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The Amish Wagon Tours Building From Across The Road.
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The Amish Welcome Center In Ethridge Tennessee.

The Amish Wagon Tours

Open Monday through Saturday 9 am to 5 pm 

closed on Sundays

Driving north on Hwy 43 to Ethridge, you will see the big sign and wagon tours proudly proclaimed on the side of the building that looks like a relic from the past. This wagon tour company is a family-owned business specializing in Amish tours. It has several tour guides who are very knowledgeable about the Swartzentruber and Miller Amish people who live in Ethridge. They are open 6 days a week, from Monday to Saturday, all year long! The store has actual Amish goods from the local community! The staff is very involved in the community and knows many Amish families by name! Ask them anything about the Amish here, and they probably know the answer. Make sure The Amish Wagon Tour is on your list of places to visit while you're in Amish Country!

A Wagon Ride Close To The Car.

The Amish Wagon Tour

Their Amish tours are among the best in the area. If you decide to go out on your own, get one of the maps inside their store. The owners made their map and updated it to reflect recent changes so you can be assured you will not get lost and see what Amish homes have things for sale! Please go on the tour and learn, then go on your own to see the places the tour didn't cover!

Inside Their Store

The store is excellent, with many Amish-made goods inside. They have their iconic Amish straw hats and other garments. There are shirts and hats with a logo of an Amish buggy that are recognizable from a distance. There are consignment areas with many other antiques and memorabilia to buy while looking around! The store has bathrooms and an ATM to get cash, so you are ready for your Amish wagon tour!

Amish Tours Pulled By Horses.

The red wagons belong to the Amish Wagon Rides, and they have windows in case of rainy weather or cold winds. Check out our Amish Advice Page to see what to bring and what not to bring, along with other Amish advice!

Enter 3943 US-43, Ethridge, TN 38456 into your GPS and find your way to our recommended Amish Wagon Ride Tour! They are open the most throughout the year, and their charisma and love for the Amish people make you think they are Amish themselves. So make plans to take your next ride from Amish Wagon Ride Tours! Below are photos of the inside and the outside of their store.

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