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Amish Country Flea Market In Ethridge Tennessee.
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Amish Country Flea Market Parking Lot.

The Amish Country Flea Market

Open Wednesday - Monday 9am-5pm and 6am-5pm on Saturday but off Tuesday's. Call 1-931-242-3766 or click on the Facebook button at the bottom of this page.

The big green roof you see from the highway signifies you have arrived at the Amish Country Flea Market! The highway splits the market into two sections that we call "east" and "west" because one section is on the east side while the other is on the west side of the highway. The eastern side is in a line of connected buildings while the western side has cabins that line the outer parameter of the parking lot. We suggest you explore both sides of the market but take your car to each side. The highway is very busy and it is unsafe to try and walk across the highway and if you bought something then you have your car there to put it in. The market is great for looking through for rare finds and antiques! Kids have certain vendors that cater to them but be watchful to keep younger children from areas that have glassware and breakable items. You never know what you will find at the Amish Country and vendors come and go so come often to make sure you don't miss out on a great buy! 

Amish Country Flea Market East and West

The East And West Side Of The Amish Country Flea Market.

The East Side

Eastern Side Of The Amish Country Flea Market.

We tell everyone to look for the large sign that sticks up from the yard area. The east side of the market has the large doors that rise up, revealing the stores contents. Vendors who rent these bays leave the store up all year and these bays are better during the rainy days when the buildings on the west side are put out with outdoor tables.

The West Side

Amish Country Flea Market In Ethridge Tennessee.

The big green roof shows visitors the west side of the flea market. Under this roof is vendors who just come on certain days and usually do not have a rented building. These vendors are quick to change products so getting a good deal from them is normal. The building renters are great about having certain products and better selection.  

Inside A Rental Room At The Eastern Side Of The Amish Country Flea Market In Ethridge Tennessee.
Amish Country Flea Market

Enter your address into the map and get directions to the Amish Country Flea Market and see what all you can find from the huge sale they have there! You never know what  you will find or bargain for. 

For more information from the Amish Country Flea Market. See their Facebook page and share this page with your friends that may have experience with the flea market they can tell you about. The button below let you share this page or go to the Amish Country Flea Market Facebook page where you can ask them questions on messenger, or be kept up to date on the most recent news during your visit!  

There is another Facebook group for those vendors selling their items in the Amish Country Flea Market. You must join the group to see their post but after you're approved you can see their products before you arrive in case you want to see what all some vendors have before you go. Keep in mind that not all vendors put their things on this page and the ones that do, have much more things to see. So get some cash and go early to look around.

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