Amish Techniques In Construction of Furniture

Amish Techniques In Construction of Furniture

By Josh Brown

January 20, 2022

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J&Amp;E Cabinets Wood Sanding Room.

J&E Cabinets Wood Sanding Room.

The Amish Are Great At Woodworking

Have you ever sat on a comfortable rocking chair on the front porch in the summer shade with a good cold glass of lemonade? Maybe, you have a love for custom cabinets, and woodworking.  If you are planning on building a custom barn, a new home, or the furniture to furnish that new house, the Amish might be who YOU need... The Crockett Cooner here again writing for The Amish of Ethridge. I've sawed into the idea of Amish woodworking and came out with some new information on Amish and building techniques!!! 

Inside The Amish Heritage Welcome Center With Lots Of Amish Furniture.

A Wide View Of The Inside Amish Heritage Welcome Center.

Look At That Wooden Patio Furniture

Nothing quiet beats the feel of a great glider on the front porch. If you like wooden furniture inside or outside your home. The Amish have some great skills at making the best furniture you have ever seen!!!  Amish woodworkers specialize in hand crafted gliders, porch swings, and picnic tables, made with a variety of different woods. From pressure treated lumber to cedar the Amish make some of the most comfortable wooden furniture in the world.  

Crafted to last its not uncommon to see the Amish construct chairs and gliders that will stand up to some of the most harsh environmental conditions for years. Using everything from phillips head screws to tong and grove construction , the Amish can really build things to last. Who knows what a good trip through Amish country might turn up for every homeowner. That wants a special piece of hand crafted furniture, to give their home that unique look.

Examples Of Wooden Patio Furniture The Amish Craft

  • Porch Swings
  • Porch Gliders/Love Seats
  • Rocking Chairs
  • Picnic Tables
  • Ice Chest

What Lawn Furniture Do You Need To Purchase From The Amish

When you are looking at Amish lawn furniture it depends a lot on which Amish community you are close to. In my travels to my local Amish community, I found I have the pleasure of living by the Swartzentruber sect of Amish. The Amish in my area are considered the Old Order Amish, meaning that because of their religious belief . The Amish in my area craft much of what they build by hand or gas powered engine. Most of the lawn furniture the Amish in my area build is constructed with cedar or red oak that grows wild in my part of Tennessee, or with the usual pressure treated lumber we all see at you local lumber yard. Depending on what area of the country you live in and the sect of Amish you visit,  determines what wood the lawn furniture will sometimes be made of and how it will be constructed, with power tools or not.  What makes the lawn furniture so special is the price compared to the construction methods the Amish use. Just by looking at any of the Amish constructed lawn furniture in my area you will notice the care that has been put into each board. The joints of the furniture are much tighter, the quality of the hardware such as the glide pins and swing chains is much heavier and stronger than in normal construction. This is really noticeable when you see a cedar constructed piece of Amish lawn furniture. As many people know, cedar is a natural bug repellent.  The Amish in my area of the country have constructed entire patio furniture sets from cedar, to rid you of those nasty summer mosquitoes!!!

 "A personal story here, I was very impressed this past summer with a cedar glider I saw at a Amish shop, for sale. It was heavy and well constructed with heavy hardware. Not to mention the cup holder build in the arm rest!!! The craftsmanship was impressive to say the least. The cedar had been clear coated to resist weather, but the smell of the cedar was still noticeable and impressive." 

                                                                                                                     Crocket Cooner 

Amish Furniture

Cedar Amish Furniture

What In Door Wooden Furniture Do The Amish Build

When you start looking at interior furniture the Amish might build, the possibilities are almost endless. One great item for the bedroom that the Amish make are quilt racks. These racks are not only beautifully constructed with Mortice and Tenon the quilt racks are also very useful. On a cold night when you need a extra quilt to warm up, its hanging on the rack at the end of your bed. Its nice NOT to leave the comfort of your warm sheets to grab another quilt.  Other great interior piece of furniture the Amish make is Amish Chest of Drawers. With interior furniture the Amish use many different types of wood. With all interior made Amish furniture you will find woods used such as Red Oak, Cherry, Cedar, Black Walnut, Loblolly Pine, Maple, and some Chestnut!!! One piece of furniture the Amish make the is very special to me are Amish Round Top Cedar Trunks. The cedar trunks leaves such a great smell on the items that have been stored in them, like blankets and add a classic touch of flare to a bedroom!!!

