The Amish Are True Horsemen

The Amish Are True Horsemen

By Josh Brown

January 15, 2022

Amish Horses, Equine, Horsemen, Livestock

Amish Buggy In Mckenzie Tennessee.

Amish Buggy In McKenzie Tennessee.

Do You Love Horses and Horse Related Things

Have you decided to get into horses or maybe you are already a horse lover and owner and are looking for a new saddle horse to ride. Could it be you are environmentally friendly and are in search for a good team of horses for skidding logs or to pull a plow for a garden. Maybe you love horses but are in need of a master horseman to break or shoe a horse for you, because you just don't have the time!!! Well if any of these topics spark your interest in the world of equine. I have to ask have you thought about looking into the Amish communities to see what they have to offer? The Crockett Cooner is here again at The Amish Of Ethridge, and I've done some looking into the world of horses in the Amish culture, and this is what trotted up!!! 

Amish At Wal-Mart

Amish Buggies

The Amish Know Their Way Around A Horse

Now as most people know or have seen in movies and social media. The Amish usually ride in horse and buggies. But, did you know the Amish are great on horse back!!! True, the Amish are farmers and master craftsmen with their hands. But, they do love to get in the saddle from time to time and take a ride. Not to mention they can tell you just about anything the involves a horse. From how to shoe a horse to how to break a horse, the Amish cover it all. So, if a horseman is what you are after you might take a weekend trip to see the Amish and see what they have to offer. But! keep in mind the Amish do NOT work on Sunday!! That is if you decide to travel to Amish country to fulfill all your horse needs.

Now I know in times past there has been some negative press on how the Amish treat and view livestock, especially horses. But, as a person that lives close to a large Amish community and a person that interacts with the Amish all the time. I would like to say first and foremost that this is NOT always true. Many different times I've spoke with members of the Amish community here and they really are animal lovers, not to mention have a in depth knowledge on everything horse related. But, just like anyone else the Amish communities are know different, from any other cultures or communities. There are good and bad people in any community, but it only takes one bad apple to spoil the rest!  

Amish On Horse Back

Amish Horseman

What Do The Amish Do In The Horse Business

  • The Amish have horse farriers (That will travel to your stables)
  • The Amish will train horses to ride or to pull equipment
  • The Amish will make custom lunge lines, saddles, bridles, saddle blankets and halters
  • The Amish offer different bloodlines of many different horse breeds for breeding
  • The Amish recondition and mend old saddles, boots, and equipment
  • The Amish will floor and refloor horse trailers and sleepers

Do You Have The Time To Find A Horse

We live in a day and time where everything seems in a rush. The Amish are much like everyone else, they work all of the time and seem to always be busy. So if you have decided that on the weekends you might like to get into trail riding, and have decided to buy a horse. Take a trip and ride to the nearest Amish community if you want to buy a good saddle horse. If bloodlines might not be anything your worried about the Amish can usually find you a good horse ready to ride at a reasonable price. Now if you would like to find a horse with some really good breeding the Amish can also help in that area too. Its not uncommon to find many Amish families have different breeds of horses from Quarter Horses, Appaloosa, American Paint, and good Grade Horses just to name a few. Also, if you have decided you need a larger breed of work horse more like a draft style horse. The Amish have all you want to chose from. Belgian, American Draft, Dutch Draft, and Haflinger you can find it at the Amish farms, if your in need of a work horse. 

With word of mouth being a big part of the Amish communities usually a ride through Amish country, and stopping and asking a few Amish farmers, will produce good results or leads on the type horse you want and which Amish family has a horse for sale. Also, keep in mind if the first Amish home you stop at doesn't have any horse information, don't give up and keep and eye out for signs in Amish county that show what each Amish home has for sale. When you find the right Amish home your horse needs and questions can usually be met. 

A Good Ordered List For The Readers That Have Decided To Buy A Horse From An Amish Horseman

  1. Decide before you go to Amish country on the breed of horse you want to buy.
  2. Do your research at local livestock auctions and on the internet for the Amish Horseman that might have the breed of horse you want to buy. Many times "English"  friends and neighbors of Amish farmers will share information on livestock sales in different areas, for the Amish.
  3. When you set out to buy your new horse, go to Amish country prepared. I suggest take your livestock trailer with you and plan on taking cash money or personal check.
  4. (Very Important) Make sure to plan your arrival to do a little horse trading at the right time of day. My suggestion would be Monday-Friday sometime after lunch, around 1P.M. The Amish are very busy on Saturday with other businesses they own and the Amish do NO work on Sunday.  
Amish Horse

Amish Draft Horse

So Why A Amish Horse Farrier

A horse farrier is a person who shoes all types of equine. For a closer look at what a horse farrier does check out this link Horse Farrier but, you might be asking yourself why use a Amish horse farrier? As a person that lives near a large Amish community, and having a back ground in horses myself. I would much rather trust any equines hoof to a person that day in and day out for the biggest part of their life have worked with horses and know the health concerns for a horse. For anyone that has a background or knowledge in horses you will know that a horse shoe is important to keep the hoof from wearing down to quickly. Not to mention that if the inner "frog" of the hoof is very sensitive and needs to be cared for by a person with experience.  Much like a humans fingernail when any type of equine, is walking a lot especially with riders  on different hard surfaces. The frog can become injured if the shoes are incorrect and in turn cause health problems to your horse, such as becoming foundered. 

