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Amish Saddles And Cowhides In Amish Country.

Saddles and Cowhides

If you are into horses and can talk about bridles and leather all day, you must see Andy Collins at Saddles and Cowhides Tack Shop! He says he has been working with horses since he was 9 and now is 82! He is usually open each day and on the weekends. His shop is right between The Vintage Shoppe and Heart and Soul Antiques.

Call him at (972) 978-2947 to make sure he is open during your visit!

Amish Saddles And Cowhides Saddle Room.
Horse Accessories For Caring For Your Horse.

Everything from beginner to advanced, this tack shop has it all! Many of the leather goods are made by the local Amish people! They have a different way of saddle building that Andy can explain to you. Click on the photos to look around.

Cowhides And Blankets That Go Under A Saddle.
Amish Made Dog Collars And Horse Bridles In Ethridge Tennessee.

Mr. Andy can fit you for a saddle and advise you on how to teach your horse and treat them for illnesses. There were plenty of items to deal with horse hooves and teeth problems that can come up with horse maintenance.  Go by and see him during your trip!

The Outdoor Saddles On The Porch Of Amish Saddles And Cowhides In Ethridge Tn..

Lawrence County TN 4-H Horse Club

Here is a great 4-H type local club for young boys and girls to join to be around other horse and riders in a recognized group that is known around the country.  

Rock Bottom Ranch

Here is a horse riding school who provides riding lessons for the 4-H club of Lawrence county and other people who want to learn how to ride and maintain their horse! See their page here below and find your way to their farm for horse lessons.

Lawrence County Saddle Club

Many horse riders want to compete in various competitions they like. These competitions are put on by the Lawrence County Saddle Club and visitors and family can see their competitions.

Laurel Hill Trail and Campground

For you that just want another place to camp and ride the Laurel Hill Trail and Campground is a great place to stay close to Laurel Hill Lake and ride your horse. The address is below and we include a link to their facebook page. 

Other horse related places around Lawrence County

Horses are a very useful animal and sometimes they have ways of teaching us a few things.

Pony Dreams Direct

If you have small kids and want to see how well they will do on a horse then Pony Dreams Direct is who you need to talk to. They come out and set up a pony ring and hand lead horses to let kids ride on top in a safe saddle. All kids have to wear a helmet but the horses are just walking in a circle or being led around. The lady who owns it is very good to her horses and knows them well. 

Healing Hearts Ranch

Here is a very interesting ranch where you can learn several things from basic horsemanship to company getaways. They use horses to help certain mental health issues in an interesting way so we want to list them here because they can help in many different way. Please click on their link below and read their home page and other pages.

Thousand Hills Cowboy Church Rodeo

Thousand Hills Cowboy Church Rodeo Close.

Thousand Hills Cowboy Church rodeo close.

During the year the Thousand Hills Cowboy Church puts on a rodeo and has classes and opportunities for other cowboys and cowgirls to see if they like riding a horse or handling the cows to one day be a real cowhand or rancher. These dates are on their website and facebook page we explain more on our webpage where we feature the church and rodeo behind their church. 

See the button link below where you can go straight to our Thousand Hills Cowboy Church webpage to get more information before you go on your trip! 

Area Shopping Places

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Amish Tours Pulled By Horses.

Amish Itineraries

See the top things to do around Ethridge. Our page will help you find your kind of fun!

Hinie's Bbq People Love It.

Where To Eat

Our restaurant guide shows you the best places to eat around Ethridge. See our page to find your favorite foods!

The Best Western Plus In Lawrenceburg Tennessee.

Places To Stay

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