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Huntingdon Tn City Amish Community Sign.
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The Huntingdon Amish Community

Just southeast of the McKenzie Tennessee Amish community is the Huntingdon Amish Community. These Amish started coming in 1975 and we met a few Amish men who said they started in plants (mainly crops) but moved to building and construction. During our visit, we seen many more builders than planters. There was a very large construction company called Yoder Brothers Construction and a J&E Cabinet that make and install custom cabinetry, shelving, crown molding and other woodworks for the English. Their crew was in Nashville putting in a large amount of cabinets and other furniture from this large covered flatbed buggy that carried it all the way from Huntingdon to Nashville. You can see the photos from the shop below the home carusel.   

The Amish people do not generally let us English into their workshops very often. We met the manager of J&E Cabinet and he had been to Ethridge to a few of our cabinet shops and talked with us about the Ethridge community. Once he got to know us, he let us in and showed us around. He let us take our camera and photo and video inside the shop as long as we didn't get any Amish workers on camera. We did as he said and kept the lens down while moving amongst the Amish workers. Below is inside the J&E Cabinet Shop! 

The large Diesel engine powers a large shaft that runs the 200 feet of the buildings length. These Amish call themselves old order but are not Swartzentruber so they are allowed to use Diesel engine for power. The equipment runs off pulleys that are stepped up or down with gears to make the proper RPM while running. The lights are skylights and have no power while the water is only cold gravity fed lines. We did not agree to an advertisement but as a way to see this kind of Amish workshop so we are sharing this section as entertainment. We feel that we should at least share their information so if you would like to hire J&E Cabinet or go see them yourself then they are located at 115 Red William Rd, Huntingdon, TN 38344 and call (731) 986-4434 for their call box and leave them a message. Don't expect them to give everyone a tour but they may do so if you buy their cabinets or other woodworking. We don't want to make this page all about the cabinet shop, we just thought it was neat and worth sharing. The rest of the Huntingdon Amish Community was very quiet with most of the Amish people off to work. Maybe a Saturday would be better to visit during the week. We will update this page as we return to this community. 

Directions and our summary 

Enter your location and find your way to the Huntingdon Amish Community. We found the majority of the Amish homes to be on highway 219, Red William Road, Bethlehem Church Road, and surrounding roads coming off these roads. The map below is addressed for the Amish community center across from Yoder Brothers Construction. We found the Huntingdon community very nice and we seen quite a few interesting places. They have one schoolhouse for all grades and their own community building where English are also invited. We do recommend visiting the Huntingdon Amish Community.

*We do not represent any business or Amish community or speak on their behalf. The opinions here are those of The Amish of Ethridge team and the photos and stories they tell are property of The Amish of Ethridge. We made the Amish Map around Tennessee for Amish visitors to visit other Amish communities. The Tennessee Amish Map we speak of is our own and part of the larger Buggy Wheel Trail.

Huntingdon Points of Interest

The town of Huntingdon and nearby Bruceton have some places we believe you will like. Some of these we visited personally and some we found online or were recommended to us. Since the Huntingdon Amish community is a bit bigger than Springville, you may want to stay over and talk to the Amish people or go over to nearby Bruceton. Some of these links are from Facebook since some of these places didn't have websites of their own. Most of these links take you to local owned restaurants of various kinds.  

West Tennessee Amish Map

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