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Josh And Mike At The Hinie Wagon.

Hinie's BBQ - And Hinie Wagon

They are open 5am-10pm Monday - Saturday and 6am-10 Sundays

From the family run Top Gun Arms company come Hinie's BBQ Restaurant and the Hinie Wagon food truck. The restaurant will be the premiere place to eat for anyone coming to see the Amish. At the time of writing, they are in construction and should open May of 2022. They have brick oven pizza, steaks, bbq, ribs, chicken, seafood and everything else a good restaurant would have. The coolest atmosphere in the open expanse is the way you can watch each phase of the cooking process from your table. The food is prepared and cooked right in front of you. There may be a day that you see the casing the sausages, trimming the brisket, tipping the ribs, and padding the dough while you watch from your table. This makes for a very transparent way of educating the visitor about their food!   

Hinies Bbq Sign By Road.

Hinie's BBQ - Coming Summer of 2022

At the time of writing. Hinie's BBQ restaurant is under construction. The team at the Amish of Ethridge has met with the Weigel family to see their plans and layout inside the building. Hinie's BBQ will become a very special place for our visitors! To say it is only another bbq restaurant would be an error. The design is a hybrid between a lot of successful places and will serve some of the best foods around. We believe we are seeing the very heart of Tripp Weigel and his family in this store. He was on a tractor fixing a section of land that will be an outdoor patio exiting a bar section of his own invention. All of the layout options of the floorplan will take attendees through a visual storyline of bbq wonderland from selection to completion. Even the party catering side will go through the visual assembly line to storage to serve the parties at Venue North. 

Old Hinie's Bbq Sign.

The Story of Hinie's BBQ 

Above this sentence is the sign that illustrates the beginning of telling others about the bbq cooked by Tripp Weigel's dad who was known to show his "hinie". He is said to always have a smoker running all the time so that his house smelled like meat cooking on a grill. Legend has it that he would leave the doors open and smoke would roll through the house. This would be the house Tripp would be used to and that one day Mr. Hinie would make his own bbq sauce called the "Hinie Liquor" that would one day be a family secret. 

Tripp Weigel Looking At His Grandson.

Hinie's BBQ is about family

When Tripp Weigel was old enough to work the grill his dad Hinie told him the family secret recipe to his Hinie Liquors sauce. Tripp has taken this recipe and put it on his bbq. His first pit smokers were small but he soon got larger smokers and started entering bbq competitions. He loved serving the people more than judges so he has his own design smoker welded so that he could cater events and special days for people. Then tragedy struck as lightning hit their home causing it to burn down. They decided to live in a section of their home that was not attached to the main home and take their money and build the ultimate cooking machine on wheels. They call this truck and kitchen the "Hinie Wagon" that can cook for large groups and carries its own wood.

The Hinie Wagon From The Back.

The Hinie Wagon

The Hinie Wagon is a real beast of a 47 foot riding kitchen, pulled by a custom Peterbilt semi truck. You can serve groups of several hundreds in a day on the Hinie Wagon. There is a crew of helpers on board who cut meats, load the fryers, take orders, and put the foods in containers. You can the smell the real wood cookers before you even see the wagon! The set up includes tables as a seating area. At the events where they set up, you can order quesadillas, ribs, pulled pork sandwiches, brisket, various bbq grilled cheese (kids love these) pulled bbq or chopped brisket on fresh made in house nachos. You simply must get their house baked beans in the Hinies sauce of your choice.   

The Weigel family has more stores and places you may want to see. Top Gun Arms is their indoor range and She Bangzz is their store devoted to ladies who get into the shooting sports. Their Hinie's BBQ restaurant has several rooms for conventions or special parties called Venue North. The main room is 6,500 square feet of space that is perfect for groups up to 275 people. The smaller room is 2,100 square feet that is great for groups up to 80 people. Plus, the team at Hinie's caters the event with a good selection of menu items to choose from. Below are buttons that take you to their different business pages!

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