Amish Stores What A Variety They Have

Amish Stores What A Variety They Have

By Josh Brown

January 11, 2022

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Mckenzie Amish Market Variety.

McKenzie Amish Market Variety.

From Quilts To Pickles The Amish Make It All

We have all seen the Amish Stores on the sides of the road, and the hand made Amish signs for canned goods. But, did you know the Amish make many more products and crafts most people never know of? If you are like me and have a love and amazement for the Amish and their old world craftsmanship, this post is for you. So hold own to your hats and sit back for a good read. The Crockett Cooner has come to The Amish Of Ethridge page. To tell you ALL just what the Amish make, YOU may not know about!!!

Amish Dog Collars

Hand Made Dog Collar By The Amish

Custom Made Amish Dog Collars

Hypoallergenic Custom Made Dog Collars

Products That The Amish Make For Dogs

Now as we all know the Amish are master craftsmen, they make all types of canned goods to hand crafted quilts, it seems the Amish know how to do it all. When you think of Amish culture, farming and livestock seems to comes to mind.  But, many people are unaware that the Amish also craft products for other animals such as dogs. Hypoallergenic dog collars and dog leads are a great product to look for when visiting a Amish store.  If you noticed the above picture the hound is wearing a handmade hypoallergenic dog collar, hand crafted by the Amish. Not only do these Amish dog collars stay dry because of their plastic exterior coating. The plastic coating the Amish collars come with reduce the odors of our fury friends.

Now if your into a sporting or working types of K9's, or just want motorist to see your four legged friend. The Amish also produce a line of reflective collars that come in many fluorescent colors such as orange, blue, green, and pink just to name a few.

    "Now as a professional dog handler all of my trusted dog leads and collars come from the Amish. The hand stitched  and riveted double thick collars and leads can hold up to all weather conditions, and the ruff treatment my equipment gets in the field"                                                                                                                                                                   Crockett Cooner

Not only are the collars superior but the dog leads the Amish make are also excellent. With double stitched fabric and a 50/50  chain fabric make up the leads are heavy enough to handle even the strongest of dog breeds, especially those that like to chew on their leads. Another great option that the Amish dog leads offer is a snap and ring system for tying your pets. Their is nothing worse than being at a park or family outing and needing to free your hands. But, not having any way to tie your pets for just a moment. The snap and ring system is very handy when checking your phone or removing money from a pocket. But don't think that dog leads and dog collars are the only thing the Amish make, that you may not know of.  

Other Things At The Amish Stores For You Dog Lovers

  • Amish Made Natural Dog Foods and Treats
  • Amish Made Cedar Dog Houses
  • Amish Dogs For Sale (Specializing in different Breeds)
  • Amish Made Natural Remedies For Dogs

It's Time To Talk Clocks With The Amish

Did you know that the Amish also do clock repair!!! If your looking for someone that can fix that antique grandfather clock the Amish might just be able to fix that family heirloom. So what makes the Amish so special in clock repair not only do they have wood working skills, the Amish have large families that practice a variety of skills. It is not uncommon for one Amish family to specialize in clock repair and his relatives to specialize in sawmill lumbers, that offer many selections of hard woods, that you can't find in the local box stores. Which enable the Amish to mend and craft antique clocks made from woods such as Walnut, Birch, Cherry, Maple, and Oak.  

When you are looking into clock  repair from the Amish don't let their old world appearance fool you. They Amish use state of the art light oils and ultrasonic cleaning machines to clean the inner workings of antique clocks. Not to mention that most if not all of the gears and mechanical parts found in antique clocks can be remanufactured by the Amish if not by hand by industrial clock making machines the Amish have in their work Shops. 

The Front Area Of The Vintage Shoppe In Ethridge Tn.

Right Inside The Front Door In The Vintage Shop In Ethridge TN.

Types Of Clocks Repaired By Amish

Grandfather Clock Repaired By Amish

Another Craft Found In The Amish Stores' Is Shoe Repair

Amish Shoe Repair

Amish Stitched Shoes

You might not have thought of it, but the Amish are masters in leather craft. Shoe repair is just one of the leather crafts that the Amish specialize in. If you have a pair of good worn in boots that fit your feet just right, but they are in need of some attention to the soles of the boots the Amish can help. From vintage boots and shoes that have cork inner soles with cat paw heals to half soles that are nailed. The Amish are equipped with all types of presses, awl's, shoe knifes, and hammers that can mend the oldest types of boots and shoes. The Amish can not only replace and repair the soles but, also mend other areas on a variety of foot wear such as old stitching, eyelets, and create designs in leather shoes to give those old boots a new dresser look! 

Now I mentioned that the Amish repair shoes but the Amish shops that repair shoes are usually fully equipped tack shops. These Amish tack shops offer everything from hand made leather wallets and purses for men and women. To leather belts and harness repair for all types of livestock. One such specialty the Amish tack shops offer is leather cleaning and reconditing. With a large selection of saddle soaps to horse hair brushes the Amish tack shops can clean and condition away years of use and neglect from old horse team harnesses, halters , saddle bags, and  bridles. 

