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The Amish Plaza Shopping Center In Ethridge Tennessee.
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There are a lot of places to shop in Ethridge. The old idea of shopping is for the ladies is not true here. There are just as many tool shops, horse and saddle shops, and antique finds here for the men as there is for the ladies. There is something for everyone here in these shops we list! Many of these shops are open all year with the same hours but some shops are open on different days and for longer hours when the Amish growing season brings in more tourist! We will give you a brief description of each place along with their social media pages for you to find out more information from the owners of each shop! We included businesses north of the Best Western Hotel in the list as most tourist stay in this new hotel and will see these places on their way to Ethridge!

Keeto's Antiques and Collectables 

Enter 4003 US-43, Ethridge, TN 38456 into your GPS and find your way out to Keeto's Antiques Collectables and Estate Sales. Open Wednesday through Saturday from 10am-5pm and closed Sunday through Tuesday. Call 1-931-629-5705 or email melody_keeton@yahoo.com for more information.

You will find so many things in the store that you have never seen before. There are to many things and categories to even list here on this page. Just plan on some time to look through the variety in this antique store! 

Keetos Antiques In Ethridge Tennessee.

Do you like die cast collectable cars? Or model airplanes and other craft hobbies? Maybe you are in for unique clothing or vintage clothing then Keeto's has these for you. If you have kids with you then have them check out the toys section! Keeto's has vintage toys as well as new toys from newborn up to teenager. We have seen science and technology sets for industrial use at this store! They also have tools and car parts for those who love to tinker. Make sure you also take a photo with the unique cars and trucks outfront!

Amish Wagon Ride Tours

Enter 3943 US-43, Ethridge, TN 38456 into your gps or map here and find your way to Amish Wagon Ride Tours. They are open Monday through Saturday from 9am to 5pm and on many holidays. Call 1-931-829-2433 or email jewelerdiann@yahoo.com to see what they have in the store or book a tour.

Amish Wagon Ride Tours.

The Amish Wagon Tours are famous for their wagon rides outside that many people don't know they have things inside. They have an ATM inside for those who need cash for the Amish markets along the tours. The kids love seeing the hornets nest above the register and the souvenirs  they have inside. See the local Amish made things inside the store!

The Vintage Shoppe

Enter 4011 hwy 43 Bldg 2 Ethridge, Tennessee 38456 to find The Vintage Shoppe on your GPS. They are open Thursdays 10am-2pm, Friday 10am-2pm, Saturdays 9am-3pm, Sundays 10am-2pm, and Mondays 10am-2pm while closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Call 1-(931)-829-2229 or message The Vintage Shoppe on Facebook!

The Outside Front Of The Vintage Shoppe In Ethridge Tennessee.

The Vintage Shoppe has all kinds of antiques and current collections of fine goods. The items are quality and of good value. The watches and clocks are great timepieces and would make a great gift or souvenir. The y also have rings and other jewelry in the front room. As you go into the side rooms, you will see the dinner plates and other glassware. They also have dolls and other kids items but make sure that any children you have with you are well behaved and do not pull on anything breakable. Below are links to share the page with your friends and to see The Vintage Shoppe Facebook where you can be up to date with any changes!

The Front Area Of The Vintage Shoppe In Ethridge Tn.
The Adjoining Room In The Vintage Shoppe In Ethridge Tennessee.
More Antiques In The Side Room At The Vintage Shoppe.
The Back Room At The Vintage Shoppe In Ethridge Tennessee.

Amish saddles and cowhides

Right next to The Vintage Shoppe is Andy Collins - 1(972)-978-2947 open most days but call before you go as season and availability changes hours of operation.

Amish Saddles And Cowhides In Amish Country.

Horses and leather goods is what this store is all about. Andy Collins says he is over 80 years old and has been in the horse business since he was 9! This store has everything you'll ever need to treat your horse with a new saddle or equipment for riding! Dog, collars, gun holsters, and other leather goods are all over his store, and most are made from the local Amish leather workers. We found his knowledge of these items to be the best reason to come in. He has seen it all and knows how to help anyone who wants a better riding horse or a solution to their problem. Andy doesn't have a social media presence so call him on the phone for more information. 

