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Tour Terms and Conditions 

Thank you for selecting a tour!

Before going on your tour we have to get a few legal housekeeping things in order first before you go. Seeing this page is record of your acknowledgement of acceptance of these agreements.

You must agree to hold harmless the tour organizers, volunteers, place of tour, equipment used, Visitor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless The Progeny Adventure Group LLC and its employees, officers, directors, and agents against and from any and all losses, claims, damages, costs, fines and expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees, that The Progeny Adventure Group LLC may incur arising out of or relating to your use of the Site or our related services, your connection to the Site or our related services, or your violation of these Terms and Conditions. Indemnification shall not apply to damages proximately cause by the negligence of The Progeny Group LLC. You the visitor must agree to these terms before going on your tour. We (The Progeny Adventure Group LLC)  are not the tour company. We are just placing the booking form on our website to help visitors book a tour we advertise as a possibility a visitor may include in their own itinerary. The tour company is responsible for taking the booking and continuing the service the form implies.  

The visitor is also required to bring or wear anything that would interfere with their tour and dress accordingly with proper footwear so to keep a visitor safe during their tour. Any ADA compliance is up to the facility to maintain and where hep may be provided if seen in the text section of the time slot form. You must comply with these terms and conditions before going on your tour. Some tours may have stairs or rough terrain that may impair a visitors ability to continue on the tour, we are not liable for the visitors ability. We ask that a visitor get more information from the tour company before booking their tour.

As to any recording or photographing things for you own use is permitted in certain areas. If you are on our Amish tours you will not be able to to record anything and doing so may get you removed from the tour. The Amish tours are in no way obligated to take you on a photographing journey but are understood by the Amish to bring those in compliance to their wishes. In any other tour where video and recording may be permitted than you the visitor are permitted to record the items in front of you. Please refrain from taking video or photos of anyone persons with you as the other visitors may not want to be seen in another visitors recordings.  

Some tours have places closed to the general public and the visitor does not have rights to view these areas, even though they are on the tour. Any visitor who is inebriated or causing problems can be asked to leave and force from the authorities may be called if a visitor gets unruly or attempts to steal items from the place of the tour. The tour organizer has the right to prosecute any visitor who willfully takes items from the place of tour or breaks the law in ways destructive to the tour location. Please refrain from touching or playing with items on the tours.  

There may be more agreements at the place of the tours that are not included in this form that you may be asked to sign. This agreement the visitor is reading now does not free the visitor from additional liability at the tour location. It is up to the visitor to agree to any and all agreements needed to go on a tour. 


The legal page for agreement is for the legal obligations that lawfully allow the visitor to attend their tour with the understanding of what must be understood by the visitor. Our tours in Lawrence county and surrounding area want visitors to come see these tours but due to lawsuits and complications in attendees, we must have the visitors to agree to these terms and conditions before allowance to enter. The tour organizers want the visitor to attend the tour so please continue the form and submit the information of the tour to the tour organizer.

We (The Amish of Ethridge) does not guarantee the accuracy of the links it shares as the URL may be changed without warning from the original location.  We also do not represent any business listed above or the Amish Community we share. Anyone who consumes our content and acts on what they perceive, is doing so of their own volition. We built our website and trails to show our visitors possibilities to include in their itinerary to experience on their vacation. We stand by our opinions and belief that the expressions shown on this website, and the information we share was accurate during our own personal travels. Some links we share is from what we can find on Google Maps and other searches that we feel can enhance a person's points of interest to visit. We just want everyone to have a good safe vacation without disturbing the places they visit.

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