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Outside Of Crockett Theater.
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The Crockett Theatre and Staar Theatre

Lawrenceburg has a rich history of musical performances so in 1950 the Big Red Store closes and the Theatre opens with a beautiful display of lights and 1,265 seats to fill in with locals who want to see an act! The Lawrence and Giles county area was already known for their music with the James D. Vaughan Music Publishing Company and school on the Lawrenceburg Square and the Antoinette Hall on the Pulaski Square that opened in 1869. The theatre would bring in several music acts until TerryTown came and attracted more modern music acts of the 1960's. The Staar Theatre would not start until 1985 and is more known for their stage production plays than music acts. See the Crockett Theatre below!

The Crockett Theatre Today

In the past there were music acts that would perform regularly. Musicians who have past their prime would play here and tribute bands would come in. There hasn't been much music acts for a few years now but this is changing. We have community Theatre stage productions and events throughout the year. Bands like the Jeff Quillen Band play here often with saxophone player Taylor Cheatwood. The gospel quartet The Kellys group and Josh Franks continue the James D. Vaughan Festival each year to keep up the heritage of the man who made Lawrenceburg The Birthplace of Southern Gospel Music! The local Main Street has live music on the Lawrenceburg Square down to Depot Street where the Depot Street Break Room has music groups in each week. These local and regional groups will eventually begin to play in music festivals inside the Crockett Theatre and other music festivals like those at Briar Hill

Enter your address into your gps of choice and find your way to Crockett Theatre for a show or concert! See the buttons below for links to their Facebook page where you can keep up to date with them or ask them questions on messenger! 

The STAAR Theatre and Antoinette Hall

It is hard to imagine a place known for the beginning of the Klu Klux Klan having an Opera House but it is true. A Mr. Angenol Cox built this theatre in 1868 and named it after his wife just after the Civil War. It was said to be the nicest opera house this side of Cincinnati. Antoinette Hall also hosted lavish parties and evening ball style soirĂ©e where only the finest people could attend. The Hall would go on to produce many hit plays and host several famous opera singers along with new and improving management of the theatre. People from other cities would come to give talks or attend the plays put on here. Sadly in the 1930's the Antoinette Hall had to close as people were starting to prefer the movies over the traditional stage show. See the photos below of the theatre now and how to help restore it to its former glory in the links at the bottom of the page! 

Enter your address into your gps of choice and find your way to the STAAR Theatre where you can see a show or your favorite concert! Click the button below and see the STAART Theatre facebook page where you can keep up with them and ask them questions over messenger.  

How to attend these theatres

Since this is an Amish related website, these theatres would be labeled in the points of interest category so you would have to see if there is a show playing during the time of your visit. Planning to attend a show and see the Amish would have you to first see what shows are coming and then planning your Amish Adventure around the other points of interest. The Amish are open all year but these shows are only offered during their run. Below are the links to the websites you need to look for upcoming shows and news of other acts that may be coming to the theatre!  

Take a tour of the famous Antoinette Hall

To see the theatre today you must call the STAAR Theatre at 931.363.7222 or email tammy@antoinettehall.com to set up an appointment. A donation of $15 or more is strongly encouraged and you must climb a two story flight of stairs to get into the theatre doors on the side of the building. These donations go to restoring the theatre and adding a school to the building to teach generations of visitors about the arts!

Antoinette Hall Scene As It Is Today.
Antoinette Hall Scene As It Is After The Renovations.

There are other things to do here that may interest you, like a ghost tour or history tour of the area! There are plenty of civil war trails with Sam Davis monument and statue and a confederate cave just off the square! Plus you can see the Trail of Tears Interpretive Center and the bridge piling where the Bell and Benge routes crossed! The famous Milky Way Farm that belonged to Frank Mars of the Milky Way Candy Bars!   

Ghost Tours In Pulaski Tn.

Pulaski Ghost Tour

Pulaski Tennessee has a lot of old cemeteries, battlefields, Native American history in the area that has their own ghost stories. The Antoinette Hall theatre is said to have it's own ghost stories you can explore in the like below!   

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