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Jack Daniel'S Whiskey Samples.
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We call our roadmap the Tennessee Whiskey Tour instead of trail because the state of Tennessee already has a whiskey trail. We will update this page and advertise places along the way as we go to each individual place. Tennessee whiskey is famous and the next place that is known for whiskey is the state north of us in Kentucky. It would be very east to visit the most famous distilleries in both states and that is what we will try to do. Check back on this page regularly if you want our review and commentary on the distilleries we visit!

We believe the Tennessee Whiskey Trail is the best way to see the distilleries in Tennessee!

Jack Daniel's Distilleries 

Jack Daniels Distillery Museum.

Jack Daniels distillery museum.

Jack Daniel may just be the most famous name in all whiskey's in America. In Lynchburg Tennessee you can tour the making of this masterpiece on a guided set of tours that vary in length and ability.  For the general tour, you can bring kids and is usually under an hour long while the better tours offer tasting and are over 3 hours long. You really get the experience here in the visitors center and the tour of the working small batch distillery. Yes! this is a working distillery where they make the good stuff. The main factory is just down the road and does not offer a tour as the security team will tell you. The visitors center is free and there is a place to buy a variety of products and special editions only found at the tasting room! 

We will eventually get photos like these above so we can tell our visitors about the distilleries, wineries, microbreweries and other places that produce products that are known in the state of Tennessee along our Amish Trails! If you would like for us to come to your place of production, or if you would like to advertise your product then fill out the form on the page linked in the button below marked "Advertisers Here". People who would like to tell us and others about places we should visit on this page can leave a comment below. We just ask for you to comment responsibly and be kind.  For other inquiries, leave a message or email us at our contact us page.

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