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The Sign Outfront Of David Crockett Park.

David Crockett State Park

The David Crockett Park office is open all year so call 931-903-2323 to ask your questions about the park from 8 am to 4 pm.

You can be king of the wild frontier when you come to this 1,319-acre park in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee! This state park is named after the legend David Crockett! We know the myths of David Crockett from the cartoons and films about him, but he was an actual person who moved to Lawrence county during the year of its creation in 1817 and was very popular. Crockett started his political career in Lawrenceburg, which is why his statue is on the town square. He was instrumental as a commissioner and in other positions until he decided to run for office. He had several mills up and down shoal creek until a flood came and wiped them all out, so he moved to west Tennessee. He won several of his elections until his dispute with another Tennessean president Andrew Jackson cost him his election in 1835, and he went off to fight in the Alamo. The rest is history, so make David Crockett Park part of your history on your visit to Lawrence county!

Crockett Mills Restaurant inside David Crockett Park

There are not very many state parks with a restaurant in them, and the Crockett Mills restaurant is one of the best! Since Lawrenceburg has a lot of retirees that love southern cooking, you will find an active kitchen during the week and a busy kitchen on Saturdays and Sundays. They used to have a buffet where you could fix your own plate, but since Covid-19, the buffet is gone, and you must order off the menu. This made the team reevaluate their menu, but today their menu is excellent with the best variety. 

Crockett's Mill Restaurant is open Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 11 am to 3 pm for menu ordering, and Saturday from 8 am to 9:45 am for a *family-style all-you-care-to-eat breakfast (no menu ordering) and 11 am to 3 pm *BBQ lunch family-style all-you-care-to-eat lunch! (no menu ordering) and Sunday from 8 am to 9:45 am for a *family-style all-you-care-to-eat breakfast, and 11 am to 3 pm *family-style all-you-care-to-eat lunch! (no menu ordering) NO TO-GO BOXES FOR ALL YOU CARE TO EAT!!!

*Family Style seating is when you get a plate of the same foods brought to your table to be passed around to whoever wants a serving, like a plate of all chicken or a bowl of green beans members of the table divide. We suggest going to Crockett's Mill Restaurant as a family or group on all-you-care-to-eat weekends. 

* Crockett's Mill Restaurant is closed from mid December till April for the winter each year *

Call 931-903-2323 or email Brittany.Purser@TN.Gov for more information. See the button links above for the official website and downloadable menu of Crockett's Mill!

The Cabins at Lake Lindsey

Lodging at David Crockett State Park is the first Leadership in Energy, and Environmental Design (LEED) Certified Silver vacation home in the eastern part of the USA or available at a state park! These 7 cabins all have lake views and private parking. Each cabin is non-smoking and has a patio where you can watch the sun coming up. Every cabin has two bedrooms and a full kitchen next to a common area. There is one bedroom with a king bed and a bedroom with two full-size beds and a pull-out sofa that sleeps two. Each cabin is within walking distance to the restaurant if you don't mind the uphill start. The park closes to traffic at sunset so you can have a quiet night under the stars with the sounds of the waterfall echoing across the lake! 

Pet owners must book cabin #6 and pay $20.00/pet per night, a $10.00 cancelation fee per cabin, and a $5.00 non-refundable reservation fee per cabin. Checkout is at 10 am.

David Crockett's Cabins

Weekday Rates


170.00 - 190.00


All reservations require a two-night minimum stay.

All holiday weekends may require a three-night minimum stay.

Each reservation requires a deposit and a $5.00 non-refundable fee.

  • Quiet leisure on weekdays with fewer people and crowds in the park.
  • On Wednesdays through Fridays, menu orders only at Crockett's Mill.
  • Fitness meetup groups use weekdays to include guests to join in. 
  • Green LEED Certified Silver Level building design in each cabin.
  • It is easier to book rooms and select cabins Sunday-Thursday. 

Weekend Rates


205.00 - 215.00


All reservations require a two night minimum stay.

All holiday weekend rentals may require a three night minimum stay.

Each reservation requires a deposit and a $5.00 non refundable reservation fee. 

