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Gobbler Springs Distillery Sign With Mike.

Southern Middle Tennessee Whiskey Tour 

We call our roadmap the Tennessee Whiskey Tour instead of the Tennessee Whiskey Trail because the Tennessee state tourism department already has a whiskey trail. We will update this page and advertise as we visit new places. Tennessee whiskey is famous, and the next state known for whiskey is the state north of us, in Kentucky. It would be neat to visit the most famous distilleries in both states, which is what we will try to do. Check this page regularly if you want our review and commentary on the distilleries we visit!

We believe the Tennessee Whiskey Trail is the best way to see the distilleries in Tennessee!

Since you are on an Amish-focused website, we are sure you are asking why add these distilleries and other alcohol-related pages. Here is our reason why. The Amish and Mennonites are known for their agricultural ways of using old-world methods and time-honored traditions to harvest their crops for the best quality. The heritage of handmade traditions is the same historically honored whiskey tradition of making every step in the process by carefully passed-down ways and techniques. Since our visitors like outdoors and conservative past down traditions, we feel these distilleries, breweries, and wineries could be a great point of interest you can see between visiting Amish and Mennonite communities! Please tour and taste responsibly to make sure everyone stays safe!   

Gobbler Springs Distillery 

Gobbler Springs Distillery Products.

Gobbler Springs Distillery products.

Gobbler Springs Distillery is the closest distillery of it's kind to the Amish in Ethridge. Lawrence county is where David Crockett started his political career and he had a whiskey still by the Shoal Creek that washed away in a flood. John Hatcher of Gobbler Springs takes his Kentucky upbringing and Irish heritage and makes the spirits here with better water than Crockett had to use. Have a bottle of their many kinds of spirits and you will be one with the wild frontier! Include the Gobbler Springs Distiller tour while you are here visiting the Amish community. Kids are allowed on the tour but nobody is allowed drink in the tasting room unless you are 21 or over. You can buy spirits at the distillery.  

See the button link below where you can go straight to the Gobbler Springs Distillery website to get more information before you go on your trip! 

Jack Daniel's Distilleries 

Jack Daniels Distillery Museum.

Jack Daniels distillery museum.

Jack Daniel's may be the most famous name of all whiskeys in America. In Lynchburg, Tennessee, you can tour the making of this masterpiece on a guided set of tours that vary in length and ability.  You can bring kids for the general tour, which is usually under an hour long, while the more in-depth tours offer tastings and are over 3 hours long. You get the experience here in the visitor center and the working small batch distillery tour. Yes! This is a working distillery where they make the good stuff. The main factory is just down the road and does not offer a tour, as the security team will tell you. The visitor center is free, and there is a place to buy various products and special editions only found in the tasting room! 

Click the button below to go straight to the Jack Daniel's website to get more information before setting out on your trip! 

Cascade Hollow (George Dickel) 

Cascade Hollow Tour And Gift Shop.

Cascade Hollow tour and gift shop.

Outside of Normandy, is the second most-known whiskey brand in Tennessee. George Dickel is a very well-made whiskey that has a following. The way to the distillery puts you deep in the backwoods where the creeks wind around the road. It just looks like a whiskey-making kind of place. The actual distillery is a workplace, so we didn't see the main insides of the building on the tour. The visitor center has a history of the place and how it all started and we recommend you see it on your whiskey tour! 

Click the button below to access the George Dickel website for more information before setting out on your trip! 

Old Glory Distilling Company 

Old Glory Distilling Company In Clarksville Tn.

Old Glory Distilling Company in Clarksville TN.

Clarksville is another city by the river that is the 5th largest city in Tennessee and the home of Fort Campbell Air Force Base. The conservative and patriotic person would naturally enjoy the military themes used here. The Old Glory Distillery is in this large multi-storied building that looks like a factory from long ago. Leatherwood Distillery, Star Spangled Brewery, and Beachaven Winery are all within a few miles drive and well worth the trip. Old Glory Distilling Company has daily tours and would like you to  fill out the forms online before you go. The website has more information about their history and tour. 

Star Spangled Brewing In Clarksville Tn.
Leatherwood Distillery In Clarksville Tn
Beachaven Winery In Clarksville Tn.

Click the button below to access the Old Glory Distillery website for more information before setting out on your trip!

Nearest Green Distillery

Nearest Green Distillery In Shelbyville Tn.

Nearest Green Distillery in Shelbyville TN.

This is one of our favorite distilleries to visit. Uncle Nearest Incorporated operates the Nearest Green Distillery side by side on Highway 231 in Shelbyville, Tennessee. The history of the man who made the best whiskey before Jack Daniel made it famous. This distillery is one of the most decorated and beautiful places we've seen. They also have a restaurant called the Barrel House 2 that has won awards for having the best grilled cheese sandwich in Tennessee! Make sure your visit is on Thursday through Sunday from 11 am to 3 pm to get the best of everything they offer. The tours start and end earlier and later, but the Barrel House and tasting rooms have shorter hours. See this link for hours and days. 

Click the button below to go straight to Uncle Nearest website to get more information before starting your adventure!

Prichard's Distillery

Prichard's Distillery In Kelso Tennessee.

Prichard's Distillery in Kelso Tennessee.

Just outside Fayetteville, Tennessee, is Prichard's Distillery, where Mr. Phil Prichard will teach you old-school whiskey distilling basics. He may be the most sartorial-styled master distiller we have met. His family has been distilling since the 1800s, and he is very good at it. This distillery is in an old schoolhouse, and everything is done by hand! We loved this place because it reminded us of a bootleg operation during prohibition where the distillers had to do things secretly inside a place nobody would look! You will find a selection of rum, whiskey, liqueurs, vodkas, brandy, and moonshine! Even the bottles are blown glass in the early style of spirit making! Tours are available Monday through Saturday, and you can buy the bottles you like at the gift shop. Put Prichard's on your distillery list to see!

