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Ag Extension Office Plants.

Agricultural Adventures

Lawrence county has a deep history of agriculture experience, and this rich dirt attracted the Amish to move here in the 1940's. They kept on coming and now are by far the largest Amish community in the state of Tennessee! This area has many places to see how people farmed years ago and how some people still do! We will show you the best places to go so you can learn about their best farming practices!

Plowboy Produce Auction

Imagine all of the best Amish produce in one place! Then you hear an auctioneer with a banter that is funny sounding in the distance with men and women nodding their head to indicate they are alright with the price. The crowd is silent and watching for their time to jump in to get the prize. This is the way to buy and sell at Plowboy Produce Auction. Kids can see how the auction is done. There is a sheet that lists the going prices for the sale of produce to make sure the price is not too high or too low. Kids can learn economics and money management by learning the buying and selling model that keep people coming to the produce auction. In the parking lot are trucks from other states that will load up their produce, and sell it for more in their private stores. Make plans to see the Plowboy Produce Auction during your Amish Adventure!

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Plowboy Produce Auction is a very good place to visit and we devoted a page to them. Please see the link in the button below, and make plans to see them in operation!

Flowers Creamery

There are not many creameries in Tennessee even though we have a lot of dairy barns. At Flowers Creamery they have the complete setup from cows to cheese production. On Wednesdays they have tours at 11 am and again at 2 pm so that visitors can see the cycle of milk from milking the cows to the final product of cheese or milk in the gallon. Kids love this tour as they also have a baby calf petting zoo for them!

At Flowers Creamery, they also have a website linked in the button below along with our dedicated page. Like we said, kids love the tour as an educational way to show them where their milk comes from. The store has all the cheeses and milk products they make. Many people have never had cheese curds before so try them while you are there. If you want to get cheeses that were sold out on your visit then please order them from their website!

Pick Your Own Fruits

Pleasant Valley Farm. This place used to be a working winery, but the owner is retired and wants it to be a pick your own fruit farm. There are all kinds of fruits grown here to pick and eat. The fruits are put in a basket or container of your choice. Visitors must bring their own container to pick fruits. Kids like exploring the vineyard and harvesting fruit from the vines. We do ask that you bring appropriate clothes that can get dirty and shoes that can make it uphill. Bug spray and sunscreen are also helpful in the summer months.

We have always sent visitors to the Amish Market and other nearby Amish related stores to buy baskets. We end up just walking around with a pocket knife and making the day about picking and eating fruits right there on the farm. The owner doesn't spray the crops with harmful chemicals. You can go by the farmhouse and see if they are home. The new operators are there Tuesdays through Saturday 11am till 4pm for $10 per gallon. 

Holiday Acres Farm

This place is our top pick for smaller kids. They have a large play area and a corn pit that is larger than any we have seen! This corn pit is about 10 to 12 inches deep in hard corn that makes digging and playing very easy. They also have a farm education center that teaches small kids how the milk and eggs come from the farm with hygienic plastic items that can be dropped and played with along the way. The farm also has a kid maze and feeding zoo where you can feed chickens and little pigs from a bucket. On Saturdays in the fall you can get a wagon ride into a corn maze with a sunflower field! In the evenings there is a haunted attraction for those 13 and over! There are a lot of things to see and do here at Holiday Acres Farm.

We have a page devoted to Holiday Acres Farm where we lay out all of our opinions of the place, how to best visit the farm and what to expect while you are there!

Follow the Farmers Markets

The Amish are not the only ones who can make things in the area. Some of the local talent are very skilled with their hands and make some of the best art and supplies you can buy! Right now we have several farmers markets and co-ops that show local artists’ and wood workers’ products at the sale. Produce is also a good thing to get while at one of these market days. Hot peppers are a hot commodity here as the Amish are turned off from the names like "ghost pepper" or "scorpion pepper" (they don't care for anything named like this). These farmers markets have more variety than the Amish community. It is not uncommon to see bird houses, jewelry, home decor, pottery, cheese makers, painters, natural remedies, and soap makers at these farmers markets! Food trucks of all kinds can be found, and certain days feature different vendors and food truck favorites!

