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Thousand Hills Cowboy Church In Ethridge Tennessee.
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Thousand Hills Cowboy Church

The Amish do not do any business on Sundays so we send visitors here when they want a unique church experience after a great Saturday in Amish country. The cowboy church is a down home country kind of place where the attendees dress like cowboys and sometimes ride horses in through the building. In the back of the church property they have a rodeo arena and even have a rodeo series that runs through the year. On certain days they have riding lessons and roping classes to try your hand at getting your lasso right. Each Sunday they have their service that ends in singing "Home on the Range" to continue the spirit of the west and love for the countryside of America. The profile photo is of when the church was small but it has grown in size. See the photos below!

Enter 1025 Brewer Rd, Ethridge, TN 38456 into your gps of choice and find your way to The Cowboy Church for a rootin tootin good time and maybe even see a rodeo. Below is a map for direction and button links that goes to their website and Facebook page for more up to date information! Or call them at +1-931-829-2816 if you would rather talk.

See the button links below for their website and Facebook page!

Other places close to the Thousand Hills Cowboy Church

Be sure to leave room in your vacation to see these other place while you are here in Amish Country! There are many neat things to see and foods to try if you are attending a church event during the week or are in town for one of their many retreats or workshops put on by the church staff! See our recommended places to stay if you need lodging while you are attending a church event! 

Add these places to your list!

The Wagon Tours Load In The Side Of The Building.

The tours load on the side of the building.

Amish Welcome Center

The Amish Wagon Tours pass right in front of the Thousand Hills Cowboy Church so you will see it when you take a tour. Be sure to include a wagon tour on your trip to Amish Country!

Amish Market Building In Ethridge.

Amish Market building in Ethridge.

Amish Market

Have Bruce "cut the cheese" for you here at the Amish Market! He has all kinds of goodies here to snack on and you can sample the cheeses but please be warned that the hot cheeses can be quite hot!!! He also has plenty of Amish sweets!

Bob's Cafe In Ethridge Tennessee.

Bob's cafe in Ethridge tn.

Bob's Cafe

Before you see the church you will see Bob's Cafe! This is one of the best restaurants in Ethridge and a great place to eat before their rodeo series on Saturdays! They are across the road from the Amish welcome center and by the Amish market!

James D. Vaughan Museum 

Microphone And Radio Station Gear.

The mic and preamp James D. Vaughan used on his show.

Lawrenceburg Tennessee is the birthplace of southern gospel music and James D. Vaughan started it all! His music publishing and music books made him a household name and he pioneered the professional quartet and taught many others to sing the shape notes in his music schools. This museum would be a great place to add to your itinerary when visiting the Amish!

See the button link below where you can go straight to the James D. Vaughan webpage to get more information before you go on your trip! 

Outdoor Activities 

We have more outdoor sports than we do inside sports. Let's divide team sports up with parallel sports. A parallel sport is one that is played the same, no matter how many players there are. So if you like golf, tennis, motorcycle and atv, or bicycle sports then we have the place you will love!  We have both ball golf and disc golf courses and plenty of places to ride your ATV on wooded trails and jumping hills!  We also have archery and gun ranges where you can take your best shot and be on target!

Motorcycle Riders In Mid Jump.
A Group Of Ladies Playing Disc Golf.
Man Playing Golf.
Summertown Airsoft Battlefield Players.

Our outdoor activities webpage is where you can find all of our listings of outdoor activity in Lawrence county! This directory explains our top places for outdoor recreation! The button below takes you to the outdoor page so click the button and get started on planning your trip itinerary with these outdoor activities in mind!  

Area Woods and Watersports

We have many awesome rivers and lakes in Lawrence county. Visitors come from all over to participate in our great tubing and kayak adventures. There are three great places for fun on the water. Each place we feature opens around May and close labor day weekend. The water temperatures are a bit cold before May and after August. Crockett Shoals Tubing Company is our pick for kids 10 and under as the water is very shallow and the tubes have a bottom so you can't slide out into the water. If a child does fall out of the tube, it is only a foot deep in most places so they just have to stand up. Upa Creek kayak rentals have both tubes, canoes and kayaks and offer different drop off locations according to how long you want to float. Upa Creek is right beside a great restaurant called the Taco Shack if you want to eat after a long float. Double G canoe and kayak rental is for the person who wants a good long float with great scenery. They can even facilitate wheelchairs and other needs for those with disabilities. At Double G they can offer the longest float and the most unique way of putting the kayak in the water! 

People Tubing At Crockett Shoals Tubing Company.
Outside At Upa Creek Kayak.
 Double G Canoe And Kayak.

All of these places and more are featured on our webpage that is devoted to woods and watersports. Please see our detailed guide for more information on seeing which places best fit your needs for a day in the woods or out on the water! 

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