Do The Amish Make Homemade Wine

Do The Amish Make Homemade Wine

By Josh Brown

May 14, 2022

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For many years the topic of the Amish drinking and making homemade wine has been a question that I was seeking an answer for. I mean as we all know the Amish community is usually made up of Amish people that are in tune with nature and the land, giving this country some of the best produce grown. It's not hard to imagine that  some of the big orchards that are located around Amish farms would not use those bountiful harvests of peaches, apples, and grapes to produce wine. After all the Amish genealogy comes from a back ground found in Switzerland, France, and Germany where wine making is a traditional art form. If your like the old Cooner here and just have to know, do the Amish make homemade wine and drink it? I'm pleased to say that I've found some information on the Amish wine making arts. So sit right back for a good read, the Crockett Cooner is here again at The Amish Of Ethridge doing a little blogging on the Amish and their wine making skills. I'm going to share with you the information I've found on the subject, to ensure the next time you raise a toast, it will be to those that are a few drinks behind..

Would The Amish Religion Object To Drinking Alcohol

Amish Sign In Deer Lodge Tn.

Amish Road Sign in Deer Lodge TN.

The Amish religion has very strict rules be it the New Order Amish the Old Order Amish or any other sects of Amish. All of the Amish orders  are very direct in their rules and principles that they follow when it comes to their interoperations of the  Bible and how to conduct oneself from those principles!!! So you might be thinking that the Amish would be totally against the idea of alcohol and wine making. On the other hand the Amish have a genealogical back ground that comes from areas of the world where wine making is a art form and way of life and has been done for centuries. So its not hard to see that the Amish might be steeped in old would traditions on a subject such as wine making.

If you know anything about the Amish lifestyle you will find out Yes, in fact some Amish sects do make wine and drink some alcohol.  However this practice of making wine and drinking is somewhat looked down upon by the New Order Amish church. In turn the ideas of drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco are  less looked down on by the Old Order Amish. The separation of the different Amish orders with different belief systems have many various ideas. But, one major  difference is their beliefs on how they use their produce such as grapes, peaches, beats, and other fruits that are grown from the land and in the case of the Old order Amish it many times is to produce wine.   

Points To Remember On The Amish And Homemade Wine 

  • Never do you find an Amish community with a liquor store that is Amish owned.
  • Never do you see the Amish sale any type of wine or alcohol that is homemade at their small road side stands, where Amish jams, jellies, and other products are found.
  •  Will the Amish communities that makes homemade wine, sale homemade wine to the general public, or  individuals? NO.
  • In some areas of the United States with certain Amish orders , will you occasionally see an Amish person in a bar or having a drink of Alcohol?  YES but, not in All  Amish communities. 

Laws, Rules, And Regulations That Amish And English Have To Follow

When it comes to the Amish community and the English community there are Laws that everyone has to follow when it comes to sales of alcohol. The Amish have a strict moral mindset when it comes to religion and also when it comes to following the laws. About the only law the Amish have an objections to are being in military service and voting most of the time but, as we see there are some Amish people found doing both . The major reason that you do NOT see any Amish bars or the Amish selling homemade alcohol at any road side stand are the laws governing the sales.

For some good information for anyone that might be wondering what are the rules on producing sprits for everyone at home. Here are a few quick links that show exactly what must be done in order to sale and produce any type of alcohol legally. Home distilling &The Laws And Regulations On Making Alcohol For Home Or Starting A Business As you will see after checking out the hot links above the money that has to be paid to the government to produce alcohol can many times be very expensive. The Amish culture is very resourceful in nature and starting a business that can be very costly in taxes but, have a wavering return is just not really the Amish way of life.   

M And M Winery Fruits.

M and M Winery Fruits Located Nearby The Amish Community Here In Tennessee

Amish Gatherings And Celebrations With Homemade Wine

Now as mentioned in the first of this blog post, the Amish history does come from a part of the world where wine making is a tradition. With many of the large Amish farms, you will see some great fruits being grown from Amish owned orchards and vineyards. That usually produce great jams and jellies, but that fruit in some cases is used to make homemade wine. So you might be asking yourself when would the Amish have a drink, are they daily drinkers, and do they drink in public? Much like us English folks you will see the Amish orders that don't frown upon Alcohol as much, having a drink at special occasions such as weddings and some family gatherings. In some larger Amish communities you will sometimes see Amish people having a drink at a bar or with a meal in a restaurant. Usually the Amish communities that do make homemade wine  mostly keep to themselves  and are private people that keep the wine they make for personal use. But, much like everyone else the Amish are no different. With any community Amish or English, alcoholism is no joking matter and is prevalent in some Amish people . Often there is a little out back of the barn, sip of the homebrew when it comes to the Amish culture, and keeping with a strong dutch tradition this is often daily!!! 

Many Variety Of Fruits At Mnm Winery.

Many Varieties Of Fruits At M and M Winery Near The Amish Community Here In TN.

