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Holiday Acres Farm Outside.
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Holiday Acres Farm in Ethridge Tennessee

Open by appointment during the spring and summer and every Saturday in October. Call 931-829-2660 or email - holidayacresfarm@gmail.com - for more information. 

Here is our top recommendation for the fall season of the year. Holiday Acres Farm is the best place to take your kids during fall. They have many more pumpkins, rides, slides, playground equipment, corn pits, kid maze, corn maze, petting zoo, farm educational center, sunflower walk, and tractor wagon rides than anyone else. With all of this only costing you $10 at the time of writing! Bring a group of 15 or more with you and it is only $8 per person! School moms and fall break would be great to team up with your friends and meet on the farm for more playmates and a discounted cost! They also have a party section for weddings and other outdoor events by a pond with a wooden walk out section with flowers, shrubs and sunflowers in the background! See the photos below!  

Holiday Acres Farm is great for kids

The whole farm can be seen as a great learning opportunity for kids to get an education about farming. They have sections where they take you through different stations where kids have the chance to lift fake plastic eggs from illustrated chickens and bottles of plastic milk from illustrated cows to a section that shows how the produce goes to container trucks for distribution! This is a great way to teach kids how the milk and eggs get to the grocery store shelves and the role of our great farmers! The processes are clean and only illustrate the animals because handling these products could lead to germs but no worries with the toy versions! They do have a petting zoo where they can pet baby animals like rabbits, a donkey, shetland pony, and small goats. You can also throw pellet food to various chickens and caged roosters! See the photos below of the farm education!   

There are plenty of activities to do!

Kids love to play and see the animals. You can also pick sunflowers and walk the corn maze to find clues along the way to help you get out. This helps you work out problems as a family or team when you get through, plus you get to ride the tractor wagon over to the corn maze. In the very back of the farm is an imagination station of kid activities. These are self guided and will walk you through the woods and fields to each activity! Each station is themed and includes activities like music, arts, creativity, and make believe as the last station has a wardrobe of dress up toys like mask and props so a child can act out all they want in the style of their favorite action hero or other figure. The tractor wagon comes around often so you can get back easily!

Mike And Josh From The Amish Of Ethridge.

Mike and Josh from the Amish of Ethridge.

Here is a personal story from us at The Amish of Ethridge. We personally take our kids here to Holiday Acres Farm. Our kids love the corn pit the most as it is very large and about 10 inches deep in hard corn. They love this place and they can be a kid here with so many things to play with. The education series is great to teach them about farming and they talk about going back all the time. We believe this is the best place to come for fall and you can buy a pumpkin or sunflower that you pick out that was grown on the farm. Combine this place with your Amish Adventure and you will be glad you did. Just remember that they are also open during the year by appointment only so call or email them to get in if you are not here in October. The seasonal events won't be running but at least you can get in on the playground.

Death Ridge Haunted Attraction

Since October is their big month, they also have a haunted woods walking type of spooky adventure. They are kid friendly so they offset the hours of the play area to end at 5pm and start the spooky things at 7pm so that we can get the little ones out before they see anything that scares them. The haunted attraction is not rated R like some haunted houses that are definitely marketed for adults. Their haunted attraction is more PG-13 and doesn't have bad language or excessive gore to scare you so most kids 13 years of age or more should be ok. They have a huge cast of people who put on this event and it is definitely one of the better spooky events for Halloween in the middle Tennessee area. The event is also very popular so make sure to get your tickets early!

Enter your address into your GPS of choice and find your way to Holiday Acres Farm during your Amish Adventure. They are on the same road as Flowers Creamery and Top Gun Arms so you will pass right by so put them on your itinerary and make plans to see them while you are here in Amish Country! Below are links in the buttons that take your straight to their social media and website for further information or to ask them a question by email or messenger!  

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