The Amish Install Metal Roofing And Metal Siding

The Amish Install Metal Roofing And Metal Siding

By Josh Brown

February 10, 2022

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Home Metal Roofing Or Metal Siding, The Amish Can Help

The Amish Heritage Farm Museum In Ethridge Tennessee.

The Amish Heritage Farm Museum in Ethridge TN.

Amish Construction

Have you checked the prices lately, for home renovations or new construction? If you have I'm sure you have found it is not cheap. Maybe you have decided that you would like to have a metal roof installed on your home, but the price for contracting is  outrageous! Metal outbuildings are also another great addition to your home and not to mention useful. If you are in need of some good home reinventions and can't find the right contractor to fit your needs. I suggest the Amish might just be who you need to ask.  It's the Crockett Cooner and I'm here again at The Amish Of Ethridge.  I've done a little looking around and I've nailed down some facts about Amish metal roofs, metal siding and prefabricated metal building to help you out....

Amish Home 7 In Morrison Tn.

Amish Barn With Metal Roof

Amish Metal Roofs

In the world of metal roofing there are many different types, styles, and colors to choose from. The Amish are master craftsmen when it comes to putting on metal roofs and building entire buildings out of metal. In most standard new home applications there are two types of metal roofs to choose from, the standing seam and screw down. But, usually the standing seam is the best fit for residential applications. The Amish are no strangers to the use of metal siding and roofing even installing the most modern of metal roofs for us "English" folks. But, in most Swartzentruber Amish constructed homes you will find that all of the Amish homes are constructed with metal roofing. The difference between "English" installed roofing that the Amish install for the public and the roofing the Amish put on their own homes is the type of metal. In most Amish homes you will see galvanized traditional types of roofs installed, with no special colors or styles. 

But, remember to keep in mind, just because the Amish chose to keep a traditional style roof on their own personal homes.  The Amish roofers will install any color or style of roof you want. It's not unheard of that the Amish roofers have their own machines to bend any style of roof texture you might think looks the best. The Amish can bend just about anything from batten seam to high seam styles of roofing. Not to mention that most metal you purchase at your local box stores comes in one standard size and the Amish roofers bend and cut the metal right on site. This is very useful when the section of roof has to span and run a great distance. A solid sheet of metal spanning the distance creates less breaks in the roof line and protects the decking of the home from elements. 

Amish Roof

Amish Screw Down Type Of Roof

Points To Remember About Amish Roofing

  1. The Amish can install just about any style of metal roof you want
  2. The Amish roofers bend their metal on site (No break in long runs of metal)
  3. Amish contractors usually charge less money
  4. The Amish will also install metal roofing such as Spanish styles, Copper, and Shake

Amish Metal Buildings

Amish Metal Building

Amish Constructed Metal Building

Now you might be asking yourself what is the difference between metal that is installed on a roof and the metal used for siding? Really there is no difference in the materials. This is where you have to ask yourself what your needs are. If you are interested in older home renovations or new construction or possibly you just need a new barn or  prefabricated out building, the Amish metal siding is the way to go. Now comparing Amish metal to tradition building products there is a huge difference. One of the first thing to remember is longevity with the Amish metal siding it is not unheard of for the exterior of a structure to last for generations with out any problem. Next another point to keep in mind is that Amish metal requires little in the way of painting. One benefit that you get from metal bent by the Amish on site is the finish of the metal. Usually the metal used by the Amish  comes with a Kynar finish. Meaning the finish on the metal when properly installed will last up to 35 years without any need for new paint. 

Now if you are in an area of the United States that gets extremely hot. The Amish metal siding is great for keeping heat out in the summer, and making your power bill that much cheaper. The Amish metal buildings are usually installed with a air gap in between the sheeting of the wall and the exterior. This gap allows the air to pass between the two coatings and allow for cooler temperatures  and for moister that forms in the damper months to dry reducing different types of molds... Now if your like me and you like to do a little pressure washing in the summer the Amish metal is one of the easiest types of exterior home finishes to clean. If you find your home or out building is showing signs of green mold in the summer months. With just a little soap and water the Amish metal panels will come clean and look just as good as the day they where installed. 

Other Points That Make Amish Metal Siding And Roofing Great

The metal that the Amish use is 100% recyclable when it comes time for a change. Now, just for conversation sake, say a storm was so bad the Amish metal roofing or siding was damaged, you might have to refurbish your home. The great thing about Amish metal is that it can  replaced quiet easily. Not to mention that with metal panels if you need to remove part of a panel to repair something underneath, its no problem.  But, in the case that the metal was damaged beyond repair. The damaged metal can be sold for scrap metal and the profit used to repair your home back to its original condition and in some cases the used metal sheets can be resold for smaller new construction projects, in which case the amount of money back to the seller is greater.   

