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Progeny Team At Holiday Acres Farm.

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We are not Amish nor have we ever been Amish or Mennonite in any way.

Anytime you go onto a website and look around and find a few things you like, you end up making sure you can trust the website owners. We want to assure the reader of our love and dedication to our websites as the owners and writers of this website. We also star in our own videos from the actual locations around the Ethridge area Amish community. We have expertise in the lives of the Amish people as we know many of them personally. This friendly context and background gives the website visitor our authenticity as people who would easily be called out as liers if they tried to fake their experience. We only type true and legitimate words here so that the visitor can have trust in us to tell them true and trustworthy sentences and if we don't know something, we write it in as something we don't yet know. 

Amish Of Ethridge Tn Group Of Boys Getting Hay

amish of ethridge tn group of boys getting hay

The Amish of Ethridge website is under the umbrella of The Progeny Adventure Group LLC who owns and distributes the content shown in this website. Mike and Josh are the main controlling members of The Progeny Adventure Group LLC and want to show the areas Amish people in a way that would attract visitors to come see them and have fun in Lawrence county and the surrounding area. This should make since being the "progeny" means kids and "adventure" and "group" mean the website companies under the umbrella all have adventure with kids as a central theme!

About our team

Mike Pilkinton

Mike Pilkinton On Deck.

About the author - Michael Pilkinton

Mike is the main owner with a majority share in the company and all of the websites under the Progeny Adventure Group LLC . When his wife Tara had a 1 pound 13 ounce baby daughter Alana that spent 89 days in the NICU, he knew that parenting was a huge task and one not to be taken lightly. His passion turned into questions that led him to find answers from his 24 years of working in engineering to be applied to parenting with a purpose!

Josh Brown

Josh With His Masters Degree.

About the author - Josh Brown

Josh is the only son of an Army special forces father who was on a mission to keep Josh in line. He had to miss several fun things with his friends to mow grass or paint for others. He was a janitor who decided he needed to be teaching rather than mopping the floor. So he went to Trevecca University and received a masters in business science. Josh's father died before seeing him walk the stage or see his son David being born and this makes him want to be a great father. 

Growing up in Ethridge

So how do we know anything about the Amish in Ethridge? Mike grew up on 109 High Avenue across the street from his grandparents Henry and Louise Pilkinton and nextdoor from his uncle Donald that everyone called "Hopsing". Across from him was his great grandmother Lillian Wright who was a Dickson before she married. Mike would walk with his grandpa Henry to the Amish on Indiana Avenue and toward South Brace where the majority of Amish lived. They were friends with the Amish and Mike grew up around them. Josh would grow up in Lawrenceburg but befriended people in school who lived in the Amish community as English people. The Amish boys would also hang out with them so Josh got to know them as he grew up and out of school. 

Henry And Louise Pilkinton Home.

Henry and Louise Pilkinton Home.

High Avenue was beside a store and the Farmer Co-Op feed store . The Amish buggies would bring a constant clopping of horse hooves on the road that would make us look out to see them. 

Mike And Brenda

Mike's dad who was also called Mike but had a different middle name to avoid the senior and junior titles was a feisty youth who would play tricks on the Amish people. Along with his brother Hopsing, they had a race car and would drag race at what is now the Ethridge Motorsports Park just down from where they lived. They have many stories to tell about Ethridge and the mischief they got into. In a way this website was easy to write and explain since the places and features are just like it was years ago. Time doesn't move things along here and the most common response we get from visitors is "It seems like I went back in Time" when they visitors tell us of their journey.

Mike And Alana With Trout.
Crockett Coonhound Josh And Dave Profile Picm8X10

We hope you trust us with our opinions on this website and our many others. We have been all over the state of Tennessee visiting every Amish and Mennonite community to give visitors the best information. The traveling is nice but we must get back to writing and recording videos and live shows to give another perspective in our hopes to give you the best information possible. 

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The Amish and Mennonite strawberries are out and more are coming so what is the difference between them? In this video we try to help anyone wanting the general difference between the varieties that each group tends to grow. Now to which ones is better is up to you and both are good. Each variety of strawberry plant will also vary by soil type, water, sunlight and compost material when planted so there will be variation between fields from each group. Tell us in the comments which strawberries you prefer and the community that has the best strawberries! #amishmennonitetn -


See the link to our website! ⬇️ Our webpage for the Plowboy Produce Auction has seasonal estimations on several of our most requested produce. See our guide to see when you could expect your favorite fruits and vegetables to come to market! summertown Airsoft is one of our top recommended places for those with teenagers as they tend to like running around after a day of Amish country and they are open Saturday and Sundays. https://amishofethridge.com/4-great-plowboys-produce-auction/


We went by the Mennonite community in Section Alabama and when over to see the unclaimed baggage store! We’ll have something soon over on our Amish and Mennonite of Tennessee page as these Mennonite markets do get a lot of curious visitors. Ethridge has their plants out and plenty of greens from we can tell. #amishmennonitetn


The plants are out for sale as I did go by a few places Wednesday to make sure. Many of them still have them inside their greenhouses so drive up and ask what they have for sale inside. Many of their own plants have been planted already. April is the season for intense storms and May could be as active. I seen a photo of a sign in my parents yard that used a section of our building after the tornado destroyed our neighbors. My uncle Hopsing or Donald Pilkinton wrote the message after years of these tornados came through.


I was home for a few days and now we’re back on the road. Can anyone guess where I am in this photo? Comment below as naturally this is not in Ethridge!


I found strawberries 🍓🤩 hunting was slow and there are fields with them that are barely ready so this weekend should have some but next week should have more! Watch the video where I talk about where I found mine! #amishmennonitetn


We (The Amish of Ethridge) do not guarantee the accuracy of the links it shares as the URL may be changed without warning from the original location.  We also do not represent any business listed above or the Amish Community we share. Anyone who consumes our content and acts on what they perceive, is doing so of their own volition. We built our website and trails to show our visitors possibilities to include in their itinerary to experience on their vacation. 

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