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The Amish Heritage Farm Museum In Ethridge Tennessee.
The Amish Heritage Farm Museum From The Road.

The Amish Heritage Farm Museum

Currently the farm house and surrounding land is for sale and may not return to the way it is presented below. We will try to update this page as things change.

This was the first Amish home in Lawrence County! You can say this house started it all when Amish settlers came here in 1944 and decided to make Ethridge, Tennessee, their new home. The area farmland was good, and most Amish came to the new community and started building their own homes nearby. This home was sold and made into a bed and breakfast at one time until a man saw the potential for a way to show visitors an authentic Amish home. He had the house renovated back to the original home by the Amish in the area. Some of those renovating the home had lived there before and knew the home well! Today the Amish Farm tour will let you see the inside of an actual Amish home and farm with a guide that can answer your questions about Amish life. The tour includes a barn, harness shop for leather and woodworking, a schoolhouse, a petting zoo, and a duck pond! The Amish Heritage Farm Museum is the best way to see the Amish living without the Amish people. You must go out into the Amish community to see the Amish people. This is when you need a wagon tour to help take you to the Amish farms and meet the Amish people. A few Amish farms clear the wagon tours to go to the farm and let visitors do Amish activities if the timing is right! Sometimes you may get to see and experience what it is like to shell peas, shuck corn, churn butter, or make other Amish goods.

The Farm Tour

The Amish usually do not let us "English" into their homes. The farm tour may be the only way to see the inside of their homes, schools, and barns! The tour guides are educated in the ways of the local Amish community and are happy to answer questions.

The Wagon Ride

The wagon ride takes you to Amish country and lets you experience the Amish farms while being pulled by horses! You get to see the Amish people up close and learn about them from a tour guide that can teach you about the local Amish people and their ways!

Tickets for a farm tour and wagon ride are $20 for those aged 13 years or over and $10 for those 5 to 12. Those under 5 are free with a paid guardian for those wanting a farm tour and a wagon ride.

This form is for the Farm tour and Wagon Rides bundled at one price! The time slot booking only reserves your tour time! Before arriving at the farm museum, you must pay for your tickets at the Amish Heritage Welcome Center.

They are open Monday through Saturday during the summer and are closed Sunday through Tuesday during the off-season. Call (931) 300-0189 or email info@amishheritagewelcomecenter.com for more information on booking your trip or bulk pricing if you have a large party or group! Groups of 20 or more are 20 percent off, while groups of 10 or more are 10 percent off! Message them directly on social media and follow them if you want to see up-to-date information from their team!

If you only want the wagon ride, the rates are $10 for those 13 years and over and $5 for those 5 to 12. Children under five years old are free with a paid guardian.

Groups of 20 or more are 20 percent off, and groups of 10 or more are 10 percent off

The First Amish Home In Lawrence County.

You pay for your Farm Museum and Wagon Tours tickets at the Amish Heritage Welcome Center! You can find many Amish-made goods from the local Amish community in the store section. Bring your tickets to the Amish Heritage Farm Museum just down the road. You can see the sign from the Heritage Welcome Center parking lot. Food and drinks are sold in both locations, and bathroom facilities are also found at the Welcome Center and Museum. Make sure to bring cash for the tour. The Amish people do not accept debit or credit cards or online payments.

The Wooden Fence And Walkway To The Heritage Farm Museum Entrance.
The Sidewalk Going To The Harness House And Barn.

When arriving at the farm museum, you'll see the old farmhouse with its windmill that is iconic for Amish homes! The driveway leads you to the farmhouse and tour. The venue room is the building on the right side of the driveway closest to the parking area. This area is reserved for guests waiting to board the wagon tours. The venue and farm can also be rented for private parties if you have a child's birthday or other event involving a large group.

The Venue At The Amish Farm Museum.
The Venue At The Farm Museum.
The Old Mail Wagon At The Amish Farm Museum.
Animals For The Petting Zoo.
A Sled And Duck Pond Next To Amish Schoolhouse.

The building next to the Amish home tour is called "The Venue" and is where you wait until the wagon tour is ready for your party. It is temperature-controlled and pleasant during the summer when it can be hot outside. There are games to play and a petting zoo next to the venue with a duck pond to see if you can't sit still with excitement! There is a snack bar and restrooms inside if you need one.

Model Of Amish Schoolhouse.

The farm tour includes an Amish replica schoolhouse to show visitors how the Amish children go to school. Modern kids are usually very interested in how the Amish schools differ from the schools they attend.

The Barn Area Of The Farm Museum.

There is a working barn next to the farmhouse where visitors can see how things are done on the farm. Kids enjoy seeing the stables and animals roaming the pasture and lawn areas. The farm animals are used to visitors and are generally safe to pet and see up close!

A Goat Out On The Farm Museum Driveway.
Real Amish Buggy On Display.

The harness shop shows visitors the tools used to make all kinds of leather works and other uses. Learn about old techniques to make things the Amish use on the farm. The Amish buggy and its cart are something you will not want to miss! Everyone wants to get their photo made in the buggy!

There are plenty of things to see and learn at the Amish Heritage Farm Museum. Here are a few images of things you can do on the farm! Remember that photography or video of any kind is not permitted during the tour, so any photos or videos of Amish-related goods must be taken at the farm museum.

List of Steps to Help You!


Plan Your Trip

There are many things to do in Lawrence County so plan on a few nights in one of our hotels or next to the Amish Farm Museum at the Amish Heritage Campground. Then find an event or other points of interest on our Amish Resources - Things to Do page or area attractions in the menu at the top of this page. More to do means more fun to have!


Book Your Stay

Make sure to book your rooms and get your time slots to make your itinerary, so you don't miss the best times and days. We try to include booking forms and a calendar of events for your itinerary! Be aware that any persons with special needs or disability equipment need to let the staff know about your needs when buying tickets.


Go Have Fun

Lawrence County is one of the places you will want to get to early. Plan on getting here early and checking in as soon as possible to maximize your time. The hotels and restaurants do not stay open very late, and you will want to get up early to start your day. There are many things to do here, so come early and get started on your fun days!

Use our map to enter your address or location from your home or place along the way. For example, Ethridge, Tennessee, is just a short drive from Nashville, Tennessee, or Huntsville, Alabama, for those on the Tennessee BBQ/Whiskey Trail or Music Studio Tours from Nashville to Muscle Shoals. So make sure you put Ethridge, Tennessee, on your map of things to do this year!

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