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Keetos Antiques In Ethridge Tennessee.
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Keetos Antiques And Collectables In Ethridge Tennessee.

Keeto's Antiques and Collectables 

Keeto's Antiques and Collectables open Wednesday - Saturday 10am - 5pm Call (931) 629-5705 or Email - melody_keeton@yahoo.com if you are looking for something specific!

In the south, we call these places a "never know what shop" because you never know what you are going to see when you get in the door! Keeto's is one of these type of stores. Keeto's is an antique shop and has very little Amish related things for you to see but the old antiques is well worth the visit! Keeto's has many sections that are rented to vendors for consignments. This means there are lots of people bringing new things into their section in hopes of selling them so you get new material to see so you never know what you get until you go into Keeto's Antiques and Collectables! 

The Inside Of The Keeto's Store In Ethridge Tennessee.

So how do you shop at Keeto's Antiques and Collectables? You simply go around and pick out things that you like and the section and price are on each item. This way each vendor is given credit for selling an item out of their section! You get the advantage of a huge variety of choice and the vendor gets the lower cost of the group mall effect where there are several independent stores under one roof. Some vendors are very specific and only deal in certain products. So put Keeto's Antiques and Collectables on your itinerary for your next Amish vacation!

Keeto's Antiques To The Left Of The Door.
Antiques In The Isles Of The Keeto's Store.

Enter your address in the map below where you can find directions to Keeto's Antiques and Collectables and Estate Sales. You may just find your next collectable here! Check out the photos below for more views and items that were there when we took the photos. 

Put in your address and get directions! Be sure to see the Keeto's facebook page where you can message Keeto's directly and keep up to date with information from the owners themselves. 

Keeto's Antiques and Collectables open Wednesday - Saturday 10am - 5pm Call (931) 629-5705 or Email - melody_keeton@yahoo.com if you are looking for something specific! 

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