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See our Old Order Amish Community!

Over 300 families of old order Amish live in Ethridge Tennessee just north of Lawrenceburg! Make plans this year to include seeing the Amish in your family vacation! 

In 1941 a few Amish families from Mississippi came to Lawrence county seeking good farmland. Many others came after Ethridge was discovered to be their new place to live. Today there are over 300 families living off the land in the old order way. Use the map below to get directions for your next trip. We're in a great location for a road trip!

Here is a video of what you can find in Amish Country!

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Here are the places you can visit to shop and get on the wagon tours!

45mph sign in amish country ethridge tn

Look for the 45mph sign if you're driving in from highway 43 south. You'll see Amish country before you get to Ethridge. 

If you're driving up highway 43 north then you'll see the large advertising sign on Campbellsville road first.

tall sign beside cambellsville road in ethridge tn showing turn off to amish country
amish heritage farm museum in ethridge

Amish Heritage Farm Museum

This house was the first Amish house in Lawrence county and is now a museum showing the inside of a real Amish dwelling! You can also take wagon tours here and see an actual farm and Amish school! Make sure to put this museum on your list of places to see! 

Amish cheese and grocery store

Amish Market and Cheese Store

Right beside the Amish heritage farm museum is the Amish market where you can buy the things you need to go out into Amish country. The wagon tours are long so make sure you get what you need at the Amish market, especially if you like artisan cheeses!

Amish Heritage Welcome Center and Store in Ethridge tn

Amish Heritage Welcome Center

This welcome center has actual Amish goods like farm equipment and clothes, along with many other items! yes, you can actually buy your own straw hats or Amish blankets or many other Amish goods! You can get on a buggy ride here and sometimes meet an Amish person as they hang out in front of the store! Please put this center on you list of places to see! 

The Amish Welcome Center

The Amish Welcome Center

The first Amish center you see on your way on highway 43 north. Many visitors rate this center as very friendly and enjoy the stories on the wagon rides you can get on from the front of the center! The store has stocked items as well as consignment products from vendors in the area. Make sure to put this center on your list of places to see and stories to hear!

keeto's antiques and collectibles in ethridge tn

Keeto's Antiques and COLLECTIBLES

The most interesting "you never know what shop" is Keetos Antiques and Collectibles. The items are almost all consignment and handmade from local vendors. The store was once a gas station and is now converted into a store. Many visitors say Keetos is a trip down memory lane as they have many items from 50 years ago or more that are no longer used. You must see this store! 

the old greyhound bus station in ethridge tn

The old greyhound bus station

The most antique focused store is the old greyhound station. Album covers for music groups have been shot in front of an old stove you simply must see. The station is still in use so you might see Amish people getting on a bus (they can go for emergency). The station also has the best photo opportunities with old cars and buses you can see and go into! Just park and walk around!

Amish shopping plaza in ethridge tn

Amish shopping Center

The "L" shape of these buildings is the first thing you see when coming from highway 43 south. These businesses are quite varied and are the perfect place to get a rare find or antique. You may see an item where there was only one ever built or a famous coin. Make sure to step inside each one of these stores to see what all they have! For many, it's a trip down memory lane and for others they're more of an education in the way things were a long time ago. You just wont know until you get here!

More Parking is in the back, follow the road around from the side of The Vintage Shoppe!

There are bathrooms behind the Amish Country Flea Market Welcome Center!

amish of ethridge tn plowboys auction

Plowboy's Produce Auction 

From April through October on Monday-Wednesday-and Fridays starting at 1pm central. You can get fresh produce and Amish made goods right off the dock! It's the perfect way to get in an Amish tour in the morning and a bit of shopping after lunch! 

amish of ethridge tn amish country flea market welcome center

The Amish country flea market Center

From shirts to quilts to Amish jellies and jams, you can find all kinds of things inside the Amish country flea market welcome center. There are several antiques and special items inside with many good deals to be had. Make sure to go in and see what all they have!

amish of ethridge tn flea market

Amish Country Flea Market east

amish of ethridge tn amish flea market west room example
the amish country flea market in ethridge tn from the driveway

Amish country flea market west

amish of ethridge tn amish flea market west example

The Amish country flea market is a large area outdoor garage sale with rooms or sheds rented by locals who want to sell goods to visitors and guest. You never know what you'll see here and everything comes with a story! Weekends are the best time to come but during June through September you can find them open all week Monday-Saturday except for a few on Sundays. Make sure to bring cash if you intend to buy something although some vendors have card machines. The Amish country flea market covers both sides of highway 43 so we call them by east and west!

heart and soul antiques and collectibles in ethridge tn

Heart and Soul antique collectibles 

Make sure to get out and take some family photos with the old buses and farming equipment around the store. This place has a lot of old retro toys inside along with odds and ends. You just don't know what you'll find inside the store so make sure to stop in while in Amish country. Plus they're located right beside the old bus station so you might as well walk over and see what you can find. 

amish of ethridge tn bob's resturant

Bob's Cafe

Typically open for lunch Monday through Friday from 11-4pm and breakfast on Saturdays from 7:30-4pm Bob's Cafe serves you a buffet style lunch of southern favorites and quick plate lunches for those on the go. They're just behind the Amish Heritage Welcome Center and walking distance to all the stores. Bob's Cafe is the perfect way to sit and eat while waiting on a buggy ride or getting into the air conditioning after coming back from a ride!

