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I hope you saved room at lunch for dinner tonight at The return of the Butter Bean Café! Ed has great 16oz steaks but did you know they are a family diner where you can bring your kids to eat! They have many choices to choose from and a train car outside if they get full of energy and need to play some of it off! Mine in the photos below certainly does. She gets the fried hotdogs and tots with the blended ketchup. The menu may have changed from the photos a little so go by and see them Thursday through Saturday from 11am-8pm and see their page - https://www.facebook.com/butterbeancafe for updates and more photos of their food! #amishmennonitetn


Hungry for lunch? The winter greens are coming up and the Amish have them! The home about halfway on Morgan Drive off Jap and Tom Lanes have many acres planted for this year. Go by and see their greens and winter vegetable selections! See the map address here - https://maps.app.goo.gl/BXdLpKZz8mUxXgdD7 - There are other locations for greens and winter vegetables. I am having trouble sourcing winter Christmas garland so tell me below if you see any while out in the Amish community!


We got to come home from the hospital last night and woke up to temperatures around 20 degrees! That's ok for us inside but cold to those who would like a hunting house or place for kids to catch the bus in the mornings. You can get one of these mini structures at the address below along with other Amish wooden swings! Their driveway is literally right beside Niswander Family Medicine!


This morning I decided to grab my phone and hit record and talk for a bit about me and my personal life. Many would say they are bad but I’m sure there are some on my very floor that have it better and worse depending on who you talk to. Tara is my wife and she put on this past post but I wanted to say more. We walked in the gift shop today and met a lady in Pikeville TN who said she always wanted to visit the Amish in Ethridge so naturally we talked. One of my problems is I didn’t start this page for money so I don’t have anything really to sell. I don’t even charge for my work, I don’t even ask the Ethridge places for money. I came from the same tourism association that started here in Ethridge and I started in 2010 and have never quit. I learned destination marketing and other skills along the way. I explain a bit about that in the video. It is a bit long so I’ll understand why many won’t watch till the end. I just figured I would put something out for those who keep up with me or who are curious about the guy behind this page and why is he dressed this way?


As many of you know Michael is in Vanderbilt with another case of pancreatitis and he would never ask for financial help from the Amish of Ethridge followers. However, a long stay in the hospital puts a financial burden on anyone. If you would like to help you can send funds by PayPal using the email address tmpilk@yahoo.com.


Sorry everyone, I know you have been looking for new post but I’ve been here at Vanderbilt Hospital 🏥 since Tuesday morning. I have chronic pancreatitis every year and this is just another time for me to get it again. I usually stay about a week here in the ICU so I didn’t bring my computer with all my things. They will fix me up and I will gradually degrade until the next time. We never know when these problems hit us so we need to live a bit on our journey. Hopefully I’ll be back to showing you some new things!


Also see our YouTube page as we show everything in the surrounding are to choose from so you can make your ideal itinerary!

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