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Deer Lodge Tn Amish Home.
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The Deer Lodge and Sunbright Amish Communities. 

*This Amish community comes with a small warning. The Amish we met were not very friendly to English. They did not have vegetable stands out front like the Swartzentruber but did have signs for builders of various kinds. We believe this community is best visited by English people looking to have something made or to buy certain handmade items*. 

Just north of Crossville is the Catoosa Wildlife Management Area along highway 298. When you take highway 62 to highway 329 you should start see the iconic road signs warning you of Amish buggies. The Amish live along Gatewood Ford Road and Glades road and Coon Hollow Road. * These roads had homes and places that looked like the people here were a bit dangerous so look out and don't be contacting them directly*. On highway 329 you will see a few Amish homes and a feed store just before entering Sunbright. The Amish man at the feed store told us they call themselves old order and prefer to do business with other Amish people but did say that the english hire them to do task. He also didn't believe the total number of Amish in this community. He said there were only about 35 Amish homes and nowhere near the 315 Amish persons from the PDF we were given. He told us that most of them came from Kentucky and many had moved back or moved on to other Amish communities but that they did form around 2013. You see this Amish man in my video in the background. 

Deer Lodge Amish Homes and Differences 

You will notice that the homes here are metal or tin sided instead of wooden siding like the older communities. A lot of the workshops had electricity while the homes didn't. The buggies have battery powered lights to warn vehicles of them being on the road. You will also see gas grills and swimming pools for kids along with other kids toys out beside the homes but this is not uncommon in the other Amish communities. Unfortunately there were plenty of "keep out" signs on driveways and fences. The Amish man we met said there had been trouble with locals before so maybe the keep out signs are just a precaution. It is our opinion that the Amish here are interesting to see but make sure you see them from the road or have something for them to build for you.  

Similar Points of Interest in the area

From highway 329 you can take highway 27 in Sunbright to highway 52 to Historic Rugby. Historic Rugby, Inc. was founded in 1880 by those following the British author Thomas Hughes who wanted to start their own colony. Today historic Rugby is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization and living historical Victorian village with the organization established in 1966 to preserve, protect, and interpret the man-made and natural historic resources and heritage of the British Isles and of Appalachia according to their website. The Amish of Ethridge team visited Rugby and took photos and video clips featured below!

Once you are done in Rugby you can stay on highway 52 to Allardt where there is said to be another Amish community. The Amish people we seen in deer lodge said there is one house across from another fo a church district of 20 Amish people but there may be more on your trip. Another major area to see is the Muddy Pond community of Amish and Mennonite store. Take highway 127 south to highway 62 to Campground Road that will take you around to the places inside Muddy Pond.

Muddy Pond Amish and Mennonite Community

There are Amish and other groups but mainly Mennonite who operate businesses along the road. The sorghum molasses and leather shops are the things you will see online the most. The general store and leatherworks place next door is what the Amish of Ethridge team really enjoyed. You can find all kinds of things inside the stores. There are lodging places and art stores also but just make sure they are open when you plan on going. There are molasses mills around and some will let you watch them make it.  

Unfortunately it rained on us during our trip so we could only take a few photos and video clips out the windows but the general store and leather shop next door were worth the drive over. We do recommend going to the Muddy Pond Community on your next trip! 

Deer Lodge Area Points of Interest

The area around Deer Lodge and Sunbright is parkland with a few very small towns. This area is great for those who want remote places with very few people. This land would be perfect for anyone who wanted to think about things without a car pulling up and breaking their concentration. The roads are narrow with just a few houses per mile of roadway. If you are a person who likes to drive the backroads then you will love this place. Here are a few links to places we felt were good to visit!

East Tennessee Amish Map

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