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Nashville Tennessee Skyline With All The Cranes.

Music Studio Tours

The majority of visitors who come to see the Amish people tend to be Christian conservatives who tend to like country and gospel music. Since Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, is the birthplace of Southern Gospel Music, we feel we should connect the visitor to other opportunities in the area. Nashville is only 70 miles north of Ethridge, and Muscle Shoals is only 50 miles south of Ethridge, so a visitor on the studio tours can see all of these places easily if they want to! We have contacts in the most known music studios who give tours, so we will build this page with the information you can use to plan your trip. Through the year there have been tours at some of these studios. Many of them are working or educational studios so visitors may be prohibited or the tours may be cancelled at together. We can only hope they continue the studio tours but you can always see the studios from the road.  

Nashville Studio Tour 

Rca Record Studio Tour Nashville Tn.

RCA Record Studio Tour Nashville TN.

Nashville Tennessee is known as music city and it is the only city of its kind in the country. Why would so many publishing houses and entertainment companies move their headquarters to music row or the newer Berry Hill community if there were better places to go? It is because Nashville Tennessee is the capital when it come to music production. Country is still king here but there are rap, hip hop, heavy metal and other genre studios that are just as well known as their country counterparts.

Many of these studios do not have a tour and will not let you in their building so we don't suggest making a scene. We also feature the studios that have a tour or other way to see the inside of the studio. We will show other studios just so you can see the building from the outside. Just like when tour bus groups take a bus tour to see the home of the rich and famous!

We know many of these studios had tours at one time but since covid-19 a lot of these tours were cancelled but if you search these studios websites, they may bring them back or have something similar. We did find a tour operator Art Henry that does the studio tour inside a package that includes other points of interest. Belmont College bought many of the major studios and now has schools of music inside them so getting in may not be available to the public.

Grand Ole Opry Tour Building.

Grand Ole Opry

While not on the studio tour, the Grand Ole Opry is a must see tour for any country music lover! The tour has many options and additional combinations of places to include. 

Sound Stage Studios In Nashville Tn.

Sound Stage Studios

Black River Entertainment owns this studio now and we can't find if they continued the tour. See their website for any mention of the tour.

Columbia Studios Music Row.

Columbia Studio A

One of the first studios in Nashville. This studio was bought by Belmont University and is under the Curb line of places who have a music college relationship with the studio and school.

Parlor Studios Music Row.

Parlor Studios

Robin Ruddy and Larry Sheridan started this studio in 2000. Lawson White is the producer you would most likely meet.

Rca Record Studio Tour Nashville Tn.

RCA Studios

Maybe the best or well known studio tours in Nashville. This studio recorded several of the top hits made on Music Row. Perfect for those who loved old country of the past.

The Berry Hill Studio Area

The Berry Hill community has had a few studios that have been working in the industry for a long time. Some of these are very famous like the Blackbird Studios and surrounding studios off of Bransford Avenue. Most people know about the Music Row studios but the Berry Hill studios have plenty of hits come out of them. Our map shows the police station where the beginning of the road starts where you can see the first studio Sputnik Sound and the other non studio places that are neat. The Guitar Center is across the street from the studios and makes a nice place to see instruments. 

Put 698 Thompson Ln, Nashville, TN 37204 into your gps and start your way around the Berry Hill community of studios. The PFunky Griddle and Calypso Cafe are neat places to eat. The 100 Oaks mall is next to the Guitar Center and Thompson Lane can take you over to Music Row without having to get back on the interstate. 

Music Row Studios 

The studios on Music Row are some of the most iconic and famous music studios in the nation! These studios produced the Nashville sound that was different than those in Texas and Bakersfield California. Nashville would also be famous for non country acts like Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison and The Everly Brothers, Jimmy Buffett, Buddy Holly, Simon and Garfunkel who also recorded in these studios. Of course country music has been the focus of Nashville since the 1970's and now holds the Country Hall of Fame and Grand Ole Opry where fans can see music history from those in the beginning to the hits of today!

Enter 1317 16th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37212 to start your Music Row drive at the first studio of its kind at Parlor Studios. 16th Avenue is a one way street and our travel direction goes around the Musica Statue on Buddy Killen Circle and back down 17th Avenue that is also a one way street. Parking and walking is preferred and there are a few pubic parking places to do this but it would be a long day of walking for most people.   

Contemporary Christian Music in Nashville

For those who want to see the contemporary christian and gospel side of music city can see the dove awards at the Allen Arena at Lipscomb University. The Gospel Music Association is located in front of Lipscomb University and puts on the dove awards and other christian related shows each year. The National Religious Broadcasters, Salem Radio, and Singing News are all around the BNA Corporate Center. They do not have a tour but you can see the place they are in. Lifeway is also downtown. Thomas Nelson and the Harper Collins Christian Publishing is just off the downtown area towards Gibson Guitars. 

