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Bob's Cafe moved into their back building where they started. They are open Tuesday through Saturday 11-4pm. The kitchen area is better suited to the smaller area so wait times should improve. Austin the owner cooks everything himself and a larger seating area means more people to serve so go by and give him another try. They still have the best sweet potato fries and burgers. Hopefully we can see an expanded menu come back as the smaller room can give him back the freedom to experiment with a "burger of the day" I must say that he made a special sandwich for us on Halloween that was the best sandwich we have ever had!!! See their page here - https://www.facebook.com/bobscafe2019 -#amishmennonitetn


Several people will be coming to Lawrence County to ride their ATV’s, bikes, and Jeeps on the NATRA trails for the annual Poker Run this Saturday. Many will have family and friends who may come see the Amish community. You must be a member of the association at NATRA to ride so any non member or non participant can go next door to Noah’s Landing where they can park and camp for the weekend. Our advice is to limit the roads to quiet vehicles as the loud ones scare the animals and horses carrying buggies of people. https://www.facebook.com/share/wLqRXwo2uSxeJZnQ/?mibextid=WC7FNe


See this address for plant sales as they tend to have a great selection. Next door is Danny Zook who makes great leatherworks and at 14 long road usually has strawberries and polywood furniture. Across the road is the tarp shop that makes and mends canvas and next to him makes rabbit and small animal cages so make a stop off at Long road!


The Amish and Mennonite strawberries are out and more are coming so what is the difference between them? In this video we try to help anyone wanting the general difference between the varieties that each group tends to grow. Now to which ones is better is up to you and both are good. Each variety of strawberry plant will also vary by soil type, water, sunlight and compost material when planted so there will be variation between fields from each group. Tell us in the comments which strawberries you prefer and the community that has the best strawberries! #amishmennonitetn -


See the link to our website! ⬇️ Our webpage for the Plowboy Produce Auction has seasonal estimations on several of our most requested produce. See our guide to see when you could expect your favorite fruits and vegetables to come to market! summertown Airsoft is one of our top recommended places for those with teenagers as they tend to like running around after a day of Amish country and they are open Saturday and Sundays. https://amishofethridge.com/4-great-plowboys-produce-auction/


We went by the Mennonite community in Section Alabama and when over to see the unclaimed baggage store! We’ll have something soon over on our Amish and Mennonite of Tennessee page as these Mennonite markets do get a lot of curious visitors. Ethridge has their plants out and plenty of greens from we can tell. #amishmennonitetn


Also see our YouTube page as we show everything in the surrounding are to choose from so you can make your ideal itinerary!

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