Now the Amish are born into a lifestyle that requires a horse to be their form of transportation, how they make their income at times, and their source of power to eat. With all of this exposure to horses the Amish fully understand what makes a good horse for any type of need and how to keep our four legged friends healthy.  Did I mention that the Amish sometimes sale health supplies and feed for horses. The Amish seem to have everything from Mane and Tail Brushes , Shedding Blades, to Hoof picks. Not to mention the Amish often make their own Alfalfa pellets and beet pulp for a added source of fiber when hay can't be found, that they often times sale to the general public.

How Do The Amish Train Horses

Now horse training by the Amish is really a part of this Blog that is left up to interpretation or need of the specific horse or horse breed. Much like people horses have very different personalities, and needs and the Amish horsemen are aware of this. I have seen MANY different methods of training used by the Amish for horses over the years. Everything from taking a 18 month old saddle horse and starting the breaking process. To using the weight of a younger Amish kid on a younger horse to  ensure the horse is becoming comfortable with people, and the breaking process. Not to mention that the Amish will use Lunging techniques to help develop response of the horse to ensure training and break bad habits. Now if your not after a saddle horse and want a draft style of horse the Amish really excel in this area. With plenty of farm work the Amish will train work horses for just about any type of work. From log pulling to breaking ground to working in a large teams, the Amish have been know to train work horses for some very high end carriage riding companies.  

But, lets stop for a second and look into horse training of a aggressive horse, by the Amish. Many people believe that with a aggressive horse you need to assert dominance in a horses mind. Then other people believe that training an aggressive horse should be done with care and patience over time.  No matter what your idea of training is, the Amish will have a trainer that can meet your needs and wants in training.  It is a must that you sit and talk with the Amish trainer and they are usually happy to explain their training methods. So your horse ends up being trained to your expectations and with your ideas of care.

Lets say you might want to train other types of equine such as mules, donkeys, mini horses, or heck even zebras for any different number of jobs. The Amish also train these types of equine breeds for many different jobs.

 "In years past I've personally seen the Amish train mini horses to pull small wagons, mules to pull logs and plows, and a zebra to ride"           
 Crockett Cooner 

Just about any type of livestock the Amish have the ability to train, if you can find the right Amish trainer. You might just be surprised as to what the Amish can tell you about your new four legged friend you might not be aware of. But, you can be assured if you decided to use an Amish horseman to train any of your equine that the trainer will spend countless hours training with the animal.  

Other Things Horse Lovers Will Like About The Amish

The Outdoor Saddles On The Porch Of Amish Saddles And Cowhides In Ethridge Tn..

Outdoor Sample Saddles On The Porch.

I have mentioned before on many Blog post that the Amish are superior craftsman in leather. From their handmade saddle blankets and saddles to riding crops and halters. But!!! I found a very interesting part of horse attire that even the Cooner did not know the Amish make. I found recently that the Amish make bits for horses. Everything from correction bits, gag bits, Tom Thumb, basically an assortment of all different types of snaffle bits and ports with bit guards and without. And for riders that worry about using a bit or you barrel racers out their reading this blog. I saw quiet a few hackamores and side pulls, for those horses with a sensitive mouth and ears. 

Also, in my many travels to Amish country I found that the Amish also will make custom buggies and wagons that come in a much flasher styles than what they ride in. From Western style wagons to Hansom Cab the Amish seem to make and repair them all. So, if you are in need of a period correct horse drawn type of carriage the Amish can help you out! Not to mention the Amish also repair and buy horse drawn equipment such a breaking plows, hay rakes, and single bar hay mowers. So if you have decided to sale that old hay rake that has become yard art, check with the Amish and they might buy and recondition it, or sale you that piece of  horse drawn equipment you have been looking for.

 Sadly this Blog post has come to an end I hope I have shared some information that will help you. Hopefully this post will give you some new ideas on different options for you horse lovers, that are in need of a good Amish horseman to train and care for your next horse. Thank you all for reading and please subscribe to our news letter, leave us a comment below, we love all reviews. Make sure to take a look at our other Blog post and our other websites. IF!!! you get  a free second please check us out at the Amish of Ethridge on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, have a great and wonderful day.    


Will the Amish horseman trade with you, on horse related issues and items?

The good ol' horse trade!! Many times the Amish will trade on horse related things and products.  

Will the Amish Groom a horse for you?

Yes, A good rule of thumb is to speak with the Amish person doing the grooming ahead of time, if you are getting your horse ready for a special show or ride.

If you live close enough to an Amish community could you hire Amish works to work around your stables?

Yes, this is not Unheard of in my area of the United States. Many times many younger Amish horsemen will do work around stables such as picking up hay, cleaning stalls, and general overall horse stable jobs.

Can the Amish horseman help on things such as horse drawn wagons, log skidding swivels and hook?

Yes, The Amish have been known to build and repair western style wagons for us English, and to build and repair things such as log hooks, and horse drawn log skates and log skidding arms. 

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