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Amish Heritage Welcome Center.
The Amish Heritage Welcome Center In Ethridge Tennessee.

The Amish Heritage Welcome Center

Currently the building is for sale and may not return to the way it is presented below!

Hours are adjusted to the season, so email info@amishheritagewelcomecenter.com or call (931) 300-0189 to see what the hours of operation will be for your visit.

You must buy tickets for the Amish Heritage Farm Museum or the Amish Heritage Wagon Tour at the Amish Heritage Welcome Center!

The prices are $20 per person for ages 13 years old and over, $10 per person for ages 5 to 12 years old, and kids under 5 years old are free (with a paid guardian) for the Amish Heritage Farm Museum, and this price INCLUDES the wagon tour!

The wagon tour only is $10 per person 13 and over, $5 for ages 5 to 12, and kids under 5 are free (with a paid guardian)!

The Amish Heritage Welcome Center is the first building on your right when you turn onto Brewer Road and is part of the Heritage group of places you'll see. The inside of the Welcome Center has authentic Amish-made furniture and goods made by the local Amish people. The owner of the Heritage Group has several Amish friends who make furniture for him, and there are plenty of Amish-made toys you won't find anywhere else! There is an ATM inside if you need cash to go out into the countryside or when you go on the Amish Heritage Wagon Tour! You must buy tickets inside the store to go on the Amish Heritage Farm Museum and the Amish Heritage Wagon Tour.

Amish Made Jams In Preserved Jars.

If Amish-made authenticity is what you need, inside the Amish Heritage Welcome Center is your place! The featured items are Amish-made furniture and a selection of Amish-made jams and jellies! The honey is made from the local Amish peoples’ bee hives. There are also Amish hats and toys and a few kitchen items like cutting boards and birdhouses to hang outside your windows. Cast iron pans and other cooking needs are hung on one wall with woven baskets. The Amish furniture wood is left bare, so you can have it stained with your color or painted once you get it home! The Amish people have stained the cedar wood items for longevity and preservation before it leaves their woodshop. Click on the photos below and look around. Make sure to include the Amish Heritage Welcome Center in your list of things to see in Ethridge Amish country, pick up a free map and get cash while you’re purchasing your Amish Heritage Farm Museum and Wagon Ride Tickets!

   Inside The Amish Heritage Welcome Center With Lots Of Amish Furniture.
Inside The Amish Heritage Welcome Center Towards Toy Section.
The Amish Heritage Farm Museum From The Road.

The Amish Heritage Farm Museum is where your Amish home tour and the wagon tour will meet before your party goes on the tour. You will have a guide during your visit to answer any questions along the way. This is the best way to see a real Amish farm in the south!

The Amish Heritage Farm Museum

The First Amish Home In Lawrence County.

The farm museum is the first Amish home in Lawrence county! Amish carpenters have fully restored this farm to reflect the Amish farms of today. You can also see an Amish barn, tack shop and leather working area, an Amish school, and the Amish farm petting zoo animals usually found on a farm! Plus, you get a wagon tour with an admission ticket!

The Amish Heritage Wagon Ride

Amish Buggy Meeting The Tour Wagons.

The wagon tour is great to see the Amish countryside from an authentic horse-drawn wagon! You will go to several Amish homes and have a chance to meet the Amish people and buy their homemade goods. The wagons can carry wheelchairs if you need assistance. Children love wagon tours and sometimes get the chance to do a chore like churning butter!

Amish Country Store And Cheese Shop.

The Amish Heritage Line of Places!

If you look up the Amish Heritage Welcome Center on the map below, you will realize several places have the "Heritage" name! Because the same person owns these businesses and keeps them up and going for the tourists that come every year! The Heritage Campground and RV Park, The Amish Heritage Farm Museum, and the Amish Heritage Welcome Center are all related. The Heritage Campground is the closest place to stay in Amish country and the most interesting. Just how many times do you get to sleep in a covered wagon! Showers and all the amenities of a hotel are included on-site! They have RV lots and a place for your horse trailer and have a horse stall if you need it. There is also a pasture for your horse to eat and stretch out. The campgrounds offer RV, tents, cabins, and covered wagons!

A Ring Of Wagons You Can Sleep In With Fireplace In The Middle.
The Cabins At The Amish Heritage Campground.
Amish Heritage Campground In Ethridge Tennessee.

Please enter your address for directions to the Amish Heritage Welcome Center to see their Amish-made products and get your tickets to the Amish Heritage Farm Museum and Wagon Rides! Also, see the links below and their social media sites, and share them with your friends!

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