You have booked your Amish tour!

You have just a few more steps to go!

The Amish tour rides in Ethridge Tennessee are some of the best in the country! Having a great time out in Amish country will depend on a few things. Some things we cannot control like the weather and if the Amish people happen to be out where you can see them. There are a few areas we can help you. That is for you to follow our advice when arriving to get on the tour wagon or buggy rides! Here is the list again from the page where you booked your tour.

Step 1 - the things you do!

Make sure to bring cash and coins for the Amish you intend to buy from. Also bring any water and canvas bags for your produce. Any sunscreen, bug repellent, or other aid should be put on before getting on the wagons to keep from disturbing other guest. Bring a coat or jacket if you are cold or a sun hat with sunglasses when it is hot and sunny. An umbrella or rain jacket may be useful on a cloudy day. We find that a good canvas shopping bag can hold other canvas bags and any unused items when not in use.

Step 2 - the things you don't

Never plan on a sunday trip. The Amish don't do any work or sell anything on sundays. Do not take photos of any of them or their things. Don't give the Amish people your debit card or expect them to break large bills into smaller ones. Do not talk to the Amish kids. The Amish teach the kids Pennsylvania Dutch so they are not influenced by us "english"people. Also, do not use foul or insulting language around them. Smoking or vaping on the tour is also prohibited. Do not bring any pets on the tours.

Step 3 - those you bring

Kids have the best time on a buggy tour and if you have children to bring, please bring them with you. While on the tour we ask that no electronics are used to keep their attention. A tablet or music player will disrupt the tour guide that will be telling stories and narrating the trip. Once at an Amish home, the tour will let you off to explore the Amish produce market and the farm. Make sure the kids you bring don't wonder into the barn areas or attempt to pet the farm animals. We want to be free of any accidents.

We have a web page devoted to our Amish Advice where we list any known issue that may arise while on the wagon tours or if you decide to go out in your car to visit the places the wagon tours do not visit. These words of advice and etiquette will help you navigate the practical and personal side of a tour in Amish country and are universal to many other Amish tours in the country.

We do hope you enjoy your Amish Adventure Tour and come back for years to come! 

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