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Axe Kicking Escape Rooms In Loretto Tn.
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Axe Kicking Escape from Warehouse 1

For those with a curiosity to throw axes like a viking then here is your place! This warehouse is the oldest place in Loretto that generated goods. Today Wade Pettus has created one side to throw axes in a bay configuration for safety and escape rooms on the other side where you get in a group and try to get out by finding clues. Mr. Pettus himself makes up the games so you won't be able to steal clues from other escape houses from other cities! During the holiday times of the year you may find games that reflect the holiday so a Christmas themed mystery may be an option or other similar game. 

Axe Kicking 

This side of the warehouse is all about throwing axes. There is a wooden target board to stick with your axe that should remain in the target area in order to count. You will have a bay that is enclosed on three side with chain-link fence so that you don't hit anyone. This design makes throwing axes very safe and kids of all ages have come to participate in this sport. You will find axe throwing very natural and the axe that is rented is very light in weight. It is just heavy enough to throw and stick the target but not so heavy to give anyone problems with holding it or dropping it. There is an axe master on site at all times.

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Axe Kicking is open Fridays at 4:30 pm to 10 pm and Saturday from 1:30 pm to 10 pm. Call (931) 843-9180 for more information. Email escapefromwarehouse1@gmail.com and see the booking link below if you know you need a certain time slot for your party or visit!

Escape From Warehouse 1

The other side of the warehouse is for the escape rooms! It is in these escape rooms where you will try to find clues as a group in order to get out. Go as a family or meet up with your friends to see if you can use your smarts to see if you can intelligently find the meaning of the clue and string together the right sequence to get out of the room! If you don't succeed then that's ok. You just get let out after the hour is up. If you get out in a certain time, then you get your photo taken with your time on it in hopes you are the fastest group to get out! 

Escape from warehouse 1 is open Fridays at 4:30 pm to 10 pm and Saturday from 1:30 pm to 10 pm. Call (931) 843-9180 for more information. Email escapefromwarehouse1@gmail.com and see the booking link below if you know you need a certain time slot for your party or visit!

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