What Variety Of Fruit Do The Amish Make Wine Out Of

If you notice, the pictures in this post they where all taken at an English owned professional winery located close to the Swartzentruber Amish community found here in Middle Tennessee. The owner of M and M winery gave me some great information on Amish wine making. From a few Amish workers he had hired to pick his grapes. The Amish ladies that worked for M and M opened up about the Amish way of making wine. I ask the owner of M and M winery what flavor of wine do the Amish make? His answer shocked even me, here is what he said...

"The Amish ladies that picked grapes for me where some of the best workers I ever had. I ask them if they ever drank wine, and they said yes, but not all the time. I ask them what type of wine do the Amish people mostly make? The Amish ladies explained to me that, they use all kinds of Grapes, Muskaan, and Apples, but mostly Beets."

So being new to the art of wine making myself, I was taken back when I heard "Beets." So the owner explained that he had sampled some of the Amish homemade wine from beets, he explained it was good, but had a rounded natural flavor. 

If You Want Too Try Amish Homemade Wine

If you are a wine lover and would just love to sample some of the wine the Amish make, it can be a difficult task. As mentioned before the Amish are a very religious group of people and are not always forthcoming with all of their products, practices, and way of life. But, if you are just in the hunt for a sample of Amish wine, keep in mind that wine is a product that only SOME Amish people make, but NEVER SALE or can NOT LEAGLLY SALE TO THE PUBLIC. If you have decided to go in search of a bottle of Amish made wine, here are a few rules that might help you in your task. First when you plan your trip to an Amish community, do your research and find an Old Order Amish community. The Old Order Amish community would be your best bet of finding an Amish farmer that makes wine. Next when you arrive at the Old Order Amish community take note of your surroundings, look for Amish farms that have visible fruit orchards/trees with fruits that could be used to produce wine. Also keep an eye out for the really obvious vineyard type of plants. This could be a wide range of plants such as grapes, blueberries, muscadine, raspberries, and blackberry plants that are usually grown with trellis supports in rows. Also, keep a look out for signs that mention the sales of fruits that could be used to produce wine. The typical Amish farm is usually very large, and certain plants for wine making may not be visible from the road. Lastly, word of mouth might be our best friend, supposing you have followed the instructions listed above. Find an Amish person that has fresh fruits for sale, and just  ASK directly if that Amish person might have or know any Amish people that make BEET wine. I'm only speculating here but, if you find an Amish person that makes Beet wine, possibly they might have other flavors of wine!!!

I hope my information here might be beneficial to all of the wine lovers that have now decided to try and find a sample of Amish homemade wine. I can't stress enough that your journey to locate an Amish farmer that makes homemade wine will be difficult enough, not to mention an Amish farmer that will let you sample their homemade wine!!!  Below is a quick reference to also remember when deciding to start your trail for Amish homemade wine.

Four Other Things To Remember When Seeking Amish Homemade Wine

  1. Season, Growing, Time Of Year/A great point to remember is time of season when certain fruits are ready to be harvested. The harvest would bring about the chances that the Amish  farmer might be making wine.
  2. Day Of Week To Visit Amish/ I would suggest a Friday or Saturday morning would be the best day to find an Amish farm that is not so busy with customers, that you might luck out and find a sample of Amish wine. (Remember: The Amish Don't Work On Sunday)  
  3. Spend Some Time/ I suggest spend time with the Amish person that makes homemade wine and ask questions on the Amish process of making wine. Befriend this Amish person and who knows what you will learn!
  4. Don't Ask To Buy/ The Amish DON'T sale homemade wine (It's Against The Law To Sale Homemade Wine), so just asking for a glass of wine is quiet a bit different than buying a bottle of wine.

 I hope the information here on Amish viewpoints and practices in wine making will help you to have more information on the subject. Please feel free to leave us a review, we love to hear from our readers. If you like The Amish Of Ethridge page please sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on everything happening on this website. Also make sure to check out our other websites. Lastly when your checking out the inner webs look for  the Crockett Cooner and The Amish Of Ethridge on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Thank you all again for reading, have a great day and an even better tomorrow. 


What King James Bible verse do the Amish believe in when it comes to homemade wine?

King James Bible 1st Timothy 5:23  "Drink no longer water, but use a little wine for thy stomach's sake and thine often infirmities"

What is the most common homemade wine the Amish make?

Beet wine is the most commonly seen but, you will find all varieties of wine homemade by the Amish

Do the Amish make and drink other kinds of alcohol?

Yes, certain Amish orders/sects do make and drink beer and will make and drink other alcoholic drinks

Do the Amish buy alcohol for drinking in stores?

Yes, the Amish will buy alcohol for drinking at package stores.  SIDE NOTE:  Some states are now requiring even the Amish to have a photo I.D.  Buying Alcohol for drinking is one reason for certain states to require even the Amish to be in photos pictured on an I.D.

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