What Do The Amish Use To Attach The Metal To Roofs And Siding

Usually there is three different methods the Amish use to install their metal sheets, depending on what the home owner wants and what is best for the install application. In most applications on roofs or siding the Amish us a exposed hanger. Which is nothing more than a mechanical type of fastener such as corrosion resistant screws or bolts . Usually the Amish will use a exposed screw head and not a concealed screw head when attaching the metal to the underlayment. This is because it gives the homeowner a better price for the install, makes the install time faster, and makes any repairs in the future easier for the homeowner.  Now, don't forget that exposed fasters do come with a little risk. With an exposed screw head the exposer of the screw head to the elements can cause the risk of leaks. So, if a screw head becomes damaged the chances of a leak are much greater. 

Another option the Amish offer is a standing seam roof or siding. In this type of application the fasters are concealed. Instead of the screws being screwed through the roof or siding the Amish roofers install clips to the underlayment and then attach the metal panels to the clips. Now with this type of install the risk of leaks is greatly reduce because the  screw heads are not exposed to the elements and corrosion. Now I have to say that with the standing seems application the Amish use, the over all look of the roof  or siding is very stylish and modern. 

Lastly a new modern design of roofing that I've only seen the Amish use a few times before is the concealed adhesive type of metal application. Now when the Amish use this type of  application to install metal they use a industrial type of adhesive that fastens the two panels together and to the underlayment. Now much like in a standing seem roof the metal sections will not have any holes placed in the metal. Overall the metal will be much more resistant to the elements and give the entire project a more stream line look. 

Now a personal opinion, Many people shy away from the idea of using adhesive to install metal sheeting in new homes or in renovations, be that in roofing or siding. I can personally say that in my much younger days as a home builder. I never heard any of the guys that came behind us to roof or siding a home say anything bad about using adhesive. Even here in Tennessee the adhesive could hold up to the cold windy Tennessee winters. Then in the summers the adhesive was also resistant to the extrema heat we have  in the southern United States.   Crockett Cooner
Amish Roof

Screw Down Metal Industrial Roof

What You Need To Do In Order To Find An Amish Contractor And Get Your Project Done Successfully 

  1. If you live close to an Amish community keep a close look around your area to see if you see the Amish working on some else project. Renovation sites on farms and old neighborhoods are a hotspot .
  2. Word of mouth is always a useful tool when locating a Amish contractor, but don't for get to check local bulletin boards new large Amish settlements.
  3. If you decide to take a trip to Amish county to locate a contractor, keep in mind many times this type of work is usually NOT displayed on signs by Amish homes. Be prepared to drive and visit a few different Amish homes to find a contractor for the work.
  4. So, if you take a trip to Amish county to find a contractor. Plan your trip Monday-Friday usually the Amish are very busy on Saturday with other businesses they own, and the Amish do NOT work on Sunday. Also, depending on the season it maybe difficult to locate someone around a Amish homestead. My suggestions around 1 P.M. is a great time to find someone home.
  5. Lastly, if you chosen to have an Amish contractor do your work, make sure to plan for things to help your contractor out. Such as stock some lunch meats, bread, and drinks if the work is done at your home. It can be difficult for Amish workers to make a run to the store for a lunch break in area with lots of traffic, they ride in horse and buggy.

Sadly this blog post has come to a end, I hope you now have a better understanding of the metal roofing and siding the Amish install. Please feel free to leave us a review at the bottom of this post, we love to hear everyone's ideas. If you have a second please subscribe to our news letter to keep you up to date on everything here at The Amish Of Ethridge.  Also make sure to check out our other websites and make sure to look for the Amish of Ethridge at our Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram pages. Thanks again for reading and have a great and wonderful day.


Does the type of metal effect the price? 

 Yes, The different types and styles of metal can be a factor in the overall finished price.

Do the Amish Comply with the building codes for your state?

Yes, In most case the Amish know the building codes to follow, and many Amish workers, work for "English" contractors.

Can the Amish Give you A finished Cost or Estimated cost for finished work on a Roof or building a structure?

Yes, just like any contractor the Amish are usually good to work with and have a knowledge of cost of materials. 

If you are buying a prefabricated metal building can the amish move it to your location?

Sometimes, This is where you must check with your Amish builder, some Amish contractors have the ability to move the pre-fab structures, and some don't!

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