If you are in the mood for other items for the home besides bedroom items and bedroom suites. The Amish make great kitchen tables. The tables are heavy and sturdy well made pieces of furniture made many times with dowel, and Dovetail construction. The tables will hold up to the hottest of pans being sat on them. Now don't over look the kitchen chairs, keeping with the Amish way of life and family values. In an Amish home many meals are had around the kitchen table, so the Amish build kitchen chairs to last. The chairs can stand up to many family gatherings, and create a family atmosphere just by their styling. Now don't just think the Amish are only sitting around the kitchen table. The Amish bentwood rocking chairs make a great addition for you living room or for a babies bed room, for that fussy sleeper. The big rocking motion is perfect for people that enjoy rocking, but don't want to create noise like you get from springs on a normal rocker recliner. 

Other Interesting Wood Working Project From The Amish

Amish Rolling Pins

Amish Handmade Rolling Pins

If you enjoy unusual items around your home to add a little spice, the Amish make some interesting home d├ęcor. Some items the Amish make are custom bird houses, squirrel feeders, foot stools, boot pulls, toys, furniture for children, and rolling pins. Much like all of the other wooden furniture the Amish build, even their smaller items are made from good quality hardwoods. Not to mention these unusual neat little items are also useful and actually work, their not just for show!!! The bird houses are great for buyers that enjoy filming wild life, and the boot pulls are a prefect idea for those that like to work in the garden and have a little problem bending afterwards.  Lastly, The custom cutting boards make a great addition to those that enjoy grilling and have to trim their steaks to perfection.  

Amish Toys

Amish Toy Rubber Band Gun

Amish Brid House

Amish Handmade Bird House

How To Be Prepared When Asking An Amish Craftsman To Build You Something Special 

If you take a trip to Amish Country to find a particular Amish woodworking craftsman in the hopes to have something special built for you, say a bedroom set. Make sure to be prepared with the correct questions and information. Below is a list of the most important things to have in your possession and the questions you need to ask in order to make your trip a success. 

  1. Have your measurements for your products ready before planning a trip to see the Amish craftsman. Keep in mind that the Amish don't use cell phones or have internet, it can be hard to contact them if you forget what size cabinet, bedroom set, etc. you need. 
  2. Don't expect to get your products, such as bedroom sets, completed in a week!  Keep in mind that the Amish are very busy people and farmers. It's not uncommon for large products to take time to finish.
  3. If you have found an Amish shop to do your work, make sure to exchange addressee with the shop. This is useful to find out when your project is complete and to inquire if you have questions. This is especially useful if you have a long commute to Amish country.
  4. Make sure to bring cash money when you pay for your products, the Amish don't use credit or debit cards and ATM's can be hard to find. 
  5. Lastly, make sure if you have a product that needs to be tied /stabilized on a trailer or the bed of a truck, have your rope, blankets, and ratcheting straps ready before pickup. The Amish are resourceful people and many times reuse or don't stock such tie downs. 

Sadly, this blog post has come to an end. I hope this post has shed some light to Amish construction in wood working and that everyone gained some new information on the Amish and what products they produce. Please feel free to take a look around our blog and checkout the rest of our websites. Make sure to subscribe to our news letter and please leave us a review, we love to hear you ideas and questions.  Keep an eye open for more new interesting  up and coming post and make sure to check us out on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Thank again and have a great day. 


Will the Amish build products from your own personal lumber?

Yes, If you have a certain variety of lumber and you take it to a Amish builder, most times they will construct anything you want from your wood. But, most times they would prefer to use their own hand cut lumber.

Can the Amish repair and refinish old wood furniture for you?

Yes, The Amish furniture builders have been known to repair older furniture and refinish older furniture for people. You, just have to find the Amish builder that specialize in what work you want done.

Do the Amish build other wooden products not mentioned in this blog post?

Yes the possibilities are endless, there are so many I can't name them all. For people that are not familiar with the Amish craftsman. I suggest that you make a trip to Amish country and take a look around. The Amish are very talented in their certain job fields. A good rule of thumb is it "never hurts to ask" if you check out the Amish community you might be surprised at what they can do!!!

Will prices vary on Amish wooden products from shop to shop?

Yes, depending on the Amish shop doing the work the prices are not always the same. Generally the Amish price list will be close to the same at different Amish shops, but not always. The prices may vary from shop to shop depending on other outside factors. 

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