The Amish Products For Food, Health, And Herbal Medicine

The Amish Products For Food, Health, And Herbal Medicine

By Josh Brown

January 25, 2022

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Amish Sign

Amish Horse Shoeing

Did You Know The Amish Are Health Conscious

Now everyone that knows anything about the Amish, know that they are hard works and most of that work is manual labor. From horse shoeing, plowing fields with a horse, to hand hammering all the nails in a new home, the Amish work hard everyday but Sunday. So it should come as no surprise that the Amish take good care of their bodies. But, did you know the Amish are into skincare, natural health, and even their posture!!! If you are always looking for some new ideas to be a little healthier this post is for you....  The Crockett Cooner is here again at The Amish of Ethridge.  I've looked into Amish health when its concerning food and herbal medicine, and found some new ideas to get you cracking again!!!

Canned Goods

Home Canned Goods

The Amish Canned Goods, Vegetables As Fresh As They Get

When the Amish come to mind, especially when it comes to cooking what is the first thing you think of, fresh vegetables? But, what happens when its Winter and there are no gardens growing? How do the Amish preserve their vegetables and why? Not only do the Amish can food in glass jars for themselves to eat over the winter months.  They also can food in glass jars for the public, that is sold in many different Amish stores. Now many people many not know that vegetables that are only a few months old and have recently been canned in glass have more vitamins than vegetables that have been canned for a longer periods of time, especially store bought canned foods in aluminum. The amount of preservatives found in canned store bought food and home canned foods is dramatically different. Now don't think home canned food doesn't have preservative but, usually its salt, natural acidity, or pectin and found in glass jars. Compared to store bought canned foods with preservatives such as BPA other wise known as bisphenol-A. Which has been know to causes health problems that stem from food in aluminum cans, and the heating of the aluminum in the canning process. Foods in aluminum cans show higher levels of BPA  and are linked causes of diabetes and heart disease. 

I've mentioned the difference in vitamins in canned food but, as you all know vegetables fresh from the garden are the healthiest for you, packed with vitamins. I'm happy to say that if you are in my area of the country or certain Amish inhabited areas of the country some of the vegetables served in some local restaurants are extra fresh. That's correct! you possibly have already eaten Amish grown produce, without knowing!!! Let me explain, many times the Amish sale their produce at local markets or auction sales where the produce is bought by local restaurant owners. I would speculate if you live or have visited a area of the country with a large Amish population. Especially, if you went to the local "mom and pop's" restaurant in the summer months and had any vegetable that was really packed with taste and fresh it was most likely Amish grown!

Amish Produce

 Amish Grown Produce At Auction Bought By Local Restaurants At  "The Plowboy Auction" Sale

The Amish Make Soap

If you have ever had a dirty job that involved livestock and sweat of your brow, you know nothing feels better than a good shower afterwards. So if you really want to take care of your skin and body. I have  to ask, have you ever looked into Amish made soap? The Amish make some great soap and other health and beauty aids. The Amish make such soaps as goat milk, natural wildflower, and pumas soap  just to name a few. The homemade soap comes in a verity of scents for many different uses and skin types. 

Another great soap that you can purchase from the Amish is lye dish soap. In the making of lye soap as many people remember from chemistry class the ingredients can be caustic. But, once the entire process is completed, you have a soap that is incredible. The Amish make a lye soap that consists of food grade lard, lye, different types of oils and water. If you are really into the idea of a soap much like your grandmother used which kept her skin soft and dishes so clean, the Amish have it. The idea of homemade soap sounds easy but, for readers that have be involved in the making of homemade soap it is quiet an art. If the incorrect amounts of lye is used or the wrong amount of water the Ph of the soap will be incorrect and can cause skin irritation! This is never a problem with Amish soap much like the Amish other handcrafted skills, soap making is no different, the Amish really have soap making down to a correct science.  