Click the button below to go to the Prichard's Distillery website for more information before starting your trip!

Southern Pride Distillery

Southern Pride Distillery In Fayetteville Tennessee.

Southern Pride Distillery in Fayetteville Tennessee.

Don't let this modern distillery fool you. The Southern Pride Distillery name is for the southern hospitality ways of greeting a visitor that wants to see the old copper still and old fashion ways of making whisky and moonshine! Their story starts with their grandmother's family recipe hiding in her old Bible cover. So in March 2012, they started the company and built their new building in 2013. In 2014 the place was damaged by a tornado, but they didn't let the damage stop them. They continued making fine whiskey and moonshine and adding new flavors to their collection. Today you can tour and taste their collection for $5 per person, surrounded in a wood-appointed tasting room by the staff! The quality is very high as the corn and water they use are collected and milled at the distillery from their own cord and water from the spring in the southern pride fashion! The tours are Wednesdays through Saturdays, from 9 am to 5 pm! See the link below for more tour information.

Click the button below to go to the Southern Pride Distillery website to get more information before you go on your trip! 

Big Machine Distillery

Big Machine Distillery In Lynnville Tennessee.

Big Machine Distillery in Lynnville Tennessee.

Just down from the small town of Lynnville, Tennessee, is the Big Machine Distillery. You can tour the distillery and pour your own bottle of Single Barrel Clayton James Tennessee Whiskey from the barrel. You also get to put unique things on the bottle, so your special edition is your prize for taking this fantastic tour! The name "Big Machine" comes from the record label that signed many top award-winning artists. So far, the spirit collection includes Clayton James Whiskey, All Mighty Moonshine, New American Gin, Rum, and Big Machine Vodka. Speaking of vodka, the filtering process goes through 25 distilling processes to make it the smoothest vodka you can get! Lynnville is a beautiful place just up the road from this distillery. Make sure to put Big Machine Distillery on your list!

Click the button below to go to the Big Machine Distillery website for more information before going on your trip!

Gutter Bound Distillery 

Gutter Bound Distillery In  Hurricane Mills Tennessee.

Gutter Bound Distillery in Hurricane Mills Tennessee.

Just off Interstate 40 at Exit 143 toward Hurricane Mills is Gutter Bound Distillery. The Loretta Lynn Ranch is just up the road, and Loretta Lynn's Kitchen is next door, so you could eat a bit and then taste and tour at the distillery. It is currently $10 per person to do a tasting tour where you can sample every bottle they sell. The tour also includes a tray of cocktails invented by their crew and family members. Active military members get free tours and tastings with a military ID. They have a collection of rums, whiskeys, bourbons, vodkas, and moonshines of various flavors. There is plenty to choose from, and it's nice to see their dogs and family members welcoming visitors traveling down the road. Just remember that they are only open Thursdays through Sundays. See the link below to get more information!

Click the button below to go straight to the Gutter Bound Distillery website to get more information before you go on your trip! 

We have a Tennessee Amish Map webpage where we show the state of Tennessee with Amish communities and the hotel areas on one page! There are 4 sections we use to explain each Amish Trail and how they flow into one another. You can add points of interest along the way to complete your perfect itinerary! Click the button below and make plans to go on an Amish Adventure this year!

Other Great Southern TN Points of Interest

Tennessee is home to some of the best whiskeys, brews, and wines in the country. The Amish are not usually permitted to drink but do make tinctures for medication and can supply fruits to make ingredients to makers. The heritage and methods of these makers are sure to be a place you will want to see.

Jack Daniel's Distillery Front Visitors Center Tour View.

Tennessee Whiskey is nationally known in Eastern Tennessee as the best when it comes to a stiff drink. Distilleries on the Tennessee Whiskey Tour are sure to help lift your spirits! Most of them have tours and tasting rooms to sample their whiskey! 

Twisted Copper Brewery In Mt. Pleasant Tn.

Tennessee Breweries need good clean water in Eastern Tennessee. These breweries can hop you up on their local ingredients. The Brewer Tour is sure to please any person who loves a good beer that is made by the best breweries in Tennessee!  

Grapes On The Vines At Mnm Winery.

Tennessee wineries are some of the best in the nation. The atmosphere and geography makes for a diverse growing environment for the grapes across Tennessee. Here are the best wineries to offer the visitor who knows their nose for a great wine.  

Hinie's Bbq Chopped.

Tennessee BBQ Tour

The state of Tennessee spans the flavors of Memphis to the Carolinas as our bbq incorporates our whiskeys barrels and guitar strings into a whisk to mix country charm into our bold personality. 

Nashville Studio Tour 

Rca Record Studio Tour Nashville Tn.

RCA Record Studio Tour Nashville TN.

Nashville Tennessee is known as music city and it is the only one of its kind in the country. Why would so many publishing houses and entertainment companies move their headquarters to music row or the newer Berry Hill community if there were other places to go? It is because Nashville Tennessee is the capital when it come to music production. Country is still king here but there are rap, hip hop, heavy metal and other genre studios that are just as well known as their country counterparts. Many of these studios do not have a tour and will not let you in their building so we don't suggest making a scene so we feature the studios that have a tour or other way to see the inside of the studio. We will show other studios just so you can see the building from the outside. Just like when tour bus groups take a bus tour to see the home of the rich and famous! 

See the button link below where you can go straight to our Nashville Studio Tour webpage to get more information before you go on your trip! 

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