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Amish Area Map Of Usa.
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Get on the Buggy Wheel Trail this year!

An Amish community vacation may be the perfect trip for you to see and experience the Amish this year. We at The Amish of Ethridge want you to experience the Amish community and the points of interest along the way! We will use Tennessee in our example since we are in Tennessee. Ethridge is between Nashville Tennessee and Muscle Shoals Alabama where music, barbeque, and whiskey is nationally known. We believe including other places to see along the way will only enhance your Amish visit!

Map Of Southern States Who Have Amish Communities In Them.
The Map Of Northern States Who Have Amish Communities.

We have a southern and northern mega route and more sectional routes to give you a road trip you won't forget! These routes are in these categories by interstates and roads so a state can be recognised as a northern state but be connected to a southern route. We use Ethridge as the spoke of the buggy wheel trail for reference but you can start where you are! If coming from the west, it is best to fly in and rent a car so we start every trip from a city with an airport.

Amish Home With Long Driveway.

Our Recommended List of Steps

Visiting the Amish is quite easy and with a little preparation you can plan your trip knowing you will be choosing your personal route and finding what you need to include into your itinerary of things to see along the way! See the steps below to find out how you need to plan your Amish adventure!


Find a Community

Below is two button links to pages that have routes to travel and each individual states. Find a route you want to travel and then see what community and points of interest along the way you may want to see!


Find a Route

The Amish communities are out in the country so something with wheels is necessary to see them. Find a route from our page that you want to use or find a road that can take you to the community you want! 


Find your places

Once you have found your community and route then see our state guide! You will see other points of interest between communities and be able to put them into your itinerary for you road trip or none at all. You decide!

The Amish Routes and State Points of Interest

These maps of routes are for those who want an extended vacation or have the time to spend in several Amish communities. The map of states list the Amish communities known in each state along with the other points of interest along the way. We believe a person or group could reasonably chose a section of the route each year and go on that route until they completed the entire trail! The Buggy Wheel Trail is perfect for families with kids so we talk extensively about child activities! 

Amish Map Of Southern States.

Map of Routes

We have looked and found the roadways between each known Amish community and have listed them on this page. These communities are outside of town in the country so we have chosen major roadways along with findable roads that can safely take you to the places we list. These routes are just a reference and if you decide a better way to your destination, then take it. These routes are only meant as a general guide. Click the button below for our list or recommended routes, travel times and itineraries! 

Tennessee State Map Of Amish Communities.

Map of states

We list each major Amish community we could find from each state. We chose the largest communities as they would more likely have a tourism supported environment for those not familiar with the Amish way of life. Each of these states have points of interest along the way that we feel would be attractive to the road trip traveler! These points of interest are mentioned as possibilities and you can choose which ones you want to include based on time and length of stay. See them listed on each states information guide!

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