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Thunderhill Raceway Park Turn One.
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Race Tracks and ATV Trails

We have many racing and ATV related place to see in Lawrence county! The movie "Cars" brought a lot of attention to dirt tracks everywhere so it is no surprize that Thunderhill Raceway Park is a big hit with the kids! This dirt track is perfect to take kids to see these cars slide through the turns just like they did in the movie. For those who like to see cars who go straight, them Ethridge Motorsports Park is the place to be. This 1/8th mile dragstrip is for top speed cars that rattle the windows. They do have an alcohol class that goes over 200+ miles per hour. These cars come off the ground at the starting line and kids love to see them jump up and take off! You will want to bring ear protection with you at either park but the drag cars makes it essential. Both tracks are family friendly and do not sell alcohol. They both have a great concession area and feature ada compliant public restrooms when you need to go.

Amish Of Ethridge Car Tires Jumping At Ethridge Motorsports Park.
Car At Thunderhill Raceway Park.
Atv Racers Jumping Hills.
Motorcycle Track In Loretto Tn.

We believe you will have a great time with any of the motorsports events we have in Lawrence county. Read on below where we showcase each race track and give detailed descriptions of of each track and how you can plan your trip to see them.

Ethridge Motorsports Park

Ethridge Motorsports Park After A Busy Season.

At Ethridge Motorsports Park, it is all about speed. How fast they can take off and go down the track in a straight line the quickest! You don't need a pit pass here because the pits are in the open for anyone to see. A parent can show their kids how engines work and how they look when a pit crew is taking them apart an building them back together. The gas or alcohol these cas use is chemistry in the making. The crew chief looks over each part of the cars performance and records notes after each run. This planning phase can really teach children the importance of working as a team and how each pit member is responsible for doing their part to make their car run the best.  

Enter 29 Dooley Rd, Ethridge, TN 38456 into your GPS and find your way to this IHRA ruled race track and get your motor running at top speed! They have a great concession area and public restrooms for an evening of racing. They also have wheelchair accessible places up front to watch the race for those who need this service.  Call 1-931-242-2285, email ethridgemotorsportspark@gmail.com or message them on Facebook for more information.

Thunderhill Raceway Park

View From Whole Track At Thunderhill Raceway Park..

It is all about the oval here at Thunderhill Raceway Park! Dirt track racing is unique and there is only a few dirt tracks left. The "Cars" movie shows the main character learning the drive on a dirt track who is a legend and this time tested track is reminiscent of the way racing is done today. You can still see real racing with all the sliding through the turns at Thunderhill as you would back in the days the old cars used to do it. We believe everyone who is interested in the oval track should experience dirt track racing at least once in their lives. This park is great for kids as they even have a kids racing division! Their concession area have great foods kids like and there is usually a cook who provides better foods for us adults, like bbq sandwiches and huge burgers meant for an adult appetite! Below are the links to their facebook and website so you can read more about Thunderhill Raceway Park and see their race schedule and like their facebook page to keep up with them!   

Enter 75 N Old Military Rd, Summertown, TN 38483 into your GPS and find your way over to Thunderhill Raceway Park for an afternoon of dirt track racing! They have ADA compliant restrooms and seating for wheelchair accessibility. Call 1-931-334-9699 or message them on facebook for more information.

ATV and Off Road 

Motorcycle In Flight After A Jump.

Lawrence county has a lot of places to go off road and try your skills at making laps around the track at your own speed! Due to the nature of off roading adventures, we do not currently have a place to ride with rental equipment for a visitor to lease. If a rider have their own equipment and brings their ATV or motorbike with them, then they can ride under the circumstances places on the track. For example: The North Alabama Rider Association has a membership fee a rider has to pay to ride in Westpoint before they can legally ride there. Other tracks are ride at your own risk. Wheeling in the country is a very large trail riding place with rock climbing and off roading for the serious rider with specialty equipment. The North Alabama Trail Riders Association is varied and offers many trail types and jumps depending on skill level. Many of the race tracks in parks are safe for most beginner trail riders and kids as long as they know how to ride or go slow to learn. We will leave links to their websites so you can get more information on where to ride!

North Alabama Trail Rider Association

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