Here are some local favorites that visitors have really enjoyed!

Heritage Campground and RV Park in ethridge tn

Heritage Campground and RV Park

The best place to stay in Amish country is right here in the Heritage Campground next door to all the action. They have the most unique rooms for visitors. These building are great for those who don't want want to be right up next to another hotel room but the most interesting is the wagon beds! They're perfect for an exciting and different way to stay over night! This campground has RV hookups and trailer space and pasture for horses available. Make sure to click the button below for more information!  

thousand hills cowboy church in ethridge tn

Thousand Hills Cowboy Church

Just a few minutes walk from the Heritage Campground is the Thousand Hills Cowboy Church. Since most of the Amish Stores are closed on Sunday's the Cowboy Church is the perfect way to end your weekend in Amish country! The attendee's dress up in western attire and he pastor rides a horse into the building. All things farm related as just behind the church and they even have bull riding and horse riding in a gated section in the back. You'll have a great time singing "home on the range" here at this church!   

See our videos with our team in Amish country!

See our YouTube Channel for even more videos showing tips you can use to further your next Amish adventure!  

Have you seen enough? and you're ready to take action! 

So how do you see the Amish? See the list below!

Here is our 6 steps to a great Amish Adventure!

We understand how frustrating it is to try something new and leave feeling that our expectations were let down. Follow these first 3 steps to make sure disappointment doesn't follow your Amish vacation!

1. Figure out why you'd like to come to see the Amish and surrounding area before you come!

We have found that a deep longing for the simple family style vacation is key to having a great time in Amish country!

Make sure you and your family is committed to exploring the Amish area and way of life as a way of learning about the differences in the way people live when they don't have modern day conveniences like electricity or internet. None of the Amish on the tours are actors, these people are real and the way they live isn't a show put on for the public. There are many conditions we'll explore on this website that help you plan your trip and what to do if weather or other criteria may hinder your visit.

2. Plan on what time of the year you want to visit!

The most popular time to visit the Amish is during the summer when school is out. The growing season is in high production and there are many chances to get hands on with the Amish themselves while they're out working. We've seen plenty of smiles on kids faces when they shucked corn and churned butter on an Amish porch. The spring season is busy and many Amish are preparing for growing season. The Amish wares and furniture is on high demand at this time of year. The fall and winter months aren't busy much and its the best time to visit the Amish themselves and talk directly to them. The Amish are good about telling you what they know and how they do things. Understand that we non Amish are called "the english" so please don't ask about personal matters or expect the Amish to know about modern issues.  

3. Find an Itinerary of things to do in the area for the whole family to enjoy! 

Many people have come to the Amish every year because they thought they can see it all in one afternoon. Plan for a few days to take in the surrounding attractions!

There is a lot to do in the area that is perfect for the outdoor enthusiast. Several places are in Ethridge where the Amish live so be sure to include them as a destination of interest since they're just a short car ride away. Below is the button for our Itineraries list from our other website Visit Lawrenceburg TN. From the linked page you can see example Itineraries that match the best times and places to plan your next adventure to Amish country!


Use these next 3 steps to plan secure your visit to Amish country!

Ok, your mind is made up and you're ready to start looking for the perfect place to stay and do while you're here in Lawrence county! These next 3 steps are for picking out where to stay, where to eat, and what to do. 

4. Where to stay in Lawrence county!

There are many places to stay and most are very cheap, around the $60/night range so you can afford to stay a while. 

The most requested place to stay is inside David Crockett State Park at the Leed certified cabins that border Lindsey lake. The next place would be the new hotel just north of town that is currently being built. Today there are 4 hotels and a few air b&b places around to rent. The Farm in Summertown has a few places to stay that are the most unique in the area. Below is our hotel guide linked in the button that will take you to our Visit Lawrenceburg TN page where you can discover every place we have to offer in Lawrence county and surrounding area. 

5. Find your choice of restaurants!

Lawrence county has plenty of unique places to eat for any type of foods. We have lots of southern style restaurants to please any taste and can take you on a culinary journey! 

Please see step 3 listed above for our itineraries page. We already have many restaurants listed and the times to be there. For anyone wanting something different or have other plans then make sure to see our complete guide to our local area restaurants to find exactly the foods you like or would like to try! Lawrence county may be small but we have all the major categories of food types. We have sushi, seafood, italian, french, and the best bbq and steaks you can get! Click the link below for our complete list!

6. Find a few things to do!

The Amish generally draw outdoor loving individuals who want to take in the surroundings. The places around Amish country are just as neat and interesting as the Amish themselves. There is so much to do that we devoted a whole web page to the area attractions!

The Big Red Store was the first mall in America. Lawrenceburg is the birthplace of southern gospel music where you can see the switchboard and mic of Tennessee's first radio station! The famous Farm Community is in Summertown. The Wilburn Mill is so old we don't know when it was built! So many places are a mere 20 minute car ride from the city limits. Click the links below to see our area attractions at our other websites Visit Lawrenceburg TN and Visit Pulaski TN where you can find more to do in the area!

The Lawrence county area has many places you'll want to see!

Here is a short video of the 2 counties together. We hope to help you plan the best vacation to Amish country and the surrounding area! These buttons below take you to our other websites that can help you get the information you need to make the best trip possible!

Please see our Blog page for stories about the Amish way of life we find most interesting!

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