Amish Soap

Amish Homemade Soap

Amish Soap

Amish Goat Milk Soap And Amish Made Candles

Points To Remember With Amish Soap

  • Lye found in most, but not all Amish soap is a disinfectant and cleanser.
  • The Amish make soap for your body that has many natural oils for healthy skin
  • The Amish also make lye soap for household use (dishes and laundry)
  • The Amish also make pumas exfoliating soap for skin care

Have You Ever Been To An Amish Doctor For Herbal Medicine

Did you know that the Amish sometimes have their own special doctors? Keeping in the mind set of food, health, and herbal medicine the Amish are no strangers to keeping their regular doctor visits. 

"In my case since I'm an "Englisher" the Amish doctor that visits the Swartzentruber Amish community near my home will see all others beside the Amish one day of the week, I believe it was Thursday. It was quiet interesting and a strange experience, to say the least. I would NOT call the Amish doctor I saw a Ophthalmologists, but he did his entire exam by only looking in my eyes with a flashlight!!! I told him nothing about myself, but he found quiet quickly I had stomach pain, explained the issue to me and gave me a recommendation on herbal medicine, and recommended seeing a Gastroenterologist!!! "   Crockett Cooner

Now the Amish doctor might not be for everyone, and the herbal medication they often prescribe will many times not cure a problem completely. On the other hand, in many cases the herbal medication used by many Amish people is quiet useful. Medications such as Garlic for helping with heart issues. Turmeric for help with the common sinus cold along with Peppermint, Goldenseal, and Ginger just to name a few more. But, keep in mind I'm no doctor myself the point of this post is just to explain different Amish ideas. I'm not telling ANYONE to see the Amish doctor or  take herbal medicine without asking a licensed Medical Doctor!!!

Herbal Med. Southern

Herbal Medicine Used By The Amish

A List To Keep You In Order When Going On The Hunt To Buy Amish Health Care Products

  1. Check with your own medical physician before starting any use of herbal or all naturally home made homeopathic health care products.  Check to see if you might have any allergic reactions before use..
  2. Locate a Amish store or English store close to Amish country that sales the products you need. Keep in mind not all Amish communities sale their products to the general public or have shops open to the public. So a general internet search can provide information of Amish community locations.  
  3. When buying canned foods from the Amish look for the date of canning and where the products where made or grown. Many times different communities of Amish will share their products in each others shops. It's not uncommon to see Amish products in stores states away from where they where produced. 
  4. Lastly, always remember when dealing directly with the Amish shops many times they will NOT accept credit cards, debit cards, and don't have ATM 's so cash money is the best. 

I hope this post has added some light on many interesting facts about the Amish and other great products and ideas they offer. Please check out the rest of the Amish of Ethridge website and our other websites. Make sure to leave us a review we love to hear your ideas and opinions. If you got a second please fell free to subscribe to the new letter. Lastly make sure to check out The Amish of Ethridge on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Have a great and wonderful day thanks for taking time to read our blog. 


Do the Amish have a different selection of vegtables you can't find at a supermarket?

Yes, the Amish are usually a great place to find a wide variety of vegetables you can't or don't normally find at your local supermarket. (examples: different types of tomatoes, corn, and squash)

Does Amish handmade soap have more benefits?

Yes, for people with skin problems such as acne, eczema, scarring, and allergic reaction to man made chemicals. The Amish handmade soap is all natural and many times can help with these problems.  

Can herbal medicine cause other problems?

Yes, It is not uncommon for herbal medicine to have adverse side affects or not cure a problem at all. In some cases herbal medicine when used in combination with licensed over the counter medicine can  cause major side affects and even death in some cases.  If you are looking into herbal medications from the Amish doctors. I would strongly advise you to ask a medical licensed doctor or personal physician before doing so!!

Do the Amish offer many other health and food options not mentioned in this blog?

Well actually, there are so many other things the Amish community offers when it comes to health and well being, that I can't mention it all in this blog. The best answer is to visit an Amish community find the correct Amish store to fit your needs and see what they have to offer. 

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