  • Non smoking rooms with outdoor patio.
  • All cabins have a lake view and private parking. 
  • Cabins are large and sleep 8 if all places are full. 
  • Group travelers can schedule bookings  two years in advance.
  • Weekend travelers can enjoy all you care to eat at Crockett's Mill.

David Crockett State Park Campgrounds 

There are several campgrounds inside David Crockett Park. They are primarily made for recreational vehicles (RVs) over primitive camping in a tent. The campground has both but there is only a tiny section for 10 tent campers next to the shoal creek. The RV places have two choices to pick from.

Campground #1 - is open for rent from March 15th to November 31st along the shoal creek. They have 45 places available with 30 amp breakers and water hookups. Campground one also has public restrooms just for the campers on-site and no parking for general park attendees.   

Campground #2 - is open all year and has 52 places in the heart of the woods. You can have 50, 30, and 20 amp electric breakers, water hookups, and a grey matter flush station at the exit. Plus, you also get public restrooms and showers inside this campground with a playground that is not accessible to the general park attendees. 

Campers must keep to a 3 pm check-in and a noon check out so that as many campers can comfortably reside in the park with the same level of experience as other campers. Stay limit is two weeks during peak season from March - November 31st and 28 days during the off season December to February 28th. There is also a firewood policy at this webpage here you need to see along with more information. We also cannot guarantee the prices listed on this webpage as being the same when you arrive. * The prices and availability is handled by the park and they have the final say in the restaurant menu, cabin rentals, and RV and campgrounds. *

Reserve your place and learn more here at this link!

The David Crockett Park Museum, Bird Aviary and trails 

Education is essential to those managing the park today. Having a museum dedicated to David Crockett and the Longhunter lifestyle is an excellent addition to understanding the person David Crockett was. They made a movie and cartoon series about him being the king of the wild frontier! His museum has representations of the kind of life he lived inside. They have a short video and self-guided tour you can take. Outside the museum is the bird aviary with owls and hawks inside the cages. These birds are injured and taken to these cages until they can be released into the wild.  There is a walking trail that starts at the museum. This trail goes to the amphitheater and pine forest. See the photos below so you can learn more about these sections of the park!

The Birds of Prey Exhibit and David Crockett Museum

Amenities and other events inside the park

There are a lot of things to do inside the park. Unfortunately, they are taking out the swimming pool. There are plenty of hiking trails and walking paths along the woods that weave around mature hardwoods and evergreen pines that make for a dark forest. The kids love the playgrounds, basketball courts, and tennis area. Disc golf is free at Scout Park, which holds an 18-hole disc golf course that borders the park. There are two waterfalls in the park within walking distance of the road. We locals call them the big and little waterfalls because one is bigger and farther than the other. The smaller falls are what the Tennessee state uses as the photo that shows David Crockett Park. Below are videos showing the water sports section of Lindsey Lake!

There are many things to do at the David Crockett Park Events! The glow-in-the-dark 5k and other running-related events and kids' entertainment. Many groups meet to walk the trails or work out on the equipment at the walking trail entrance parking area. The David Crockett Park Facebook page is where you will see these events and special days for the park!

Historical Events happening at David Crockett Park

David Crockett State Park holds a treasure that few have ever seen. A certified section of the Bell route Trail of Tears is still dirt. During the 1838 removal of the Native Peoples, the roads were dirt and became the paved roads later when the car was invented since many of these roads were significant travel routes. Today you can take off your shoes and walk where the natives walked on the same road! Beneath the layers of forest settlement are the footprints of sadness where the 5 tribes marched to Oklahoma reservations. Read all about the history along the way on the trail! Mr. Ardeen Walters found the trail while researching a related topic. There are many historical things inside the park you will want to see!

Mike has loved this park since 1986 when park ranger Mr. Henry Phillips let visitors in at night to see Halley's Comet at Lindsey Lake. Today the park has been modernized but still has its charm. Recently, a land donation would make the boundaries larger, so we believe the park will be even better as time goes on.  

Enter the address into your GPS of choice, find your way to David Crockett State Park, and start your new adventure like a king or queen of the wild frontier. Below are links in the buttons where you can find more information from the David Crockett Park Facebook page and other places in the area in case your cabin was booked up during the week of your stay. These cabins and the pavilion rentals go quick, so make sure to book your stay and plan your trip as early as possible!

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