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Summertown Airsoft View From Road.
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Summertown Airsoft

Summertown Airsoft is open Saturday from 9am to 4pm and Sunday from 12pm to 5pm.

The Amish of Ethridge team will telling you their personal story and opinions on this page.

A lot of us played games as kids where we shot things at each other or threw water balloons at each other. Today we have airsoft to play over the made up games we used to play. Paintball is very similar to airsoft as both have a firearm to aim and a projectile to hit the target. Airsoft uses a small lightweight bb to hit a person to make them go back to respawn in a designated area. This means you don't sit out the whole game but just a minute or two of it so you can get back in. These games are played on a field with many places to hide behind. The range officer or (RO) is responsible for keeping the game going and keeping the time of each game. We will tell you all about our time on the field the process we went through. 

Summertown Airsoft Rental Department.

Summertown Airsoft rental department.

Equipment Rentals and Safety

Parents want to know if this is safe. It is very safe and you must have protective gear on at all times. The soft bbs can't hurt you much but you wouldn't want to get one shot in your eye. The rental fee covers your protective gear that gives you the option of goggles of a full face masks. It is up to you to know your tolerance to bbs. Kids may want to wear a long sleeve shirt and pants as the bbs can leave a welp if hit at very close range. Mike got hit directly in the arm and was laughing so getting hit isn't that bad for bigger people. Here is a list of things you will need to bring with you!

  • A good attitude will go along way when playing airsoft. You must keep a good attitude of sport when you get hit and have to respawn.  
  • You need to wear clothing for outdoor use. Bring any clothing with you that you will need on the battlefield. Many players wear tactical clothes as they perform well with the heat and have room for your accessories. A hat to keep the sun out of your eyes and boots or good shoes to churn through the dirt to your place of cover. 
  • Time to play. Airsoft take a while to play and you pay for the day so allow time to get several games in. Summertown Airsoft has good clean bathroom, a concession area with foods and places to sit and work on your equipment or a shooting range to test your things.  

The Summertown Airsoft Field

Each match is controlled by the range officer or (RO) and they get to make the calls for the teams or the people on each team. The range officer also decides which game to play next. Many of the games are situational and have a criteria of play that has to be carried out in a certain way. For example, there is a game where the have to protect a person in a place where the opposing side is trying to capture them. Or a game called "seal team 6" where they take the 6 best players and hide them in a fort and everyone else tries to get them. Airsoft is best played with a lot of players so if the parking lot is full, this is a good sign! 

What if I like Airsoft and want more?

If a person really enjoys the experience of airsoft then you can invest into the equipment and personalize the accessories to your own liking. Summertown Airsoft sells everything you need to get out on the field and offers expert advice of what you may need to put in your arsenal. Many of the items they sell can be tried before you purchase them. A complete setup can keep you from paying the equipment rental price each time you play which will offset your equipment purchases in just a few months! 

Currently in 2022 the range fee is $25 on Saturday and $20 on Sunday with the equipment fee being $25 for each day.

What about non players?

Summertown Airsoft is one of the best places for kids and teenagers to play. We tell all of our visitors to see the Amish to bring their kids here for something to do. Sometimes a child or a parent doesn't want to play so they will want to sit it out. The Summertown Airsoft Clubhouse has wifi and a place to hang out while the others in your group are playing on the field. They also have food items and snow cones to cool you off or chilli and hot chocolate during the winter. Bathrooms are clean for both men and womens. The clubhouse is also heated and cooled with tables and chairs to eat at and play toys for the younger kids to play with. Outside there are spectator seats if someone wants to watch their party play airsoft.

You will need to sign the waiver in order to play

Summertown Airsoft Sign Up Waiver.

Summertown Airsoft sign up waiver.

You will have to have a valid driver's license or a guardian to sign the waiver for the player who wants on the field. The waiver is good for a year but MUST be signed before the player can enter the field. The field is is ok and played on by the owner and his kids so he keeps it up and maintains the quality of the playing field. There are a few rules we must tell you about that will affect your time on the field. You must not use full auto and you must keep your fps below 420 to keep from hurting people when shot. Plus the full auto doesn't help all that much other than buying more bb's. You can find way more helpful information on the Summertown Airsoft website linked in the buttons below! 

Directions to Summertown Airsoft

Getting to Summertown Airsoft is easy and you can enter 348 State Hwy 20, Summertown, TN 38483 into your gps of choice and find your way there! The Farm Community and the new order Amish community are also on highway 20 for more points of interest and not far from the Dixie Oaks Golf Club. The button link below will take you to the online registration form so you can book your day and rent your equipment for your visit to play this awesome sport at one of the best facilities in the south! 

Outdoor Activities 

We have more outdoor sports than we do inside sports. Let's divide team sports up with parallel sports. A parallel sport is one that is played the same, no matter how many players there are. So if you like golf, tennis, motorcycle and atv, or bicycle sports then we have the place you will love!  We have both ball golf and disc golf courses and plenty of places to ride your ATV on wooded trails and jumping hills!  We also have archery and gun ranges where you can take your best shot and be on target!

Motorcycle Riders In Mid Jump.
A Group Of Ladies Playing Disc Golf.
Man Playing Golf.
Summertown Airsoft Battlefield Players.

Our outdoor activities webpage is where you can find all of our listings of outdoor activity in Lawrence county! This directory explains our top places for outdoor recreation! The button below takes you to the outdoor page so click the button and get started on planning your trip itinerary with these outdoor activities in mind!  

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