National Museum of African American Music

See the roots of rock and roll and country come alive as many of our top acts got their sound from the African American artist of their day. Many black entertainers would go on to perform and record here in Nashville and the museum tells the stories of the artist. It takes about 1-2 hours to see the museum and the museum is next to the Apple store and the Ryman Auditorium.  

National Museum Of African American Music.

National Museum of African American Music.

Once you are downtown you might as well hang out for a while. So many people come to see the lights and the sights and sound of the city! You will find the Broadway and 2nd Avenue area to be very busy and lots of places to see. Nashville is a world city so many people come here from all over the world and you will probably see many of them. 

Other famous places to visit

Gibson Guitars and Gruhn Guitars are two places you will want to see while you are in Nashville. Even if you are not a musician, the instruments are iconic and you can take your photo with an very recognizable guitar played by a famous musician at these places. The Gibson Garage is their answer to the tour in our opinion. Even though the writers of these pages have been to the Gibson factories, they may have discontinued this tour. See Gibson Garage and Gruhn Guitars if the tours have ended. 

Gibson Guitars Nashville Tn.

Gibson Guitars

The visitor signs are still in front of the building at Gibson USA but we cannot find anything online about see them made again. During Covid-19 times have changed so you may have to just see these building from the road. Click on the link below to see the Gibson Garage store downtown!

Gruhn Guitars In Nashville Tn.

Gruhn Guitars

One of the most famous guitar stores in the world. The story of George Gruhn is legendary and you can see guitars that were a one of a kind! See if they can take you on a tour of the place and show you the more famous instruments. These stores are not far from each other so see them both!

Nashville Hot Chicken 

The story of Nashville's Hot Chicken is legendary and is almost unbelievable but is said to be true. Even though the story starts with Prince's Hot Chicken, you can find this wonderfully hot chicken in a few other places around Nashville. We show the Hattie B's Chicken store because it is the closest location to the guitar stores mentioned above.

Hattie B's Hot Chicken Melrose.

Hattie B's Hot Chicken Melrose.

See Downtown Nashville

Nashville has become its own tourist destination. There is something about the life of this city that makes you feel like dancing. Guest come from all over the world to be here and you may be in a group of travelers from other countries. The foods reflect the country side of us while the drinks show our wild side. The downtown area has plenty of plain clothes police to keep safe enough and the shops and stores let you get souvenirs and country ware that lets you fit in at any club. We will link the Visit Music City page to help you find what you are looking for in Nashville!

Nashville Tennessee Panorama.

Nashville Tennessee panorama.

Visit Music City is our choice in a single website that covers the majority of things to do when planning a trip to Nashville Tennessee!

James D. Vaughan Museum

Hymnals At James D. Vaughan Museum.

Hymnals at James D. Vaughan Museum.

James D. Vaughan was famous for making professional music groups to sell his hymnals. He had the first commercial radio station in Tennessee and had his own music school. Mr. James D. Vaughan was making music known in Lawrenceburg well before Nashville had much of a music scene. See the museum that set Tennessee in a musical direction in the link below!

See the button link below where you can go straight to the James D. Vaughan Museum webpage to get more information before you go on your trip! 

We have a Tennessee Amish Map webpage showing the state of Tennessee with Amish communities and the hotel areas on one page! There are 4 sections we use to explain each Amish Trail and how they flow into one another. You can add points of interest along the way to complete your perfect itinerary! Click the button below and plan to go on an Amish Adventure this year!

Did you also know that Tennessee is famous for its drinks? Below are our links to the official trails in Tennessee that showcase our whiskey, beers, wine, and other spirits like moonshine! If you are a fan of a stronger drink, then check out these places to see on your Tennessee Tour!

Other Great Southern TN Points of Interest

Tennessee is home to some of the best whiskeys, brews, and wines in the country. The Amish are not usually permitted to drink but do make tinctures for medication and can supply fruits to make ingredients to makers. The heritage and methods of these makers are sure to be a place you will want to see.

Jack Daniel's Distillery Front Visitors Center Tour View.

Tennessee Whiskey is nationally known in Eastern Tennessee as the best when it comes to a stiff drink. Distilleries on the Tennessee Whiskey Tour are sure to help lift your spirits! Most of them have tours and tasting rooms to sample their whiskey! 

Twisted Copper Brewery In Mt. Pleasant Tn.

Tennessee Breweries need good clean water in Eastern Tennessee. These breweries can hop you up on their local ingredients. The Brewer Tour is sure to please any person who loves a good beer that is made by the best breweries in Tennessee!  

Grapes On The Vines At Mnm Winery.

Tennessee wineries are some of the best in the nation. The atmosphere and geography makes for a diverse growing environment for the grapes across Tennessee. Here are the best wineries to offer the visitor who knows their nose for a great wine.  

Hinie's Bbq Chopped.

Tennessee BBQ Tour

The state of Tennessee spans the flavors of Memphis to the Carolinas as our bbq incorporates our whiskeys barrels and guitar strings into a whisk to mix country charm into our bold personality. 

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