Mike's Antiques and Moore

Enter  4014 US-43, Ethridge, TN 38456 to your GPS way to Mike's Antiques and Moore. Open Thursdays-Saturdays 9am-4pm and closed Sunday-Wednesdays. 

Mike's Antiques And Moore Sign..

This store is from Lawrence county local Mike Moore who has several original antique signs and other collectable memorabilia for sale. There are musical instruments to car parts here. They have oil lamps all the way to garden tools. You just never know what you will find here in this store. The way the store gets items is by having vendors consign their goods to customers coming to the store. So the buyer gets the advantage of the best items the vendor can find! Below are photos an links to social media pages where you can find out more. 

Make sure to share this page with your friends and like and message them on Facebook!

Amish Country Flea Market

Between Keeto's Antiques and Heart and Soul Antiques is the Amish Country Flea Market. The flea market spans across both sides of the highway and divides the market into east side and west side. The market is open Wednesday through Saturday and closed on Tuesday. Times are 9am to 5pm but on Saturday the market opens at 6am to 5pm. Call 1-931-242-3766 for information or message them on Facebook from the link in the button below!

Amish Country Flea Market East And West.

The large road sign indicates the east side of the flea market and the large green roof indicates the west side of the flea market. Vendors rent the spaces within the bays or little building to keep their items in so you can see them. Each vendor has a niche they are in so if you see something you like, you will probably find other things as well! Since the vendors sell and trade often, you will never know what they have until you look around so make sure you have to check out the Amish Country Flea Market. There are button links below that take you to the Facebook page and group for more information and to message them. 

Ronnie Miles General Store

Enter 102 Campbellsville Pike, Ethridge, TN 38456 into your GPS and see the store with the wagon on top! Mr. Ronnie Miles has this place and he doesn't have Facebook so you must call 1-931-201-1537 for hours and information. He is almost always open and if he isn't there, just call the number on the door. He has all kinds of things so look around. 

Outside Of Ronnie Miles General Store.

This store is a tinker paradice where you will find all kinds of things to play with. Some items are antiques but many are modern thrift shop findings where you can really get a deal like you would at a garage sale. He does trade sometimes if you have something of equal value, just call him before you arrive with it. 

The Rustic Hinge 

Enter 2782 US-43, Lawrenceburg, TN 38464 into your GPS and find your way to The Rustic Hinge. Open Wednesday - Saturday and again on Monday from 10am-5pm. Closed Sunday and Tuesday. Call 1(931)-629-3935 or email therustichinge28@gmail.com for more information and go onto their social media sites to keep up to date!

The Sign Out Front Of The Rustic Hinge Home Store.

The Rustic Hinge is all about local made new items that are high quality. Most of the products are rare and handmade close by. The fashion here is more geared towards females but we here at The Amish of Ethridge get some of our beard care products inside this store. They have many home goods with half of the store full of furniture, art pieces, wall art, and other home goods available to provide for the people moving to Lawrence county! Click below of the photos and see the links provided to their social media pages to keep up to date and to ask questions about your visit.

Sgt. Troy's Military Store

Set your GPS to 2506 US-43 #102, Lawrenceburg, TN 38464 and see the best military store in the area! Open Monday - Saturday 9am-6pm Call 1(931)-829-3002 or email at info@sgttroys.com or go onto their website and social media pages linked below!

The Outside Door Of Sargent Troy's In Lawrenceburg Tennessee.

Sargent Troy's Military Store is the perfect place for a military surplus needs, and for the general public! You don't need to be in the military to come in, They are open to the public and welcome everyone. Just across from the Best Western Plus Hotel is the chain of businesses with Sgt. Troy's on the end. Sgt Troy's is perfect for those who were in the military or enjoys outdoors and prepping for the future. Those visiting the Amish with kids especially love Sgt. Troy's for their outdoor equipment and other things you wont see outside their store. We highly encourage you to visit them and if you're up for staying a while to look but your partner isn't, then park them next door at Allie Grace where they can sit own and have a doughnut and a coffee. Sgt. Troy's is well worth the visit! 

Amish Shopping

Name: Amish Shopping

Description: The shopping around Amish country can be very diverse. We will show you the different places to shop around the Ethridge Tennessee area from the non-Amish people.

Price range: $10 - $30

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