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Today is International Whiskey Day and we do have a local distillery that is operated by John Hatcher from Kentucky. David Crockett had a mill on Shoal Creek and John has taken up the history and makes a line of spirits with a tour where you can see how it is made. Kids are allowed on the tour as it is meant to be educational and they like to see the dials and gauges move with the pressure of the liquid inside the still. The tasting room is for those 21 and up to try a few small samples of their products. It is a neat place and the pioneer homes are interesting. This distillery would be a great stop on your Amish Adventure as it is in Henryville at the top of the Amish community! The Amish make tinctures with spirits but are prohibited from drinking them for leisure. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100075796692625 #amishmennonitetn


Summertown Airsoft is one of our top places we recommend for kids over 7. This game is more like tag or water balloons 🎈 as you do shoot these little plastic bb’s in order to hit your opponent. It is very safe and is popular with boys and girls! A small fee gets your equipment and another gets you on the 7 acre field. They are open today from 12-5 so go try out this neat game! A lot of our visitors to the Amish go by and play as there isn’t as much to do on Sundays. See Wayne the owner in the video below!


The Butter Bean Cafe will open next Friday March 31 for the last time. So be sure to eat here before it closes for good. I got the 16oz steak that was really good, my wife got their signature burger, and my daughter got a fried hot dog as that is exactly how she likes it. We will miss them a lot as many of you included their restaurant when you come to see the Amish. https://www.facebook.com/butterbeancafe?mibextid=LQQJ4d


Please remember to go across the road to Campbellsville, Marcella Falls, Dooley, and other roads from the west side of the highway 43 on your Amish Adventure. There are plenty of Amish here and they also have things to sell. Pick up a map at the Amish Welcome Center (Amish Wagon Tours) and head out on a quest to find something special! Follow the signs to see what is available and watch for the plastic to see if they are planting strawberries! #amishmennonitetn


A good day of shopping at Mike's Antiques Moore Thursday through Saturday and a meal at the Butter Bean Bean Cafe on Friday. Mike's Antiques opens at 9-4pm and the Butter Bean Cafe open from 11-8pm so come in and make this Ethridge combo your next stop! #amishmennonitetn


Coming to see the Amish community? There is another place you can stay above the Chuckaboo Coffeehouse in Lawrenceburg. This 3 bedroom b&b has all the charm of the Victorian era with stained glass and wood throughout the home. There is a lookout balcony off of one bedroom that looks over the yard and downtown area. See the airbnb link below if you are looking at staying here. You will need to be able to climb stairs and hear the downstairs coffeehouse but it is a neat place to stay!


Also see our YouTube page as we show everything in the surrounding are to choose from so you can make your ideal itinerary!

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