Farmers markets are great for meeting locals in the area that build or grow things you may like. These events occasionally have live music and a kids’ play area with face painting and games. Make plans to include a farmers market near you this year! The Lawrenceburg Farmers Market is every Saturday in June through November from 8 am to 1 pm, and the Loretto Farmer’s Market is every Friday in May through October from 4:30 pm to 7 pm.

Visit Lawrenceburg Tn Farm Community Amphitheater 2019

The Farm Market Day

Every third Saturday in April through October at 9 am to 2 pm is the Farm Market Day at The Farm! There are documentaries made about this place so it is a must see location! They have all kinds of things here, even a glass blower! Include this event!

Go for a Scenic Drive

A scenic drive may be just what you need to calm down and relax. This advice and plan is more for locals, but this idea may calm a fussy child who is not ok when being away from home. Below are a few ideal scenic drives to help you get out and go for a picnic.

Visit Lawrenceburg Tn Crockett Park Road_

Below is a list of our suggestions of routes that form a circle to bring you back to the same area. We also suggest you write the names of the roads down, and don't explore roads that intersect until you map your own trail on Google maps. Getting lost isn't fun so we stick to major roads and known intersections to keep you from getting off course! When we can take you by a restaurant or place of interest, then we will tell you in the scenic drive below in the maps section. Links and times of operation may vary so see the hours and availability of the places you may want to visit below!

These routes are starting and ending in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee.

The South Route: Take Highway 43 south to TN-227 west. We will be going to Iron City and turning right onto TN-242 north also known as Wayland Springs Road and drive through Westpoint all the way up to Highway 64 where you turn right to get back to town.

The Western Route: Take Highway 64 west to Natchez Trace Parkway north. This famous drive is one of the best. You drive along Highway 20 to the Merriweather Lewis National Monument  where the famous Lewis and Clark adventurer was buried. Then take Highway 20 back through Summertown to Highway 43 south to Lawrenceburg.

The Eastern Route: Take Highway 43 south to the Highway 64 bypass towards Pulaski. Turn right onto Fall River Road and follow it out to Highway 11 in Giles County. Turn left on the Highway 64 bypass and go toward Pulaski. Turn left on Highway 64 and right onto Campbellsville Road (TN-166 north). Follow TN-166 to Rhea Branch Road on the left this road turns into Campbellsville Pike. Take Campbellsville Pike to Highway 43 south in Amish Country!

The Northern Route: Let us say that the Amish community is the best northern route so we won't worry about making another trail route here. If we did, we would make it big! Like going over to Waynesboro to Emeralds and up Highway 99 to Hohenwald to Junkyard Dog Steakhouse then onto Highway 412 to the Mount Pleasant Grille or into Columbia for River Terrace, Southern Tre,  or  Puckett's. Then take Highway 31 south to Pulaski to put your face in a rack of ribs at the Rusty Spur or for fine dining at the Southern Table before taking Highway 64 back to Lawrenceburg. We call this the tour the town restaurants tour since you visit the towns better restaurants in the counties around Lawrence county.

Earth Advocates Research Farm

We call this the "Bamboo Farm" because they have all kinds of bamboo and other plants that help the earth grow. The owners are serious about permaculture and sustainable living and have a teaching series you can take that will guide you through the practices of ecology and living with nature. They are so serious that this message comes with a warning. ONLY SERIOUS ECO MINDED PEOPLE SHOULD GO! Yes, you heard that right. They only open their farm to visitors who are open to learning sustainable ecological best practices and are open to the expectations nature can give you.

Bamboo Grove.

This farm tour is not a mere retreat so we ask that the person who visits knows a bit about the subject before calling and making an appointment. Call (931) 964-4151 to schedule a visit of their farm.

Amish Tours Pulled By Horses.

Amish Itineraries

See the top things to do around Ethridge. Our page will help you find your kind of fun!

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