our story helps explain why we decided to make this endeavor a way to help others. 

The Progeny Adventure Group LLC owns and manages The Amish of Ethridge content. Still, the owners of The Progeny Adventure Group LLC have stories about their connections to Amish country and how the Amish have influenced their lives. Each managing member has their own story of how the website came about.

Grandpa Henry.

Michael, CEO of The Progeny Adventure Group LLC. 

I was born in Ethridge and lived there until kindergarten, when my family moved to Summertown, TN. My dad's side of the family all lived next to each other in Ethridge, and as a small toddler, we walked around the neighborhood on High Avenue over to the Indiana Avenue side of what we call "Amish Country." It seems every county where Amish live is Amish Country to them. My family had Amish friends, and in the late 1970s and 1980s, the uniqueness was not as far apart as it is now between Amish and English. We would get to know them; they were just part of the community. My grandfather would buy things from them and drive us around the countryside. I would eventually become part of the tourism in Lawrence county and go to 27 states visiting travel hotspots and learning the trade. I realized one day that living in an Amish community was a rare opportunity. Beachfront property is rare because there is only so much sand in the country that can be built on, but if you want to hear the "clop clop" of horses, you have to go to where the Amish live. The Ethridge community has a supported tourism supply of businesses that accommodate visitors each year to visit the largest Amish community in the south. In 2016 I had heart surgery and had my daughter, who was 14 weeks premature and only 1lb 13oz. We spent 89 days in the NICU, not knowing if she would live. She would grow up to be fine but is autistic. I would drive her around Amish country to let her see the horses and other animals on the way, and we would let her try to talk to them out the window. In the past, I had been to different places in Ethridge, where I met families from overseas. During one weekend, we met 4 separate families from Sweden! At Ike's Amish Depot, we were talking to a couple from Germany who didn't know much English. When he started talking to his wife in German, a lady perked up and started talking to each of them in German. It turns out there were 2 unconnected couples from Germany at the same store in Ethridge! There are plenty of stories I could tell you. Just look at the guest books at the various Amish country businesses that keep a guest book (Heart and Soul Antiques keeps a good one). The tourism group I was in was started by a few locals at Granny's Network that saw the potential for building a tourism association that would help the area bring in more visitors. The tourism association would go on to be defunded by politicians who would lean on the Chamber of Commerce to do the tourism work in Lawrence County. They would look into city planning instead of anything travel related. So Josh and I decided to make this website to help others plan a vacation to see the Amish and do a few things in Lawrence County. We are sure many people would love to hear the sounds of horses and see the fields in this wonderful place. To have other special needs, kids like my daughter get on an Amish wagon ride and see how they make soaps and butter. So it is for this reason that we decided to make this page! Make plans to see the Amish of Ethridge, Tennessee!

We (The Amish of Ethridge) do not guarantee the accuracy of the links it shares as the URL may be changed without warning from the original location.  We also do not represent any business listed above or the Amish Community we share. Anyone who consumes our content and acts on what they perceive, is doing so of their own volition. We built our website and trails to show our visitors possibilities to include in their itinerary to experience on their vacation. 

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