Now!!! don't think all the leather the Amish repair has to be for us or our four legged friends. The Amish also offer custom work on leather for the motorcycle lovers too. The Amish also build custom saddle bags for a variety of different motorcycles. Also, The Amish can sew hand stich seats for that custom Harley Davison or Indian we all love to ride. The Amish can stich and brad all different kinds of diamond and tuck & roll upholstery designs to give you that custom comfort look and fell  for your motor cycle seats.  So if you are in need of some custom handle bar fringe or a seat, next time take a look at a few of the Amish tack shops you might be surprised what you will find.  

Tack Supplies At Muddy Pond.

Tack Supplies At Muddy Pond.

Amish Bedroom Mattresses and Much More!

The Amish are no strangers to hard work, so it only makes sense they would want a good nights sleep. Another interesting product the Amish make, you may not be aware of are designer bedroom mattresses and bedroom sets. You too can rest your tired  bones on a custom made pillow top Amish mattress. But, what if you are worried that your bed frame might not fit your new Amish mattress!!! No worries the Amish also make full bedroom suites including beds, clothes dressers, and night stands. It comes as no surprise that the Amish would also be gifted in skills when it comes to home d├ęcor. In true Amish fashion the the beds that are constructed by the Amish are all made with full hardwoods, in many different styles. The Amish specialize in such beds as Shaker Canopy Beds, Rustic Long Beds, and Amish Quick Ship Log beds just to name few. If you would like to check out a few MORE examples of Amish constructed beds here is a quick link to show you what styles of beds the Amish offer. Dutch Crafters   (Note: The Dutch Crafters are in no way affiliated with the Amish of Ethridge website or our parent company Progeny Adventure Group LLC. We just love their products!)  

Finial Items To Look For At The Amish Stores

Since the Amish usually have large families, and live in a family orientated lifestyle. It should come as no surprise that there are always lots of children around an Amish home. As we all know, ALL kids get boarded easily!!! With such large families and so many small children the Amish are also masters at making wooden toys. Since their is such a market for quality handmade wooden toys the Amish may make a few board games you have forgotten about. The Amish make custom wooden checker boards with the checkers, not to mention the Amish also make custom wooden chess boards and hand carved chess pieces. If, a slow game of checkers is not for you or your kids, check out some of the other toys the Amish make such as Amish wooden heirloom marble roller toys.  Plus, the Amish toys also make great gifts for the holidays for stocking stuffers. With gifts in mind, maybe you would be interest in toys or gifts for smaller children.  The Amish make a wide variety of wooden rocking horses, pull behind toys for smaller children, and an assortment of wooden trucks, cars, and trains. 

Games Connect 4

Forgotten Games

Remember For The Next Visit To Amish Country

Make sure the next time you go into a Amish Variety store to look around for some of the products mentioned and other hand crafted products you may not know the Amish build. A few more points to remember always look for bulletin boards in Amish owned businesses. In a religious culture such as the Amish that have many different sectors that do NOT believe in modern conveniences such as  phones, T.V. and computers. Hand written notices such as work to be done, or items for sale are usually found in Amish businesses on their bulletin boards. Who knows what you might find, that you never knew you needed. Also, word of mouth is usually very important to the Amish business owners. I strongly urge that you strike up a conversation with the Amish business owners, you might just be surprised at what you will learn.  

A List To Help You Stay In Order And Not Forget Anything, When Going On A Trip To Amish Country

  1. Never plan a trip to Amish county on Sunday, the Amish will not work on Sunday.
  2. Dress for the weather before leaving home. There is no air conditioning in the summer at Amish shops and only wood heat in the winter in Amish shops. Make sure to wear good foot wear there are many sharp object found around Amish farms you can step on!
  3. Make sure to bring cash money, the Amish do not except credit or debit cards and there will be no ATM's near by.
  4. If you are planning on spending the day in Amish country, get gas and find a restroom, before you drive in such a rural area. 
  5. Keep an eye out for maps showing roads around the Amish community and names of roads while you drive. Many times there is no cell phone on internet service in Amish county.  

Thank you all for checking out our Blog, and we hope that you enjoyed the articles and find them interesting and informative. Any comments and reviews would be greatly appreciated, we will try to post back as soon as possible. Please fell free to check out all of our other web pages, and give us some of your ideas and opinions. Lastly, check out the Amish of Ethridge on Facebook YouTube, and Instagram for more videos and interesting topics on the Amish and Amish culture. 


Do the Amish construct dog collars and leads out of other materials besides hypoallergenic materials?

Yes, the Amish Construct dog collars and leads from a wide variety of products such as leather and nylon.  Also, the Amish can handstamp identification tags for your new and old dog collars, to help lost pets find their way home.

Can the Amish repair clocks made outside the United States, say Swiss made clocks?

Yes, In many cases the innerworkings of clocks are similar, no matter where the clock was originally constructed.

What are other hand stitched items the Amish can repair or make at leather shops?

The Amish in my area can stitch new and repair fabrics for car covers, tents, lawn & garden ( exp. grass catchers) farming machinery (exp. hay cutters canvases) , and carpets and rugs.

Do the Amish have a set price on products?

Most of the time, Depending on what you want the Amish craftsman to build or repair they usually have a set price list. Some prices may differ from business to business depending on the Amish business that is preforming the work. But!! a great rule of thumb is do NOT argue price with a Amish craftsman they know what set dollar $ they need from each product. If you believe a price is to expensive, just visit a different Amish business. 

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