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The Morrison McMinnville Amish Community

The Amish of Ethridge team says the Morrison McMinnville Amish community is one of the most beautiful communities they have seen. Between Interstate 24 and I40 is the town of McMinnville. Home of the Birthing Tree that is said to be the largest and oldest tree in Tennessee. Just west of the the city limits is the town of Morrison. At the crossing of highway 287 and Shelbyville Road is the Amish Community of Morrison. You will find the Amish living along the side roads around the 4 Corners Bulk Foods and Deli where the Mennonite run the store and have a map to the Amish community businesses. The Amish here are Swartzentruber and have the large vegetable stands during harvest times in front of their homes. This community started in 2014 and now has around 250 Amish persons living in 1 church district. They are very English friendly so go by and see them!

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Morrison McMinnville Amish Area Lodging

We selected three places to stay due to their proximity of the Birthing Tree and relative area of safety. The newly built Hampton Inn is our top choice in hotels in this area. It is literally right beside the Birthing Tree and brand new in 2021! The Best Western is just off the road and has an indoor pool and nice amenities. The Falcon Rest Mansion has rooms available for those who want a more victorian stay. We made these selections for those who want to stay and play in the area. The Amish of Ethridge team did everything they wanted in one day and then went on to Crossville. The McMinnville area had a lot of things to do so see these hotels if you want to stay over a few days. 

Other points of interest in the area!

If you like the outdoors then you will love this area! McMinnville is on the cumberland Plateau and watersports and mountainous terrain are all over. We give several examples of what there is to do while you are here in this area! 

The Birthing Tree

This tree is said to be the oldest tree in Tennessee at 341 years old. There is a lot of stories told about this tree and we do recommend seeing this tree.  Just be respectful and don't climb all over it or sit on it's branches.  

Old Stone Fort Park

The abandoned American Indian area still bears the burial grounds of the tribe who created the area years ago. There is plenty of waterfalls and scenic hikes to can travel here in this park. 

Jack Daniel's Distillery

 The Name at Jack Daniel's Distillery is known worldwide and you can see how it is made on their whiskey tour through the distilling process. They have several tours to choose from and vary in length!  

Rock Island Park

See one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Tennessee! This park is full of waterfalls, walking trails and historical sites to see. Kayaks fill the river so bring yours with you as swimming and wading is not allowed!

Cumberland Caverns

Go underground to see the magnificent sights and sounds of a large cave system!  They offer many levels of interaction from walking tours to overnight stays. They even have a concert hall 333 feet down!

Falcon Rest Mansion

See this state of the art 10,000 square foot mansion built before 1900. Mr Clay Faulkner is said to have told his wife he would build her the grandest house in Tennessee! Was he was right? Come see the mansion tour and stay in the guest house! 

Eastern Tennessee Amish Map

Do you want even more points of interest to add to your Amish Adventure in West Tennessee? Then click the button below and see our West Tennessee Amish Map. This page displays more things to do and explore while you are out seeing the Amish. Make your itinerary full of place to go with our West Tennessee Amish Map!

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Tennessee is a long state and the Amish here are very diverse. See the other smaller communities or the largest in the south in Ethridge!

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